Bike King Co., Ltd. & Company Bike King holds the 9th CS Contest

Bike King & Company Co., Ltd.
Bike King Holds 9th CS Contest
~ Showcasing the enthusiasm and high technical skills of staff selected from all over Japan for CS ~

With the corporate mission of “creating excitement that the world has not yet seen,” Bike O & Co., Ltd. (Representative Director, President and CEO: Akihiko Ishikawa, head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, securities code: 3377, hereinafter “our company”) held the 9th CS contest (hereinafter “this contest”) on Thursday, November 24, 2022. . [Image 1d13703-76-562c6006286c03016ea8-4.jpg&s3=13703-76-5bb2fe3f3b971c6be5ae1258fcafd592-3900x2600.jpg
[Image 2d13703-76-83a449ef0df920126a2e-0.jpg&s3=13703-76-8c81bc90e93684fac98a29eda0ece230-3900x2600.jpg
 This contest, which we hold in-house, is held every year with two goals in order to be a company that continues to provide excitement that exceeds the expectations of our customers. The first is to “horizontally deploy useful initiatives and activities that contribute to improving CS throughout the company, and create constant
opportunities for growth as a company that is always supported by customers.” The other is to clearly show both inside and outside the company that we are serious about CS, and to improve awareness of CS. All employees are highly motivated to participate in this contest, making it a great opportunity to increase employee motivation. This contest consists of three divisions: the “Sales Division” consisting of teams that actually interact with customers, the “Additional Part” consisting of teams in charge of back office operations, and the “Technica Division” consisting of Technica teams in charge of vehicle maintenance. It is divided into Based on the recent situation, we gathered only the contestants and some employees at the venue based on online viewing, and conducted it by combining online and offline.
In the sales department, 5 stores and 1 team compete!
In the Technica department, 5 teams announced restoration and customization! [Image 3d13703-76-acf33fb48ab1da475672-1.jpg&s3=13703-76-77fc3055c5eab2265e949051194ab0ac-1701x911.jpg
In the sales department, teams selected from all over the country competed for high service provision capabilities, unique initiatives, and enthusiasm for CS. In addition, the Additional Part, which targets back offices that usually do not receive the spotlight, announced initiatives that will contribute to improving CS and ES to achieve the medium-term management plan.
In the Technica department, with the aim of “further improving maintenance skills and team power” and “deepening understanding of customer needs”, five Technica teams located all over the country carried out restoration and customization of Yamaha SR400. rice field. Under limited conditions, each team sets the image of the customer after purchase, how to use it, and the story, and then goes into production. In addition, the rules are that it must be 51cc or more, maintenance costs must be up to 500,000 yen, and retail must be done after the contest.
In this contest, each team will be asked for “essential equipment for touring and camping”, “ease of riding for beginners who can drive on-road and off-road”, “can be customized to your liking based on normal”, We set and announced the concept of “approaching a wide range of age groups with the image of a 80’s racer” and “enjoying the atmosphere of a cafe racer in addition to making it easy for beginners to ride”.
The production process will be compiled into a video, and employees and the editor-in-chief of the motorcycle magazine will vote to determine the Grand Prix.
[Image 4d13703-76-4bee875abbc83d31603a-3.jpg&s3=13703-76-c41f886ad2127f847855c9c6998627bf-1483x839.jpg
[Image 5d13703-76-3f179d557c5d1e554696-2.jpg&s3=13703-76-44ead2ba234d66a49bc0afca6519f5cb-1899x915.jpg
State of restoration and customization
We will continue to expand our retail business, plan and develop new services and content, and continue to evolve into a company that fully supports the motorcycle life of riders in order to become a “lifelong partner of the motorcycle life.” I will come. Please look forward to the future bike king.

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