Bookstore B&B x Takram x Minimal’s first collaboration chocolate limited sale

Hakuhodo Kettle Inc.
Bookstore B&B x Takram x Minimal’s first collaboration chocolate limited sale A completely new chocolate that will become a “reading companion”. A flavor inspired by “Hometown and Journey” is complete!

“Bookstore B&B” (Shimokitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo), jointly operated by Leben (Representative: Shintaro Uchinuma) and Hakuhodo Kettle (Representative: Funaki Ken), has bases in Tokyo, London, New York, and Shanghai, and sells the organization’s products and brands. A collaboration fair will be held from November 22nd (Tuesday) to December 25th (Sunday), 2022 with the global design farm “Takram” (Representative: Kinya Tagawa), which handles designs such as. [Image
Minimal×B&B×Takram Collaboration Chocolate “Ginger”
An original chocolate with a new taste that combines the refreshing fruit flavor of cacao beans with the flavor of ginger, giving you a sense of stimulation and peace of mind at the same time. Using cacao beans from Tanzania, which are characterized by the green apple flavor, and ginger from Kochi Prefecture, you can enjoy the scent, flavor, texture, and afterglow after melting in your mouth, so that the story begins the moment you touch the chocolate. We have expressed the nuances that you can enjoy. The craftsman’s commitment and message are included so that you can reward yourself on special days such as Christmas, New Year’s holidays, and Valentine’s Day, or as a gift for your loved ones.
Over-the-counter sales date: November 22, 2022 (Tuesday)-(Sales will end as soon as stock runs out)
Sales price: 1830 yen (excluding tax)
Contents: 50g
Ingredients: cocoa beans, sugar, ginger powder
Production area: Kochi Prefecture (ginger), Tanzania (cocoa beans) Cacao flavor: green apple
Sales store: “Bookstore B&B” (store / online store)
*For details on online sales, please see below.
Takram x bookstore B&B collaboration fair held & talk event to commemorate the release of collaboration chocolate with Minimal special talk event
Takashi Yamashita × Kotaro Watanabe × Yoshifumi Yanai × Mariai Shimizu × Koichiro Shima
“What if a design farm and a bookstore make chocolate?”
Date and time: Saturday, November 30, 2022 from 20:00 to 22:00 In commemoration of the Takram x Bookstore B&B collaboration fair and the release of collaboration chocolate with Minimal, we welcomed Kotaro Watanabe, Yoshifumi Yanai, Mari Shimizu, and Takashi Yamashita of Minimal from the members of the collaboration project. We will deliver a talk session with Koichiro Shima. Also, on the day of the event, chocolate tasting will be available only for customers who participate in the store!
* About the talk event “What if a design farm and a bookstore make chocolate?” Please see below for details.
■ Takram, a design innovation firm active on the world stage Takram is a design innovation firm active on the world stage. As a person who creates the future and a partner of an organization that creates change, we will create innovation with the power of design, from products to services, brands to businesses. We have many cross-border human resources such as “design engineers” and “business designers”, and we are working on highly novel projects every day. Currently based in Tokyo, London, New York and Shanghai.
Official URL:
■ Minimal, a team of chocolate craftsmen exploring materials and manufacturing methods
Minimal visits cocoa production areas around the world and
manufactures chocolates one by one by hand by craftsmen from high quality cocoa beans. Patissiers, chocolatiers, and craftsmen who have honed their skills at Michelin-starred restaurants and top patisserie in Japan and overseas are earnestly based on the starting point of “carefully and simply, using the best ingredients to bring out the maximum aroma”. We will make Minimal chocolates and sweets at work. As for cacao, which is a raw material, we conduct research and lectures on fermentation and drying work locally, and develop flavors that meet high quality and high unit price with cacao farmers. Aiming for sustainable economic self-reliance of the cocoa industry, which has remnants of plantations, we will provide technical support and fair and ethical transactions. In 2019, we conducted a cacao survey in Nicaragua as part of JICA’s ODA feasibility study project.
Received 69 awards for 6 years in a row at international competitions due to the idea of ​​“subtraction” that makes the most of the ingredients and our unique manufacturing method. We would like to deliver “chocolate that leaves a lasting impression on your heart” that will make you want to eat it again!
Minimal-Bean to Bar Chocolate-
Website/Online store:
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Details about this release:


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