Broadmind Co., Ltd. “End-of-Life Seminar for Singles and Couples” for Retired Teachers and Staff

Broadmind Co., Ltd.
Conducted “End-of-Life Seminars for Individuals and Couples” for retired faculty and staff
-Explanation of measures that can be taken now in an era where one in five people can become a dementia patient-

Broadmind Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo) supports the realization of people’s life plans by handling multiple financial products such as insurance, securities, and mortgages as a single company with the purpose of “unleashing the power of finance.” Ward, President: Kiyoshi Ito (Securities code: 7343, hereinafter: our company) held a “End of Life Seminar” for retired faculty and staff on November 9th and 21st, 2022. Initially, we planned to hold only one date in November, but we received about 1.5 times more applications than we expected, so we suddenly added the date and held it. [Image 1d59559-52-05ece64c91d4bfc6d398-0.jpg&s3=59559-52-7fb6909d237abb92d589a30885ff6f9f-3260x1834.jpg

Background of the seminar
[Image 2d59559-52-da0cb313085eb8277f6d-3.png&s3=59559-52-383679da6e65673dfd7fe2430354cda6-594x426.png
According to the Cabinet Office’s White Paper on the Aging Society 2017 *Table 1, it is expected that one in five people will become dementia patients by 2025. It’s becoming
If you develop dementia and your ability to make decisions declines, your bank account will be frozen, and you will not be able to repair or sell real estate.
In addition, according to the future projections*² released in 2019 by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, the number of single-person households aged 65 and over is expected to increase by more than 40% from 6.25 million in 2015 to 8.96 million in 2040. It is expected that the number of elderly people living alone will continue to increase in the future. Currently, even those who have a spouse do not know when they will become single households due to bereavement or divorce. I think that the issue of who will be responsible for the personal guarantor and post-mortem affairs of “one person” will also become a problem.
We have held many seminars on inheritance so far, but from this social background, we want to widely communicate the need to start “shukatsu” before your physical and cognitive functions decline. I thought I should go, and I held a final life seminar.
*2 Source: National Institute of Population and Social Security Research “Population Projection for Japan (2017 Estimate)”
( Voices of seminar participants (partial excerpt)
・I wanted to create a notarized will in the near future, so it was very helpful to have the details explained in a very
easy-to-understand manner. (Female in her 60s)
・I was going to study inheritance, but there was something I didn’t know, so it was useful. (Male in his 60s)
・There are many things I don’t know, and I feel like I’ve woken up to the way I live in the future. (Female in her 60s)
・I would like to see more seminars like this held. (Male in his 70s) ・I realized the need to prepare while I was still in good health. (Female in her 60s)
・It became clear that I was confused in my head. I want to take the time to talk about shukatsu and take another step forward. (No gender response in 70s)
Seminar content
-End of life for one person and two people-
・Decrease in tax-exempt quotas due to revisions to the inheritance tax system ・Must-have inheritance measures for both couples ・Types of wills ・What to do with your assets after you die
・The difference between “statutory guardianship” and “voluntary guardianship” in the adult guardianship system
・ What is the post-mortem office required for one person?
・Family trust coverage and usage examples
[Image 3d59559-52-84e42940c5a270016b5e-1.jpg&s3=59559-52-16f019a4ca673ce8ed9a4d69f8ead2a5-2309x1732.jpg
-During the seminar-
[Image 4d59559-52-95fd322e7c49fa8db9ae-4.png&s3=59559-52-01883c2d879128b1ac84edcba08e8d87-1151x860.png
                   -Seminar slide-
Lecturer introduction
[Image 5d59559-52-5ce2bd280711003802ad-5.jpg&s3=59559-52-98865bb2676f11efea6cee8bbe00b0d0-723x965.jpg
Naoki Hirahara
Broadmind Inc. Marketing Department General Manager
・Qualifications: Level 2 Certified Skilled Worker of Financial Planning, Class 1 Securities Sales Representative, Travel Service Supervisor, Inheritance Consultant, Family Trust Coordinator ・Biography: Born in Tokyo. After graduating from the Faculty of Sociology at Rikkyo University, while working for an IT company listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, he acquired an FP qualification in 2006.
Specializing in “asset management” and “retirement allowance management consultation”, he holds more than 100 seminars throughout Japan a year, and is active in a wide range of activities such as consultation work and column writing.
About the “end-of-life support service” provided by our company We provide a service for those who do not want to burden themselves or their relatives with advance preparation when their ability to make decisions declines. For example, if it is difficult to find an appropriate person for paperwork required after death or a guarantor for hospitalization or moving into a medical institution or nursing home, outsource to a third party. It is possible to. However, we started providing the service after receiving many voices from people who were at a loss in making decisions, such as “I don’t know what to do specifically” or “I don’t know where to ask.” Depending on the content of the customer’s consultation, we will provide support in cooperation with specialists such as our affiliated professionals. -Main support content-
・Property management
Confirmation of asset value/valuation of land/organization of investment products/relocation of housing/review of insurance, etc. You need to sort out how much money you need in the future and who you want to leave what assets.
・ Voluntary guardianship contract
This is a contract to appoint an agent (voluntary guardian) to manage property and protect the property in case the property management becomes difficult in the future due to dementia, etc.
・Identity guarantee consignment contract
This is a lifelong contract to act as a guarantor and emergency contact for admission to a medical institution or nursing home. ・Notarized Will
This is a method in which the testator informs a notary public of his or her will, and then the notary public prepares the will. The advantage is that there is no risk of forgery or alteration. ・Post-mortem administration contract
It is a contract to entrust a third party, including an expert, with administrative procedures necessary after death, such as submitting a death certificate, arranging a funeral, contacting related parties, and clerical work related to disposal of belongings.
・Declaration of death with dignity
It is a document that conveys your intentions while you are still in good health in order to welcome a peaceful death both physically and mentally with dignity as a human being.
About Broadmind Inc.
Broadmind, which handles insurance, securities, mortgages and multiple financial products as a single company, is a financial service development company that supports people’s life plans with the purpose of “unleashing the power of finance”. We develop and provide services that are not constrained by the existing financial industry
preconceived notions, such as one-stop financial consulting “Manepro” and a program “Blockori” that supports the realization of financial well-being. increase.
As a financial partner, we will continue to ask ourselves, “For whom is finance for?” and aim to implement “the way finance should be” in society.
Company name: Broadmind Co., Ltd. ( Representative: Kiyoshi Ito, President and Representative Director Head office location: JR Ebisu Building 7F, 1-5-5 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022
Established: January 2002
Business description: Financial partner service business (financial consulting for individuals and corporations)
Main services:
・One-stop financial consulting “Moneypro” ・ Subscription-type asset management and management advice service “Advisory FP Service” ・ Life plan simulator “Manepass”
・BtoC specialized online business negotiation system “Broadtalk”
・Financial Wellbeing Program “Broccoli” Inquiries about Shukatsu Seminar and Shukatsu Support Service End-of-life support staff: Hirahara/Sasaki
TEL: 03-6680-0343 / email:
For the media: Inquiries about press releases and interviews Public Relations: Tominaga and Shimura, Corporate Planning Office TEL: 03-6675-7748 (direct) / mail:

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