Biostyle Co., Ltd. Received the Kyoto Prefectural Environmental Conservation Person of Merit Award (environmental top runner category) for the first time.

Biostyle Co., Ltd.
Received the Kyoto Prefectural Environmental Conservation Person of Merit Award (environmental top runner category) for the first time.
Biostyle Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, President: Tatsuya Miura) has received the “Kyoto Prefecture Environmental Conservation Achievement Award (Environmental Top Runner Category)”. [Image 1d54899-129-21bfa8ef4f312934532d-2.jpg&s3=54899-129-99e6f0f9b931e6e32d43a3c7eb3639ff-3900x1281.jpg
This award is given to individuals and groups that are practicing environmental conservation activities in recognition of their achievements. GOOD NATURE STATION, operated by our company, is a flagship facility of “BIOSTYLE” promoted by the Keihan Group. We have also put effort into initiatives such as loss reduction.
Now, these activities “contribute to fostering consumer awareness of environmental conservation by proposing healthy and eco-friendly lifestyles and promoting plastic-free initiatives that are more acceptable to consumers in commercial facilities.” It was evaluated and awarded.
An example of GOOD NATURE STATION’s efforts to eliminate plastic and reduce food loss
[Image 2d54899-129-de11a987e10da6e5c1c3-3.jpg&s3=54899-129-5b5215cf0a37dec8978037e4a08988d1-3900x2556.jpg
・Guided guests to bring their own disposable plastic toiletries instead of installing them in hotel rooms.
・ Consider the global environment by using materials other than plastic, such as handing out bamboo toothbrushes to customers who forgot their toothbrushes. conversion)
・By installing water servers on each floor of the hotel guest rooms and tumblers in all guest rooms, we are reducing the amount of PET bottles used by guests.
・Efforts are being made throughout the facility to “not throw away” and “reduce the environmental impact”, such as using paper and other materials that return to nature instead of plastic for take-out containers provided at the facility.
・Full-scale launch of “SDGs Tour” from September 6th, where you can experience and experience the efforts of sustainable facilities in the entire building
 Since its opening in December 2019, the activities it has steadily continued have been highly evaluated, and it is being recognized by the public as a company and facility that promotes advanced businesses that contribute to the SDGs. In addition to the above, we are also working on recycling-oriented agriculture to grow crops by composting food waste, and cacao husks generated in the process of manufacturing chocolate for the sweets brand RAU Patisserie & Chocolate. Instead of throwing it away, we upcycle it into curry, tea, and rice crackers, and continue to take on various challenges to create original products and services.
We will continue to promote businesses that contribute to people’s mental and physical health, local communities, and the environment. ■ About the Keihan Group’s BIOSTYLE PROJECT, which proposes a lifestyle that realizes the SDGs
[Image 3d54899-129-95209799f04f69781279-4.jpg&s3=54899-129-b7b0d74f6e39155d7ca3e6a438396712-3900x2756.jpg
We will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs while realizing a healthy, beautiful, and high-quality life. The Keihan Group develops a lifestyle that contributes to such a recycling-oriented society as “BIOSTYLE” and proposes it to customers.
Contribute to the realization of a bright recycling-oriented society in which people and the earth can be happily and effortlessly incorporated into their daily lives, rather than activities that are born out of regulations and endurance. Therefore, we will promote various activities that the Keihan Group can do.
▶ Click here for details on “BIOSTYLE PROJECT”
■ About Biostyle Co., Ltd.
Biostyle Co., Ltd. is the operating company of GOOD NATURE STATION, a complex commercial facility that opened in December 2019 in Shijo Kawaramachi, Kyoto. As a group company of Keihan Holdings, we lead the “BIOSTYLE PROJECT” that plans and proposes “a lifestyle that realizes SDGs” promoted by the Keihan Group. We develop sustainable products and operate facilities under the concept of “GOOD NATURE”.Through these corporate activities, we aim to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and achieve sustainable growth in harmony with society. About GOOD NATURE STATION:

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