Bulgari Japan Co., Ltd. THE RETURN OF AN ICON Revival of the Bulgari icon

Bvlgari Japan Co., Ltd.

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Bvlgari’s approach to jewelery has always been unconventional, an extraordinary blend of creative ingenuity and a spirit of innovation that has resulted in legendary icons. One of them is Tubogas. “Tubogas”, which is finished in a flexible tubular band without soldering precious metals, has made a long-awaited revival in the form of “Tubogas Capsule Collection” composed of colorful creations. First, to understand what Tubogas has been in the history of Bvlgari and jewellery, it is necessary to start with the 1940s, when Bvlgari created the Serpenti wrist bracelet watch, the first to use this technology. you’ll have to go back to From the outset, Tubogas was a versatile and contemporary spirit for any occasion, but in the 1970s, this industrial style derived from gas pipes became a symbol of Bvlgari’s modern spirit. changed to At that time, a new generation of women who gained social power sought jewelry that could be worn from daily life to special occasions, and “Tubogas” jewelry was accepted as a presence that added glamor.
In addition, the combination of gray steel and yellow gold has a casual chic appeal that fits in with everyday life and a striking color contrast. To achieve this design, Bvlgari spent a lot of time researching to select the type of steel that is malleable enough, rustproof and suitable for microfusion. Bvlgari’s unique chromatic effects also resulted in alternating bands of yellow, pink and white gold, as well as bracelets that change color with each turn. The most striking creations are those with four or five bands superimposed. This new jewelery presents a unique encounter between one of Bvlgari’s most popular designs and one of Bvlgari’s undeniable styles, the cabochon-cut colored stone, through the creation of which the “Tubogas” fades. We are pushing out the charm that has never been before. The centerpiece of the collection is a necklace in 18K pink gold, illuminating the vibrant colors of five cabochon-cut gemstones: amethyst, citrine, peridot, rubellite and blue topaz. Surrounded by dazzling pavé diamonds, the stones highlight their unique and exciting nuances. A smooth cabochon cut that shines lustrously is also one of the trademarks of Roman high jeweler Bvlgari. To achieve its iconic suppleness and suppleness, the central body is expertly crafted by Bvlgari craftsmen over many hours. Made by wrapping two long gold bands around a wood or copper core and then pulling the core out, the jewelry is not soldered. A choker necklace with a “Chrysante Cloisonn” clasp that fits perfectly around the neck, making it versatile for any occasion. The 18K pink gold bracelet with fancy cabochon rubellite can be worn with the necklace.
Tubogas is more than just a jewelery craft, it is a distinctive trademark of the Bvlgari style, proving its ability to merge in new ways with the aesthetics that underpin the Maison of Rome over the years. Its charm that continues to be loved over time will not fade over time. And the legend is just beginning.
“Tubogas Capsule Collection”
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PG x Amethyst x Citrine x Peridot x Rubellite x Blue Topaz x DIA 7,788,000 yen (tax included)
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PG x Rubellite x DIA
2,035,000 yen (tax included)
Contact: Bulgari Japan 03-6362-0100 https://www.bulgari.com/ja-jp/ Details about this release:


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