Block FM Co., Ltd. A one-night-only glamping spot appears somewhere in Tokyo!

Block FM Co., Ltd.
A one-night-only glamping spot appears somewhere in Tokyo!
Dozo Miki, bird, Michael Kaneko, ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo,, etc.
Music multimedia will hold an invitation-only event “glo (TM) under the Stars” where you can enjoy music and the starry sky at a certain place in Tokyo on Thursday, November 24th, with the message “colors in the winter”. It will be held under the sponsorship of glo (TM). In addition, we will conduct a campaign to invite 50 groups and 100 people to this event.
[Image 1d9184-54-2b2f9fb40bf4b3c04021-0.jpg&s3=9184-54-b7fdd5f08b96472bc23ff5b86323da2c-2500x1313.jpg
Relax at a one-night-only glamping spot
[Image 2d9184-54-a5434237733bfebcb6ed-13.png&s3=9184-54-bbb99907a2ea209800a39f9ea88df88e-1909x991.png
Cherish the joy of a moment even in a busy daily life
A beautiful time when the setting sun turns into a starry sky, and warm music that accompanies the passage of time.
With the desire to spend such a special time with a loved one with a smile, will hold “glo(TM) under the Stars” under the sponsorship of glo(TM). Enjoy a one-night-only performance by top musicians in a location where you can enjoy the winter sky and sea in a BBQ and glamping format.
Along with the re-release of the long-awaited “glo(TM) hyper X2”, we are also planning a DJ CAR tour to deliver “momentary joy” nationwide. We will deliver to your city a high-quality, relaxing space that will energize you for tomorrow.
[Image 3d9184-54-dab2a6f0b237dfbdfe8f-12.jpg&s3=9184-54-96c93c688b47e8762ceb7f6bc3b84ee8-1800x968.jpg

[Image 4d9184-54-9c1341eab1ed260d1ff3-14.png&s3=9184-54-fc07e9ca500b5ad352704b790eebe031-1876x981.png
High-quality acoustic live listening under the starry sky
[Image 5d9184-54-555736ac86e3a2c8c9d4-2.jpg&s3=9184-54-ed362ca55cd9f8746af9d0a469ba6947-1440x1440.jpg
For the music live, artist DOZAN11 a.k.a Miki Miki, who has been active since the dawn of Japanese reggae, singer-songwriter bird, whose soulful singing voice and original songs have attracted support, and singer-songwriter Michael, whose silky voice fascinates music fans. Featuring Kaneko. Please enjoy high-quality acoustic live. The DJs include UNA & MATCHA, a duo known for their edgy style; Taku Takahashi, a producer who has produced numerous hit songs; DJ SARASA, who is active as an international DJ, will appear and create a relaxing space. Yuki Mihara will be the MC on the day.
In between live music performances, candle artist Candle June is scheduled to perform a space production. Please look forward to the space of candles that will gradually be completed as the night goes on. Also, at the end of the event, you can enjoy a fantastic production of the night sky.
Campaign to invite 50 groups of 100 people
[Image 6d9184-54-da0f949e39e68c299b78-4.jpg&s3=9184-54-bc199d8393fc4c1e391a55788909130e-1800x968.jpg
We will carry out a campaign to invite 50 pairs of 100 people to this event. Application acceptance is scheduled to start at 11:00 on Friday, November 18, 2022. For details, please check the ticket application site below.
■ Ticket application site: Event overview
Event name: glo (TM) under the Stars
Date: Thursday, November 24, 2022
Performers (in alphabetical order): UNA & MATCHA, ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo,, TJO, DJ SARASA, DOZAN11 a.k.a Dozo Miki, bird, Michael Kaneko
MC: Yuki Mihara
Space production (in alphabetical order): Starry Night Company, Inc., Seven Senses, Inc., Candle June, STAND, DeDee
Organized/planned/produced by:
Sponsor: glo(TM)
Appearing artists (in alphabetical order)
[Image 7d9184-54-e891136871061dd6f903-5.jpg&s3=9184-54-bb4682b775c1767fa3a8eaecb1ee45d3-1048x1564.jpg
Started activities as a DJ duo in 2017.
Appearing in domestic and international fashion parties and club events with edgy and ever-changing play.
In addition, he has also started a new activity as a creative director, performing various expressions such as photography, video, and art.
Through fashion and music, they are transmitting their unique style. ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo,
[Image 8d9184-54-5607d2c4dd4a4f67cebb-6.jpg&s3=9184-54-40eb7a5a29d28f637c5ecd400075f4a4-1920x1279.jpg
DJ, producer. Formed m-flo with VERBAL and LISA in 1998.
With his DJ activities both in Japan and overseas, he has gained tremendous support in the club scene. In 2011, he launched Japan’s first internet radio specializing in dance music,, which has become the starting point of a new music movement.
[Image 9d9184-54-57fed26d7b52614ba06d-7.png&s3=9184-54-7c40eadea0a42924d05de90163eef314-1500x1875.png
An open-format DJ who plays genres freely, and a top curator in Japan. Born in Paris with Japanese, British and Thai blood.
