Boucheron launches holiday campaign “BOUCHERON WONDERLAND” featuring Starola and Alexa Chung

Boucheron launches holiday campaign “BOUCHERON WONDERLAND” featuring Starola and Alexa Chung

Boucheron will start a special campaign for the holiday season from November 10, 2022 (Thursday). The global campaign, which expresses homage to the season of surprise and joy in the enchanted world of Boucheron, features five people from around the world, including Laura and Alexa Chung, to color the festive season.
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[Boucheron Official Site / Special Page]
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From left to right: Alexa Chung, Hannah Quinlivan
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From left: Youn-Jung Go, Mila Al Zahrani
The most exciting season of the year. The stage of this campaign with the theme of “BOUCHERON WONDERLAND” is a wonderland where Boucheron’s magic is cast. The nostalgic world you saw when you were young spreads out and invites you to remember the holidays of your childhood. The cast will play with the enlarged icon jewelry playground equipment and objects, and get lost in a small town made of paper crafts. In addition, all the cast will play music on the glass harp and celebrate the gorgeous season together.
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Alexa Chung
[Image 6d48881-79-78c54bbcfd4ba717181d-5.jpg&s3=48881-79-caa0d92f86e93227230e750683b9c547-1600x1200.jpg
[Image 7d48881-79-10bde58876a6977e01e1-6.jpg&s3=48881-79-c9442e08446cda450356ecebd593ab80-1600x1200.jpg
Boucheron official website
-About Boucheron-
Founded in 1858 by Frederic Boucheron, Boucheron has inherited a free spirit and style. As the first high jeweler to set up a boutique on Place Vendôme in Paris, Boucheron has established itself as a Maison in the fields of jewelry and watches. A free and bold spirit, Boucheron’s unique style has been passed down from generation to generation and boasts a history of more than 160 years. Today, Boucheron has more than 73 boutiques worldwide and is part of the international luxury group Kering.
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