Boulangerie Anne 11/15 start Delicious whole! Monthly Apple Pie with Apples, “Akibae” in November

Hankyu Bakery Co., Ltd.
[Boulangerie Anne] [11/15 start] Delicious whole! Monthly Apple Pie with Apples, “Akibae” in November

At “Boulangeriean” operated by Hankyu Bakery Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Hideki Nakamura), from Saturday, November 15, 2022, a limited apple pie that tastes apples will be available on a monthly basis. We will sell it.
Apple pie to enjoy the deliciousness of apples
[Image 1d89920-53-6253214efff2ba13fd3d-0.jpg&s3=89920-53-124fb5fd307b903aaba13d764444cd3e-3900x2600.jpg
A special project for this season has started! I want to deliver more delicious seasonal apples! We sympathize with the farmer’s thoughts, and every month we will release apple pies that take advantage of the characteristics of this season when various apple varieties appear. Collaboration with Oshida Farm
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In the apple pie plan to taste apples, the taste of apples is essential! I want to thoroughly pursue the original taste of apples! So, this time, “Oshida Farm” in Nagano Prefecture cooperated. The apples grown in the vast land are plump and brightly colored. Fruit with a rich and mellow aroma is packed with deliciousness. [Image 3d89920-53-0991cd57b23d9a739297-20.jpg&s3=89920-53-72d3045100946cfe9ab8aa3820ca4739-3900x2925.jpg
Crispy and light pie crust and rich buttery flavor. We will prepare a special apple pie that is delicious because it is simple, and it will be luxuriously prepared every month.
“Akiei” in November
[Image 4d89920-53-d04cc9480664f3c8756e-11.jpg&s3=89920-53-e70aa096ba406119760734fe48e4587d-3293x2470.jpg
An original cultivar from Nagano Prefecture, characterized by its dark red skin. The pulp, which contains plenty of fruit juice, has a perfect balance of sweetness and sourness, and has a rich aroma.

[Image 5d89920-53-b626e9648a6b2eb3c613-1.jpg&s3=89920-53-42bcf7f3710a5f969abec2611fd75722-3900x2600.jpg
●Oshida Farm’s Akiei Apple Pie
Price: 440 yen (tax included)

Shuei, which is characterized by its deep red color, is cooked in butter with the skin on. The color is not lost even if it is passed through fire, and the color that can be seen from the cross section of the pie is vivid. We want you to feel the crunchy texture and rich taste, so we cut the pulp into large chunks. An apple pie to taste apples is ready.
“Shinano Suite” in December
[Image 6d89920-53-73c4684026ac7a3bb3e4-15.jpg&s3=89920-53-55d79722577f9357e92999f34a505dff-1479x1109.jpg
・Shinano Suite
A variety representative of Nagano Prefecture, with a beautifully reddish fruit skin.
The crunchy and easy-to-eat texture and the juicy, strong sweetness make it a flavor loved by people of all ages.

[Image 7d89920-53-a9c0639e47303f481a96-17.png&s3=89920-53-35a3617a5281d931fd053e2e2f5a9c49-1040x720.png

Oshida Farm’s Shinano Sweet Pie
Scheduled to be released in mid-December.
Fuji in January
[Image 8d89920-53-c723f5670ba211cfc4fd-10.jpg&s3=89920-53-571c48b3a17fdc7e6aa519b827ce93cb-3199x2399.jpg
A variety that can be said to be representative of apples, with a well-balanced sweetness, sourness, and texture. It is popular all over the world because it is easy to add honey, and the more you chew, the more the juice overflows.

[Image 9d89920-53-58107e3ef276d64f5bbd-16.png&s3=89920-53-62f95a88937ef78fe6ad673df7e948cf-1040x720.png

●Oshida Farm’s Fuji apple pie
Scheduled to be released in mid-January.

A special apple pie made with a different apple variety each month. Please look forward to its flavor, texture and taste!
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About Boulangeriean
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“Anne” means “1” in French. I named it with the thought that “I want to be your number one favorite”.
The gentle sweetness of wheat, the fragrant aroma of crispy toasted bread, and the deliciousness that lingers as you chew. In order for you to enjoy such comfort in your daily meals, we carefully prepare products that are particular about the ingredients.
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