Biz Creation Co., Ltd. Kengaku Cloud has started full-scale provision of the “owner’s house tour holding function” that allows you to tour the house you are living in.

Biz Creation Co., Ltd.
Kengaku Cloud starts full-scale provision of “owner’s residence tour holding function” that allows you to tour the house you are living in
Biz Creation Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Okayama City, Okayama
Prefecture; Representative Director: Masahiko Hatsuya; hereinafter referred to as “our company”) provides a cloud tool for attracting reservations and customers for the housing industry, “Kengaku Cloud” ( We are pleased to inform you that we have started providing the “Owner’s residence tour holding function” that allows you to tour the house where the owner is living.
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■ What is the owner’s house tour?
In the past, building contractors and housing companies have focused on attracting customers by holding tours, installing permanent model homes, and constructing ready-built model homes. There were issues such as the high price and the limited ability to attract customers. Therefore, in the “Kengaku Cloud”, a cloud tool for attracting reservations for the housing industry, we have started the “Owner’s residence tour holding function” that allows you to tour the house where the owner is living. We will establish a system that allows you to visit the property at any time, and solve the problem of attracting customers for construction companies and housing companies.
-What you can do with the owner’s residence tour holding function- ・Selection of tour acceptance candidates
・Create a reservation tour page and post it on your own website ・Reservation management for those who wish to participate
-Benefits of the owner’s residence tour holding function-
・No need to build a model house, which requires initial and fixed costs ・Establishment of a system that can be visited at any time by accumulating owner residences that can be visited as a base
・Increase contract rate by allowing visitors to experience a real house -Responding to the risks associated with holding tours of the owner’s residence- “Tour insurance” that compensates for personal and property risks in the event that a visitor damages furniture in the house or injures the owner. is insured.
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■ Case study: Casa Project Co., Ltd.
1. Background of the introduction of the owner’s house tour function We hired him because we were interested in conducting tours on a “C to C” basis without the intervention of sales staff.
The product house, which is also our company’s strength, has the layout, specifications, and concept of the house decided in advance. Since the owner of the house can clearly convey the characteristics of the selected product house, we thought that the appeal of the product could be conveyed to visitors without the need for sales staff to be there. rice field. We hope that customers who are considering purchasing will be able to experience it in the real world, and that it will lead to increased purchasing motivation.
2. Effect of introduction
The number of applications to visit the owner’s residence is increasing. In addition, by listening to the real voices of the owners who are moving in, we are able to reconfirm the appeal of our commercial housing, which also leads to a boost in sales.
It is a big financial burden for a housing company to have a permanent model house, but if you visit the owner’s house, you can visit the commercial house without any burden. We believe that it is also an advantage that customers can be sent to each other between franchise member stores.
3. Future prospects
We have product houses all over the country, so we will increase the number of owner registrations for each product. In the future, we will distribute SNS advertisements for owner house tours and aim to acquire more applications.
■Representative comment
Biz Creation Co., Ltd. Masahiko Hatsutani
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The newly released “Owner’s House Tour” not only increases the operational efficiency of the housing industry, but also provides more detailed information such as a tour of a real house that is not a model house, consultation with residents, and confirmation of aging. You can get
We will continue to aim to improve convenience for both housing companies and customers.
■ Inquiries regarding tours of the owner’s residence
Biz Creation Co., Ltd. KengakuCloud Division
TEL: 086-230-6311
Contact form:
■ About KengakuCloud
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“KengakuCloud” was launched in October 2017 as a tour reservation management tool exclusively for housing companies. We provide a system that makes it possible to easily accept home tours, and as of August 2022, 900 companies have introduced it, and the cumulative number of reservations has exceeded 50,000. Customer attraction operations such as “reservation approval system” that allows you to share detailed event maps only with those who have made reservations, and
“advertisement automatic operation management function” that allows you to automatically post advertisements on Facebook and Instagram from Kengaku Cloud. All-in-one with the functions necessary for Home tour reservation management tool “KengakuCloud” ■ About Biz Creation Co., Ltd.
・ Company name: Biz Creation Co., Ltd.
・ Location: 3-16-5 Ima, Kita Ward, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture ・Representative: Masahiko Hatsutani, Representative Director ・Established: February 2008
・Business: Advertisement business specializing in the housing industry       Reservation tool for housing companies “KengakuCloud”
・ Site:
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