Bunkasha Co., Ltd. Mr. Yoshimi Kurata, the latest work! The latest volume 2 of “Happiness Consistency” will be released today, November 30th (Wednesday)!

Bunkasha Co., Ltd.
Yoshimi Kurata’s latest work! The latest volume 2 of “Happiness Consistency” will be released today, November 30th (Wednesday)!
Convenience store comic “My style! The 2nd volume of the popular series “Happiness Consistency” (author: Yoshimi Kurata) will be released at bookstores nationwide today, November 30th (Wednesday). Popular gourmet manga artist Yoshimi Kurata presents a human drama set in a sushi restaurant! Koichi Sawada is an apprentice sushi chef. With the old-fashioned sushi chef Grandpa as his master, he trains day and night with the goal of inheriting that taste. Meanwhile, Grandpa’s former father and apprentice, Kaoru, appears at the restaurant and offers Koichi to participate in the sushi contest, but…! ? “Reading makes me want to eat sushi!” ? We will deliver the taste of happiness conveyed by the bond between sushi master and disciple! !

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[Image 2d45783-166-fb908547494326b26ae6-3.jpg&s3=45783-166-970aaa8a0692da5793c0988c51994011-1899x2700.jpg
From work. Grandpa’s former father and apprentice, Kaoru, who appeared at the sushi restaurant “Sachi”. are you up to something?
[Image 3d45783-166-87a8e74728528fa3bbcc-4.jpg&s3=45783-166-6c5f696264fca43aa6457a68124178c8-1899x2700.jpg
From work. The contest is free to enter. In addition, it is a good condition to get a reward! “Koichi’s decision!” ?
◆ Comics information
Title: “Happiness Consistency 2”
Author: Yoshimi Kurata
Format: B6 size
Number of pages: 192 pages of text
Price: Regular price 759 yen (body 690 yen + tax 10%)
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Details about this release:


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