Blaze Co., Ltd. A special specification “Custom Borderless” is now available for the “Next Camper” Lim ited grade!

Blaze Co., Ltd.
“Next Camper” Limited grade, special specification “Custom Borderless” is now available!

A special specification jointly developed with the garage brand “CUSTOM BORDERLESS” was born from “NEXT CAMPER” sold by Blaze Co., Ltd. (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, CEO: Hideyuki Ichikawa, hereinafter Blaze). did.
[Image 1

“CUSTOM BORDERLESS” is a garage brand that sells military-style camping gear with the theme of -pursuit of man’s romance-.
We will propose a new style so that more people can share the fun of each genre beyond the boundaries of various outdoor genres.
As one of them, we have realized a special specification of “NEXT CAMPER” x “CUSTOM BORDERLESS” so that you can enjoy the light van life even more.
Please enjoy your own “moving secret base”.


“NEXT CAMPER” x “CUSTOM BORDERLESS” special specification
Based on the existing grade “LIMITED”, we carefully produced each interior option part, including the center console using natural wood. -Contents of optional parts-
1. Center console
・Natural wood and luxurious faux leather are used for the console body, with a focus on texture.
・The drink holder is decorated with an aluminum “CUSTOM BORDERLESS” logo design plate.
[Image 2

center console
2. Dual fan system
– Powerful magnet type, easy to remove
・The door can be opened and closed while installed.
・Equipped with a dedicated filter to prevent insects from entering the room [Image 3

double fan system
3.Shelf board upper and lower
・(Upper row) The leather finish is the same material as the console, creating a sense of luxury.
・(Lower) The bottom board can be removed, and by connecting one side to the car, it can be transformed into a simple table that can be used outside.
4. Curtain
・Improvement of indoor light shielding and heat retention
・”CUSTOM BORDERLESS” leather tag is used for the tassel
[Image 4

Shelf board/Curtain
5. Multi-tool catcher x 2
・Multi-tool catcher that can easily and conveniently hold camping gear ・Install 2 in easy-to-reach places during work
[Image 5

multi tool catcher
6. Rod holder (option sold separately)
・Easier attachment and detachment of rods compared to conventional rod holders [Image 6

rod holder
*Equipments such as fishing rods and lanterns are not for sale. *The posted photos are of our demo car, and may differ from the actual product. *All exterior parts such as the awning, carrier, and ladder are sold separately. Correspondence car model / production period
Hijet (S331 type) / 1 to 2 months
* Kits for the new Atrai (S700 type), Every Van (DA17 type), and new Hijet (S700 type) are currently in production.
Please contact us for more information.
Kit price: 348,000 yen (tax included) / Installation fee: 33,000 yen (tax included)
*Vehicle not included
Company Profile/Contact Information
Blaze Co., Ltd.
Our company is a group company of MTG-7806.
〒454-0971 4603 Senonji Hazama, Tomita-cho, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi Representative Director Hideyuki Ichikawa
[Corporate site]
[Product portal site]
[Next Camper Official Website]
TEL: 052-439-0277 (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
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[Business description]
-EV Company-
Standing EV bike (Blaze EV scooter) planning, manufacturing and sales Folding EV bike (Blaze smart EV) planning, manufacturing and sales Planning, manufacturing and sales of 3-wheel EV trikes (Blaze EV trikes and EV delivery)
EV 4-wheel minicar (Next Cruiser EV, EV Classic) Planning,
manufacturing and sales
Light camping car (next camper) planning, manufacturing and sales Sales of sanitary products (e-3X, Dukirei)
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