Birkenstock Japan Co., Ltd. Birkenstock Japan enters a new chapter

Birkenstock Japan Co., Ltd.
Birkenstock Japan enters a new chapter
Pursuing further promotion of high-quality distribution and services that satisfy consumers

Tokyo, November 11, 2022 – Birkenstock Japan will launch its own direct wholesale and retail operations from February 2023, further enhancing the quality of its distribution, to evolve its success story. We will strengthen it. With this strategy, BIRKENSTOCK JAPAN will be able to offer a better product line-up, both internationally and domestically, to meet the diverse needs of consumers.
In May 2016, BIRKENSTOCK opened an office in Japan, a strategic focus market. BIRKENSTOCK JAPAN accelerates BIRKENSTOCK’s global direction, rethinking its distribution model and establishing a balanced network of wholesale and online distribution channels. It has also launched e-commerce, aligned product segmentation with global strategy, and strengthened partnerships with strategically important wholesalers. By expanding the range of products we handle and bringing our product portfolio closer to the needs of the Japanese market, we have succeeded in rebuilding our brand image in Japan.
From 2023, we will change the wholesale business to a direct method in-house without going through other vendors, further enhancing the quality of brand presence and product segmentation. Key strategic partners will now play an even more influential role for BIRKENSTOCK and its business in establishing unique SMUs and producing limited edition models. .
BIRKENSTOCK JAPAN will also start operating its own directly managed stores. In February 2023, we will open our first concept store in Harajuku, and by September 2023, we plan to increase the number of directly managed stores to 7 and revamp our retail store network. We will also continue to expand our high-quality distribution and D2C strategies through mono-brand shops and comprehensive online shops. Birkenstock franchise partner Benexy Co., Ltd. plans to close its monobrand shops by September 2024.
For BIRKENSTOCK, Japan is an important market for enhancing the brand’s position, especially in fashion. Birkenstock Japan is the only 100% subsidiary in the Asia-Pacific region that directly operates its onshore business across all channels, and under the leadership of Managing Director Raoul Wortman, we will further strengthen our team in the coming year, We will continue to focus on enhancing our strategy. Birkenstock Japan, which is entering a new stage to further improve the quality of distribution, will manage all aspects of the Japanese market by itself and strengthen its D2C business.
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