BIOME Bring out the charm of BIOME’s new space, including an exhibition of works by two popular artists who are active mainly in the Kansai area, and a night museum.

BIOME brings out the charm of the new space, including the exhibition of works by two popular artists who are active mainly in the Kansai area, and the night museum.
Mayumi Isshiki and Oyamaneko’s two-person exhibition “bitter night” will start on November 19th (Sat) at Kobe BIOME.

Mayumi Isshiki is active in illustrations based on Japanese paintings. Mr. Oyamaneko is a wide-ranging artist who not only paints but also prints and pottery.
In the late autumn of 2022, when the two are fully prepared, they will develop an expression that makes you feel the autumn night with BIOME. During the exhibition period, a night museum using the night time zone. And MANABU (edu), which makes use of the two people’s strengths * has been released separately,
We also planned a workshop to draw a lacquer-style night sky on a ceramic board. Please be aware of the time zone and drop in.
“I hope that each guest will be deeply absorbed in the “night” of each and every one of them.”
Mr. Mayumi Isshiki and Mr. Olynx.
Well known in Kansai, this is an exhibition by two fellow artists. [Image 1d50298-71-7c23158a1b5d98091a38-1.png&s3=50298-71-cc955b08f04130aaee220ca313e0cd48-1748x1180.png
Two-person exhibition by Mayumi Isshiki and Lynx
“bitter night”
November 19th (Sat) – 27th (Sun), 2022
*Night Museum is on the 25th (Fri) and 26th (Sat).
*No closed corridors
・Night Museum 15:00 – 20:00
・ Usually 14:00 – 19:00
・ Last day: 12:00 – 16:00
*Please note that the holding time is irregular.
[Image 2d50298-71-b0c0d2a5183366f66a89-0.jpg&s3=50298-71-8facd12f94e92e6a78dae112f87f83e7-3638x2504.jpg
Artist introduction
[Image 3d50298-71-0d28aebe62645d6a504c-2.jpg&s3=50298-71-a9626ba832137b5acb601130f6fcf94b-2039x1545.jpg
(C) Mayumi Isshiki
Mayumi Isshiki
Illustrator/Author Living in Osaka Prefecture
Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, Department of Fine Arts, majoring in Japanese painting
Using gansai, indigo dyes, transparent watercolor paints, etc., Draw a colorful picture that opens a window to the story.
[Image 4d50298-71-8eeb32f22e0dcca8d540-3.jpg&s3=50298-71-7b242cc85a1da283d118de6e948c3cd6-1741x1176.jpg
(C) Lynx
Artist living in Hyogo Prefecture
His main works are paintings, prints, and waterless lithographs. Scoop the “shape” that floats.
Actively developing activities mainly in Kansai.
MANABU (edu) is also scheduled during the exhibition.
Mayumi Isshiki, Lynx and MANABU
“Maki-e ceramic plate with Yozora Tohoshi”
1. November 20, 2022 (Sunday) 10:30-12:00
2. Saturday, November 26, 2022, 10:30-12:00
For details and reservations, please use the QR code.
[Image 5d50298-71-eed1944c2886fea5ef9d-4.png&s3=50298-71-89eeb035790cccedbd6cd98569618233-358x360.png
MANABU Reservation QR
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