BONX WORK enables single sign-on with SAML method

BONX WORK enables single sign-on with SAML method
More secure, more convenient and easier to use

BONX Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takahiro Miyasaka, hereinafter referred to as “BONX”), which provides the group talk solution “BONX WORK”, has started supporting SAML authentication, enabling SSO (single sign-on). By linking your current ID management service with BONX WORK, you will be able to use BONX WORK without having to manage new authentication information.
■ Improved convenience
Users no longer need to manage new IDs and passwords. Until now, it was necessary to enter a new email address and password to use BONX WORK, but with SSO, it is possible to log in to multiple cloud services with a single authentication information, reducing the hassle of password management and account management. I can.
■ Reduction of security risks
Managing multiple IDs and passwords not only burdens users but also increases the risk of leakage.
By using single sign-on with SAML authentication, you can use BONX WORK without setting a new ID and password, reducing security risks. If you would like to inquire about using this function, please contact us below or contact our staff directly.
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BONX will continue to strengthen security, improve service
convenience, and strive to further improve reliability.
■What is BONX WORK?
Through the group talk solution “BONX WORK” and the dedicated earphones “BONX Grip”, “BONX mini” and “BONX BOOST”, we provide optimal team communication for “deskless workers” who work in the field.
Service site:
■Corporate profile
Company name: BONX Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takahiro Miyasaka
Location: 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo WeWork Shibuya Scramble Square 38F Established: November 2014

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