BrainBrunnGALLERY “The world is still beautiful” Solo exhibition by contemporary artist Kaeru Tsukino Toy box of memories -LAYERD POP ART- Starts on November 16th (Wednesday)!

Brain Brunn GALLERY
“Still the world is beautiful” Solo exhibition by contemporary artist Kaeru Tsukino [Memory Toy Box -LAYERD POP ART-] Starts on November 16th (Wednesday)!
Contemporary Art Planning Art Gallery BrainBrunnGALLERY (Hachioji City, Tokyo) Announcement of the next exhibition.

1st BrainBrunn ART AWARD 2022 “Brunn Grand Prize” Winner! Tsukino Kaeru, an artist who creates various mixed media works centered on transparent resin, held a solo exhibition in his hometown of Hachioji. At Brainbrunn Gallery (Hachioji, Tokyo) | From Wednesday, November 16, 2022 to Sunday, January 29, 2023
[Image 1

Next Exhibition Tsukino Kaeru Solo Exhibition [Toy Box of Memories -LAYERD POP ART-]
We would like to inform you about our next special exhibition, Kaeru Tsukino’s solo exhibition [Toy Box of Memories -LAYERD POP ART-]. Tsukino Kaeru is a contemporary artist who continues to create a variety of mixed media works using various materials, mainly transparent resin.
By his hand, disparate materials demonstrate their individual charms, creating a unique world that invites the viewer to a scene where the diversity of the world and different cultures are fused.
In recent years, Tsukino Kaeru has expanded its activities overseas, including Taiwan and China, and is gaining a high reputation. This time, it will be held at an art gallery in Hachioji, where he grew up, on the school road he used to go to every day.
– Thoughts on this solo exhibition by Kaeru Tsukino – [Image 2

《Memories》(c) Tsukino Kaeru
[Image 3

“Night Factory” (c) Tsukino Kaeru
“Still the world is beautiful” Tsukino Kaeru
This year’s theme, “Toy Box of Memories,” is centered on the expressions that Tsukino Kaeru has kept in his heart since childhood, from the latest works to his self-confidence works.
Please look forward to the exhibition of the 1st BrainBrunn ART AWARD 2022 <

《She》(c) Tsukino Kaeru
[Image 5

“She” part (c) Tsukino Kaeru
[Table 3: ]
[Image 6

《Fishborn Submersible》(c) Tsukino Kaeru
[Image 7

“Fishborn Submersible” Part (c) Tsukino Kaeru
《Thoughts into the work》Tsukino Kaeru
“In creating my works, I always want to depict a “rich and beautiful world” woven by various elements.
It’s based on my childhood experiences, and I still want the world to be like that, even now, in my late middle age.
I think the reason why we can move forward with a positive attitude while facing various problems is because we feel that the world is still beautiful.
The world is infinitely multi-layered, and what we “perceive” is only a small part of it.
There are as many worlds as there are species such as animals and plants. Even humans have multiple worlds, depending on their thoughts, beliefs, environments, interests, and so on. The world in which we live is a multi-layered structure in which all of these things are stacked on top of each other, and the world that we can see is by no means the only world we can see.
I want to continue creating works that make me feel that the world is still beautiful, including layers that I can’t see.”
Exhibition overview
Kaeru Tsukino Solo Exhibition [Toy Box of Memories -LAYERD POP ART-] Event period: November 16, 2022 (Wednesday) to January 29, 2023 (Sunday) * Year-end and New Year holidays: December 26th to January 6th ■Venue: 3-1-1 Motoyokoyamacho, Hachioji, Tokyo
“BrainBrunnGALLERY” 2F main gallery
■Access: About 12 minutes on foot from JR Hachioji Station / About 14 minutes on foot from Keio Hachioji Station
About 1 minute on foot after getting off at “Motoyokoyama-cho 1-chome” on the Nishi-Tokyo Bus “City Loop” route
■Admission fee: Free
■ Detailed URL: Advance reservation system / We will give priority to customers with reservations.
▼Reservation page URL▼
▼Google Maps▼
《Simultaneous holding》Mika Kamijo mini solo exhibition [Space Jin Alien Yokai] [Image 8

(c) Kamijou Mika 《Hands are Alien Gin Eyes are Space》
The “extraordinary world” that Mika Kamijou unfolds gathers here! “To draw is to live, to live is to draw”
Her convictions give life to each of her creations.
Pop works that transcend “categories defined by people”. Please look forward to the passion hidden behind it that will shake the viewer. (1st BrainBrunn ART AWARD: Winner of the Lil Brunn Award)
★ At the 1F mini gallery “LilbrunnGALLERY” | From November 16, 2022 (Wednesday) to January 29, 2023 (Sunday)
[Table 4: ]
Comment from Mika Kamijou
I drew this because I wanted to hold a solo exhibition of my favorite aliens, aliens, and youkai.
I’m very curious about what people who see my work think about it, but I want to draw whatever I like.
We hope you enjoy the extraordinary world.
Contact information
Contemporary art planning art gallery “BrainBrunnGALLERY”
We handle primary works of contemporary artists who are not bound by the frame through special exhibitions and permanent exhibitions. Representative/Public Relations: Yuto Kobayashi
Address: 3-1-1 Motoyokoyamacho, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0063
OPEN: Wednesday-Sunday + Holidays 12:00-18:00 / Closed: Mondays and Tuesdays (excluding national holidays)
TEL: 042-649-2497

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