Birth of a new service that turns a company’s future vision into a short story

CRY4 Co., Ltd.
Birth of a new service that turns a company’s future vision into a short story “It is better to show the scenery once than to talk about the vision 100 times.”
In November 2022, CRY4 Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director: Masayoshi Sakurai) has started providing a new service that turns the future vision envisioned by the management into a short story. We will explain the overview of the short story production service by professional science fiction writers, which is used to solve management problems by turning the future diagram of the company into a “story”, and the expected benefits of using the service.
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[Creating a story that accurately expresses the company’s future plan] The short story production service provided by CRY4 is implemented according to the following work process.
1. Interview with management
Organizational personnel professionals familiar with corporate philosophy and business concept formulation conducted interviews with managers. After clarifying the client’s vision for the future 10 to 25 years from now, we extract a unique story that will be the basis of the novel.
2. Selection of science fiction writers
Sci-fi writers who match the future vision drawn by the management are selected, and detailed information is exchanged regarding schedules and writing tastes.
3. Plotting a short story
Based on the purpose of introducing the service and the concept of the future and the company we interviewed, we will create a novel plot (concept / outline).
4. Start production of the main part
Based on the plot, I reconciled with the client’s manager and decided the direction of the novel. After that, the SF writer in charge will start writing the main story.
5. Matching illustrations and designs
We will coordinate illustrations that match the world view of the short story, and the design image of the website and slide materials. 6. Delivery
We will share the completed manuscript by the scheduled date, reflect your feedback, and deliver the final manuscript including
illustrations and designs. The delivery period will vary depending on the resolution of the vision, the amount of text in the novel, and other conditions, but we will discuss and decide on the delivery date 3 to 6 months after the conclusion of the contract.
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CRY4 short story production service introduction page: [Three effects produced by short stories of the future vision] A novel is a kind of visualization that uses text to stir the imagination of the reader and visualize the scene in their head. There are three main effects that can be expected from writing a novel about the future image of the company and society that management thinks about.
1. Improving employee motivation and organizational strength It makes it easier to understand what direction the company
organization to which you belong is trying to steer, and to understand the roles that individual employees should play in order to realize the future. Encourage all employees to voluntarily work toward a shared vision, and improve employee motivation and organizational strength.
2. Facilitation of target management as a company
The company’s vision of the future depicted in the novel serves as a guideline for corporate activities. By regularly checking this future map, it is possible to smoothly set goals for the company and each employee, provide feedback, correct and update the future vision, and fine-tune the goals accordingly.
3. Realization of recruitment suitable for the company
In addition to sharing within the company, novels depicting future visions are content that can be used for recruitment activities. Communicating your company’s future vision in a concrete and easy-to-understand manner makes it easier to acquire human resources who sympathize with the corporate philosophy, and helps avoid mismatches after joining the company.
[As a solution provider that utilizes stories]
CRY4’s mission is to use stories to improve organizational
capabilities and support corporate growth.
In addition to activities such as formulating MVV (Mission, Vision, Value) of IT companies before and after listing and startups, revising business concepts, and supporting organization building, we are developing a business that supports solving organizational issues such as professional sports teams.
We believe that stories have great power to move people’s emotions and inspire action. We will listen to each and every story told by corporate managers and organizational managers, and work to develop and provide solutions that maximize the power of those stories. [Image 3

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Company name: CRY4 Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-1-3 Umeda, Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture Osaka Station Front 3rd Building 2307
Representative: Masayoshi Sakurai
Established: August 2021
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