Bizmates Free online seminar held on November 22 Introducing the secrets of successful corporate English training with case studies “Learning from Sato Holdings What is English training design for globalization?”

Free online seminar held on November 22nd: Introducing the secrets of successful corporate English training with case studies “Learning from Sato Holdings: How to design English training for globalization” -Deciphering the secret of permeating English learning throughout the company-
Bizmates Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Nobuaki Suzuki; hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) operates the business-specific online English conversation business “Bizmates” ( ) will introduce Bizmates for English training on November 22, 2022 (Tuesday). will be invited to hold a free online seminar “Learning from SATO HOLDINGS What is English training design for globalization-Deciphering the secret of permeation of English learning throughout the company” (hereinafter referred to as “this seminar”). We will let you know.
In his policy speech on October 3, 2022, Prime Minister Kishida announced a shift from seniority-based salaries to job-based salaries that match Japan, as well as support for reskilling. Reskilling means “acquisition/development of the necessary skills to enter a new occupation or to adapt to a significant change in the skills required in one’s current occupation.” Currently, some major Japanese companies are conducting reskilling for their employees, and it is expected that more companies will consider reskilling as the government expands support measures in the future. In implementing reskilling, it is thought that a major key for companies will be whether they can introduce measures based on management strategies and more effective training for the company.
English training at companies is not only highly versatile with other operations and easy to incorporate throughout the company, but also provides basic knowledge that is indispensable for acquiring the latest technology related to IT and DX. We anticipate demand. On the other hand, companies that have introduced English training face many challenges, such as measuring the effectiveness of English training and spreading English training within the company.
In this seminar, we invited SATO Holdings, which has successfully introduced English training, to talk about how the entire company decided to acquire English, the difficulties it faced in spreading it throughout the company, and how they actually introduced English training. We will introduce the English training of successful companies with examples such as The contents are not only for companies that are considering introducing English training, but also for companies that have already introduced it.
Overview of the event
◎Seminar name: “What is English training design for globalization learned from SATO HOLDINGS?
◎ Implementation date: November 22, 2022 (Tuesday) 15: 00-16: 00 ◎ Target: Managers, managers/executives, human resources/labor affairs, clerical/general affairs, corporate training personnel ◎ Application form: ◎ Format: Online (Zoom)
◎ Participation fee: Free
◎ Program Overview: We will teach English training at successful companies while introducing the case of SATO Holdings Co., Ltd., which successfully introduced English training.
Seminar speakers
◎ Mr. Tatsuya Yokoi, Overseas Human Resource Development Group, Sato Holdings Co., Ltd.
◎ Bizmates Co., Ltd. Director Hika Ito
◎ Bizmates Co., Ltd. Marketing Group Takanori Nishikawa
Business-specific online English conversation “Bizmates”
Bizmates is a business-specific online English conversation learning program that “enhance the five skills necessary to succeed in business.” Lessons by first-class trainers with diverse business experience will comprehensively improve five basic skills: English skills, communication skills, leadership skills, diversity, and personality.
In addition, in order to maximize the learning effect of online lessons, professional Japanese English learning consultants propose the optimal learning method and provide “Bizmates Coaching” to accompany students in solving problems.
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