Billing management robot acquires JIIMA “Electronic document software legal requirements certification”

Billing management robot acquires JIIMA “Electronic document software legal requirements certification”
Certified as a system that complies with the Electronic Book Storage Law. Adapt to the latest legal system and promote DX of billing management operations

ROBOT PAYMENT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director: Kenya Kiyohisa; hereinafter ROBOT PAYMENT) provides a billing and credit management cloud called “Billing Management Robo,” which is operated by the Japan Document Information Management Association (hereinafter JIIMA). Acquired “Electronic document software legal requirements certification” certified by By acquiring the “Electronic document software legal requirement certification”, companies that introduce the billing management robot can install it with peace of mind as software that complies with the latest legal standards without individually checking the requirements of the Electronic Book Storage Law.・It will be available.
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Acquisition of “Electronic Document Software Legal Requirements Certification” Overview
Company name: ROBOT PAYMENT Co., Ltd.
Certified product: Billing management robot
Certification date: September 16, 2022
Certification number: 400600-00
Background of obtaining JIIMA certification
On January 1, 2022, the Electronic Book Storage Law was amended, abolishing the tax office director’s pre-approval system and easing system requirements for storing electronic data. It has become an environment that is easy to save.
On the other hand, in principle, it is prohibited to print and store invoices received by e-mail from business partners (a two-year grace period will be provided from the enforcement).
With this revision, it is expected that the digitization of invoices will progress further regardless of the size of the company. In response to the above situation, the billing management robot has been compliant with the system requirements of the Electronic Book Storage Act for some time. I have obtained this certification. We will continue to properly comply with the legal system related to invoices, and support the DX promotion of billing management operations and business growth of user companies.
About JIIMA “Electronic document software legal requirements certification” “JIIMA certification” is a public interest association that checks whether commercially available software and software services meet the legal requirements of the Electronic Book Storage Act and proves that they meet the legal requirements. This is a certification system by the Japan Document Information Management Association.
Among them, “Electronic Document Software Legal Requirement
Certification” is a commercial software and software service for creating national tax-related documents on a computer and storing copies, etc. when issued on paper as electronic data. It checks whether the requirements of Article 4, Paragraph 2 are met, and certifies those judged to meet the legal requirements.
Please refer to the following for details on “Electronic Document Software Legal Requirement Certification”.
What is a billing management robot?
[Image 2d1047-245-f430452cfb7348f3ed10-1.png&s3=1047-245-21ef2748b50858bb488572cafd5cef7b-650x341.png
“Billing Management Robo” is a cloud service that automates all tasks such as billing, collection, reconciliation, and reminders that have been done manually with Excel, and realizes a significant reduction in billing work. In addition to automatically issuing and sending invoices, it is possible to collect payments using a variety of payment methods such as credit card payments, account transfers, and bank transfers. We have even automated the reconciliation process, which is reconciliation.
(Cloud version) (for Salesforce) Company Profile
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Company name: ROBOT PAYMENT Co., Ltd. (TSE Growth: 4374)
Location: 4F, ​​15th Arai Building, 6-19-20 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Established: October 2000
Representative: Kenya Kiyohisa, Representative Director
Billing management robot: Billing Marunage Robot: Subscription Pay: Recruitment site:
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