Bfull Co., Ltd. “VoxelDance,” AM software that brings out the original productivity of industrial 3D print ers, debuts in Japan

Bfull Co., Ltd.
“VoxelDance” AM software that brings out the original productivity of industrial 3D printers debuts in Japan
Started sales of AM software “VoxelDance Additive Ultimate” for 3D printers that can use auto support and lattice structures with a permanent license

Stereolithography 3D printing professional Bfull Co., Ltd.
(Representative: Naoto Maeda Location: Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture) sells software with VoxelDance (Shanghai, China), a 3D printing / additive manufacturing related software company
headquartered in Shanghai, China. , and will start selling “VoxelDance Additive Ultimate”, an all-in-one AM software for 3D printers. VoxelDance website:
[Image 1

“VoxelDance Additive Ultimate” is about 1/7 the price of industrial software with the same function, and is a perpetual license type that does not require contract renewal. It will be a new option for AM software for industrial 3D printers, where it was common knowledge that expensive options and annual renewal fees were required. VoxelDANCE Additive Ultimate includes functions such as simple and easy-to-use UI, lattice structure and simulation Nestor, which other software requires additional cost in the basic price. VoxelDance Additive Ultimate is optimized to meet the needs of aerospace, medical, automotive, mold, footwear, dental, education, jewelry, prototyping and many other industries.
Conventional software and function & cost comparison
Many conventional software require option fees and annual contracts according to functions, but VoxelDance Additive Ultimate can use many functions with a perpetual license, so extra costs after installing the software can be minimized. can.
[Image 2

“VoxelDance Additive Ultimate” standard function
・Repair/correction function for read data Quality check, automatic correction, and manual correction are possible, and processing that is difficult to correct with CAD, such as holes in mesh data, can be automatically corrected.
[Image 3:] ・Automatic arrangement/Sinter module
Automatic alignment function to maximize the output efficiency of 3D printers In addition to automatically calculating the maximum number and shortest time, the “Sinterbox” function that encloses small parts with a cage is also standard equipment.
[Image 4:]

[Image 5:] ・Lattice structure creation function
You can import preset lattice structures such as BCC and FCC and original structures to optimize the model with one touch.
[Image 6d19615-470-456a049bda65ce0f6932-2.png&s3=19615-470-9dffa1be1e47a0f1fd77fe8682e60e58-2626x1664.png
・Auto support generation function
Automatically generate the auxiliary “supports” required for printing in SLA and SLM for parts. You can choose freely as you like, such as bar support and point support.
[Image 7d19615-470-ff37e376a7db1d0becaf-7.jpg&s3=19615-470-c9be9bc897ef9814eddbd329e47d8d70-3900x2260.jpg
・Smart support function
Ability to avoid parts when automatically generating supports. This reduces the support contact surface for the part, and can greatly reduce post-processing such as polishing.
[Image 8d19615-470-b1d98a2e09ce08a985ad-1.jpg&s3=19615-470-31f0402ad1a63a3a63e8375e21cc1768-2542x1361.jpg
・ Support generation function that can be used properly according to the shape, size, and weight of the output product
Various supports such as smart supports, block supports, point supports, column supports and polyline supports can be generated. [Image 9d19615-470-9cced9cc1966a1d6af41-3.png&s3=19615-470-cc3c18ef88fc18123eb00fe0714f3466-3492x1899.png

Sales history of this product
While the introduction of industrial 3D printers is progressing, there are very few options for AM software that converts data for 3D printers. There were only two choices. However, in order to
demonstrate the original capabilities of the 3D printer, AM software is a point that cannot be compromised. In order to increase production efficiency, correct data conversion, efficient placement, and smooth support installation are required. However, the cost of several million yen for an annual contract is a large cost burden for companies newly introducing 3D printers, and has been an obstacle to the introduction of 3D printers. Therefore, Bfull, which has its own production system, has verified various AM software and introduced VoxelDance Additive from 2022 as software that has good cost performance and can use the latest technology. Bfull has succeeded in improving production efficiency by replacing the data editing work of its own mass production with “VoxelDance Additive”. We believe that selling “VoxelDance Additive” together with the know-how that we have utilized in-house will bring out the performance of industrial 3D printers, lead to the further spread of AM and the revitalization of the manufacturing industry. Bfull also sells software to retailers and manufacturers that handle domestic 3D printers, and expects to sell more than 50 units by April 2023.
3D print AM software VoxelDance Additive Ultimate
Features of VoxelDance Additive Ultimate
Compatible models: SLS/SLA/SLM
Approximately 1/7 the price of conventional software with the same specifications (no annual renewal fee required)
Smart support function, automatic generation of lattice structure, etc. are standard equipment
No license renewal fee *Updates are valid for one year
Compatible with almost all 3D data
Simple and easy-to-understand UI improves work efficiency
About VoxelDance
Headquartered in Shanghai, China, it is a professional company with more than 10 years of research and development experience in both computer graphics and additive manufacturing. We sell industrial software solutions and services for 3D printing with the goal of intelligent manufacturing of the future.
VoxelDance (English/Simplified Chinese) About Bfull Co., Ltd.
A professional stereolithography 3D printing company that outputs more than 1.2 million parts per year. It has a business track record of 3D printers for more than 10 years, and from 2021, it is engaged in contract modeling for the manufacturing industry and sales of industrial 3D printers.
VoxelDance website:
3D printer-related business website: 【Company Profile】
Company name: Bfull Co., Ltd.
Representative: Naoto Maeda
Location: Kamiyama Building 2F, 1-10-1 Kamiyama, Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture
Corporate site:
*: AM stands for Additive Manufacturing, mainly a manufacturing method for 3D printers.
Details about this release:

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