In addition to clubs and parties in Japan, mainly in Tokyo, he has performed at large festivals around the world. DJ MIX works shocked the scene by realizing the release of the first Japanese MIXCD from the world’s highest dance label “ULTRA MUSIC”.
A highly talented bilingual DJ. He has gained strong support from many media and a wide range of audiences.
[Image 10d9184-54-ee8d5c8651b6acf844eb-8.jpg&s3=9184-54-7353282f050dbc7496494cc82ad0346e-852x1278.jpg
Grammy Award-winning artist Questlove (The Roots) has a unique worldview and DJ skills, such as being highly praised on Twitter. While working as an international DJ who travels not only in Japan but also around the world, he is addicted to the tacos he ate in Mexico. In May 2017, he opened a Mexican bar “Shibuya Mexican Casa De Sarasa” in Shibuya. After that, the fine Mexican restaurant “RUBIA”, which also has a mixology bar, opened in Shibuya in March 2021.
Up until now, he has performed on the main stages of Ultra Japan and Billboard Live, acted as an undercard for numerous legends such as George Clinton, worked as a backing DJ for The Beatnuts and Talib Kweli, and toured around the world as a solo artist.
DOZAN11 a.k.a Dosan Miki
[Image 11d9184-54-43a07d97de645e277a98-9.jpg&s3=9184-54-77e475757c8941a232d6139fa8f89385-1800x2700.jpg
Debuted in 1996 as Dozo Miki. Played an active role as one of the leading players in the early days of Japanese reggae.
In 2001, “Lifetime Respect” sold over 900,000 copies and became the first Japanese reggae album to top the Oricon Weekly Chart.
In 2002, he retired from singing activities. Started writer and producer business under the name of “DOZAN”.
In 2014, she released the album “Japan be Irie!!” under the name of “DOZAN11” and resumed her singing career.
In 2022, the first published picture book “Ridim-kun and Melody-chan” won the first place in the Amazon picture book / children’s book ranking. General producer of J1 “Sagan Tosu” festival. Currently actively working on NFT.
[Image 12d9184-54-2f523e5b8e87a4b0c31a-10.jpg&s3=9184-54-e878d0fafa02e356573d8b365af15650-2067x1654.jpg
Singer & Songwriter (Born in Kyoto in 1975)
A singer and songwriter who fascinates music fans regardless of genre with his soulful singing voice and songs full of originality. Debuted from Shinichi Osawa / MONDO GROSSO presided over label, 1st album “bird” exceeded 700,000 copies and won the Gold Disc Award Newcomer Award.
The latest work is the 11th album “Wave”. Produced and sound-made by Tomita Lab (Keiichi Tomita), a master of modern sound.
Bird’s singing voice overlaps with the waveforms of sounds produced by various instruments, and the refined music unfolds.
Currently appearing in various outdoor FES and events regardless of genre.
–Michael Kaneko
[Image 13d9184-54-cc7d7aca59852f7e797d-11.jpg&s3=9184-54-478ea1799f7a4555dc459e593db2ef40-1800x2700.jpg
A Japanese singer-songwriter born in Shonan and raised in Southern California. TOYOTA and Panasonic, who were appointed as vocalists before their debut, were inundated with TV commercial inquiries. Her whisper yet core silky voice has become a hot topic among early-ear music fans. Their momentum never stopped, and even before their debut, they performed at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL, SUMMER SONIC, GREENROOM FESTIVAL, and more. It also appeared on the poster for Tower Records “NO MUSIC, NO LIFE?”
In addition, AmPm feat. Michael Kaneko’s songs were ranked on the Spotify viral charts in each country, and at the festival in Indonesia, 10,000 audiences sang in chorus.
They are steadily expanding their field of activity and continue to evolve day by day.
spatial artist
Candle June
[Image 14d9184-54-daa97b5fd41ad4512a19-3.jpg&s3=9184-54-c235a182063e1e488f614bcd1a5a7c1e-960x960.jpg
Artist / Field Design / Director
In 1994, he started making candles.
We are particular about the “place to light” and perform space production in various fields,
Established the genre of candle decoration.
In 2001, after lighting the “flame of peace,” which is believed to be the embers of the atomic bombing, in Hiroshima,
Called “Candle Odyssey”, he continues his journey around the land of sorrow. In 2011, following the Great East Japan Earthquake
Established “General Incorporated Association LOVE FOR NIPPON” and started support activities.
On the 11th of the month of the death anniversary, candle nights are held in various parts of Fukushima every month.
“SONG OF THE EARTH 311 FUKUSHIMA” will be held on March 11th. From sadness to joy the journey continues.
Yuki Mihara
Talent/Radio DJ
Born in Osaka prefecture. Debuted as a model for the magazine “nicola” at the age of 13. After that, he appeared in various music programs and TV programs such as acting as MC at tvk “sakusaku”.
Currently, he is active in multiple fields, making use of his versatile hobbies such as music, sports, and lifestyle. He also works as a radio personality and MC for many programs. In charge of “Time For Bed” on from 23:00 to 24:00 on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month.
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