Bmap Co., Ltd. Launched “Konpurin Pro” service site for promotional novelty output at convenience stores

Bmap Co., Ltd.
Launched “Konpurin Pro” service site for sales promotion novelty output at convenience stores
Winners can output prizes by themselves with a multi-copy machine, and campaigns can be carried out at low cost.

Bmap Co., Ltd. and Compurin Co., Ltd. have opened a service site for “Compurin Pro”, a service for companies considering sales promotion campaigns. By using “Konpurin Pro”, it will be possible to carry out low-cost sales promotion campaigns with content prints such as bromides and calendars as prizes. It is also possible to propose a set of unique projects and popular content such as idols, celebrities, anime, voice actors, etc., by utilizing Bmap’s planning capabilities and diverse networks. Please feel free to contact us.
Bmap Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Fuminori Sugino) and Konpurin Co., Ltd. operate a
convenience store multi-copy machine content print service “Konpurin”, which is a service for companies “Konpurin Pro”. We are pleased to inform you that we have opened a website related to
[Image 1d18483-97-650b692c8bfe4dc47299-12.png&s3=18483-97-2d40f5e737833a30e7754f035bf5fb25-878x615.png
By using “Konpurin Pro”, it will be possible to carry out low-cost sales promotion campaigns with content prints that can be output by multi-copy machines, such as bromides and calendars, as prizes. Normally, when conducting a campaign with prizes, a lot of costs are spent on “premium inventory management”, “personal information management”, “packaging and shipping work”, etc. On the other hand, in the campaign using “Konpurin Pro”, the winners themselves print out the winning prizes on the multi-copy machine at the convenience store. This significantly reduces the cost of promotional campaigns. Advantages of using “Konpurin Pro” for promotional campaigns [Image 2d18483-97-da0700b300cfafd02dd2-6.png&s3=18483-97-a466a4c9e11f11747d23239fc9bae1b1-286x248.png
In campaigns using “Konpurin Pro”, there is no need to stock up on prizes in advance. In addition, since the premium price is paid according to the number of premiums output, you can easily carry out campaigns with low risk and low cost. It is also possible to check the number of prizes output in real time.
In addition, winners can print their prizes from multi-copy machines installed at convenience stores nationwide at any time. Basically, there is no need to enter personal information when applying, so it is easy to apply, and unlike conventional goods prize campaigns, there is no time to wait for the prize to arrive after applying. Since the prize is received while the amount of heat is high, it can be expected that the response will be easily transmitted to SNS etc.
*In order to implement the campaign, the initial content registration fee and system usage fee are required separately.
Flow of sales promotion campaign using “Konpurin Pro”
[Image 3d18483-97-7d4b3863893eb54d91a7-7.png&s3=18483-97-a9a5ee117f12c8d95b3ea6d11295ae65-886x357.png
Once you have completed the planning of the sales promotion campaign and the coordination of content usage, and the implementation of the campaign has been confirmed, please prepare the content data that will be the prize. Subsequent system development and operation will be carried out by Bmap Complin.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about planning sales promotion campaigns or preparing content data. Utilizing Bmap’s planning ability and diverse network, we propose a set of unique projects that utilize O2O2O (on-air-to-online-to-offline) and popular content such as idols, celebrities, anime, and voice actors. It is also possible to
* A separate planning fee and royalties will be incurred depending on the content introduced.
Optional functions that can be implemented in “Konpurin Pro”  It is also possible to add variations to the form of the campaign with optional functions.
[Image 4d18483-97-30adbc0eaf49d37b06b5-9.png&s3=18483-97-c39ec48de9a44f476f0de45a252e43dc-648x205.png
About “Konpurin Pro” usage example
“Konpurin Pro” has already been used for campaigns by many companies. For details, please see the official page of “Konpurin Pro”. ・”Comprin Pro” service site: About “Compurin”
[Image 5d18483-97-4ffe1e2af10a6be06020-0.png&s3=18483-97-9de1dbf87212158ef158993fd01ed1ee-233x88.png
“Konpurin” is developed by Bmap Co., Ltd. You can easily purchase bromides and stickers of various genres such as idols and characters from about 50,000 multi-copy machines installed at major convenience stores nationwide. It is a service that can be done. In March 2022, we launched the “Compurin ID Photo Service,” which allows you to easily create ID photos on your smartphone or computer, and in September of the same year, we announced the start of printing support for NFT content, improving the convenience of the service. I am working on it every day.
・ “Comprin” official website:
・ “Comprin ID photo” service site: [Image 6d18483-97-868f18f19387abf38721-13.png&s3=18483-97-b3c7e619ba0ef4eb44c0494774d26266-1171x343.png
1. Search for the content you want on the Konpurin official site and get the print number.
2. Select Konpurin on the convenience store multi-copy machine and enter the print number.
3. Check the content on the multi-copy machine, insert the fee, and print the content.
[Image 7d18483-97-1b4e3a1b1459126b23c0-1.png&s3=18483-97-b6f390ef3fa402d2e02e3589341f51c9-650x385.png

Details about this release:


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