Black Friday Sale Amazon tablet 2022 year’s largest Black Friday sale! BMAX I10 Pro alone for 1 4 4 9 0 yen! !

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[Black Friday Sale] Amazon tablet 2022 year’s largest Black Friday sale! BMAX I10 Pro alone for 1 4 4 9 0 yen! !
Sale period: 11/28 16:00 to 12/01 23:59 Amazon Black Friday sale + discount code [82CFSLO4]!

Special price product for a limited time (11/28 16:00 – 12/01 23:59) ↓ Click the link below and find a tablet with a high cost performance BMAX I10PRO
AMAZON promotion 4,500 yen discount, get the coupon code “82CFSLO4” now, plus 2,000 yen discount!!
The lowest price is only 14,490 yen!! (Heart)
[Image 1

high performance CPU
[Image 2

The T310 is manufactured on tsmc’s 12nm process, with three
high-efficiency “A55” cores and multiple CPU cores working together. It not only has powerful power saving function, but also can greatly improve your learning, entertainment and work efficiency.
Android 11 system & GMS certification
[Image 3

The I10PRO tablet is powered by Android 11 system, adding features such as dark theme, gesture navigation and custom icon shapes. Simple and safe UI allows smooth tap, swipe and scroll operations. We have also improved the safety of our system, which can more effectively protect users’ data security and privacy. With GMS certification, you can access various games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines, etc. from the Google Play Store and install your favorite apps, Facebook, Netflix, TikTok, YouTube, LINE and Twitter.
Large storage capacity + long life
[Image 4

Equipped with 4GB of RAM (memory) and 64GB of ROM (high-speed storage), it supports extended storage with a MicroSD card. The large storage capacity of the tablet allows you to smoothly browse websites and videos, enjoy rugged apps and high-quality games. In addition, continuous playback for up to 6 hours is possible with a large capacity battery of up to 6600mAh. The i10 Pro also supports a TF card with a maximum capacity of 1TB to expand your storage space to meet more needs.
Click the link below and enter the discount code to get the biggest discount.
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