Bloom Luxe’s ​​funeral dress brand born after her mother’s funeral ~The last dress to give to you~ “Beautifu l Ending” debut

Bloom Luxe Co., Ltd.
Bloom Luxe’s ​​funeral dress brand born after her mother’s funeral ~The last dress to give to you~ “Beautiful Ending” debut
An ending dress brand that sees off the final ceremony of a funeral with a more personal touch and kindness.

Bloom Luxe Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Tokuhiro Ishikawa), which sells shapewear and lingerie to domestic and overseas companies, is a funeral dress (ending dress) brand worn by the deceased at funerals. (Beautiful Ending)” has started selling for individuals on the EC site.
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Bloom Luxe Ending Dress -Funeral Dress “Beautiful Ending”-

shukatsu and obituary
Nowadays, it is common to leave behind one’s wishes about one’s funeral, belongings and inheritance after one’s death. As part of the end of life, more and more people are deciding the details of the funeral in advance, saying, “I want you to see off the funeral in a more personal way.” As part of this, the number of people who choose clothes that are not white clothes or clothes that they liked is increasing year by year.
On the other hand, there is also a demand for funerals that are not confined to traditional funeral ceremonies, such as the surviving family wanting to send off the deceased who had been fighting illness or bedridden for a long time in a beautiful appearance at the end. Increased has.

How the funeral dress debuted
The opportunity to start selling funeral dresses was an incident at the funeral of the mother of Bloom Luxe staff. Her mother, who ran a cosmetics store during her lifetime, was particular about fashion as well as beauty.
“I was shocked to see my mother dressed in white. I wanted to give her a more beautiful departure. Before she passed away, I wanted to hear her wishes and talk with her.” said.
Bloom Luxe wants to create a culture in which people can choose their final costume according to their preferences, just like their favorite clothes, as one of the more positive end-of-life activities. As an option at that time, we propose a “funeral dress” that can produce a beautiful and elegant figure.

Funeral dress “Beautiful Ending”

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Bloom Luxe Ending Dress -Funeral Dress (Beautiful Ending) Item- Bloom Luxe’s ​​funeral dress “Beautiful Ending” is developed with a dress based on white. Brilliant satin fabric with a high quality and lustrous luster is carefully and smoothly tailored one by one with solid patterns and sewing techniques.
There are 6 types of dress. A line-up that is easy to choose, with gentle colors that are incorporated only into the noble accents such as lace and pearl motifs and shawls on the outerwear to match the base long dress.
The commitment is to make it easy for anyone to wear. The back and sleeves have hook-and-loop fasteners, so even family members can easily dress them up.
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How to wear a Funeral Dress -Bloom Luxe Ending Dress-

Funeral Dress Product Lineup
-FD-01 [Lavender]
A set of cotton pearl necklace, stole in gentle colors (2 colors of lavender purple/off-white are included), floral ornaments and a base dress. It is a set for sending off beautifully with chic but more gorgeous accessories.
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FD-01・Lavender-Bloom Luxe Ending Dress [Funeral Dress -Beautiful Ending-]- -FD-02 [Sweet Pea]
“Sweet Pea” is a feminine dress with a three-dimensional frill design on the neckline.
The atmosphere that makes you feel kindness is very popular with those who buy it before they die. By adding a motif on the chest, it will make you feel even more luxurious.
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FD-02・Sweet Pea -Bloom Luxe Ending Dress [Funeral Dress -Beautiful Ending-]- -FD-03 [Freesia]
A set of jacket style parts in standard colors and a base dress. The gold molding applied to the collar (collar) makes your face look bright and noble.
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FD-03 Freesia -Bloom Luxe Ending Dress [Funeral Dress -Beautiful Ending-]- -FD-04 [Jasmine]
Funeral wear “Jasmine” with an elegant design with a three-dimensional silver thread motif on the shawl collar.
A dress style that looks like it was made for an elegant lady to welcome the ending scene.
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FD-04 Jasmine -Bloom Luxe Ending Dress [Funeral Dress -Beautiful Ending-]- -FD-05 [Lily]
A funeral dress “Lily” made of high-quality materials that is simple and packed with attention to detail.
A stylish type with a stand collar design and silver mall and cotton pearl buttons.
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FD-05 Lily -BLOOMLuXE Ending Dress [Funeral Dress -Beautiful Ending-]- -FD-06 [Anemone]
Funeral dress “Anemone” that creates a neat and calm atmosphere. Ending wear that combines cuteness and elegance with a silver mall stand collar and a lovely small flower motif on the chest.
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FD-06 Anemone -BLOOMLuXE Ending Dress [Funeral Dress -Beautiful Ending-]- ■ Product overview
Product name: “Funeral Dress”
Price: All types (FD-01 to FD-06) 74,800 yen (tax included)
Size: Free
Common accessories for all types: Pouch / 1 pair of socks
Materials: Nylon, polyurethane, others
Sales location: EC site, etc.
■Company Profile
Company name: Bloom Lux Co., Ltd.
Representative: Norihiro Ishikawa, Representative Director
Head office location: Suitengu HS Building 3F, 1-35-7 Nihonbashi Kakigaracho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Representative TEL: 03-5625-5221
Established: January 13, 2012
Business description: OEM/ODM of domestic and overseas companies for bridal underwear, shapewear, and dress-up underwear, Internet mail order (E-commerce) business, wholesale of own brand products to domestic and overseas companies
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Bloom Luxe Co., Ltd.

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