Burton Japan G.K. A limited edition of 100 snowboards “Grillmaster LTD” will be sold in memory of Marco Glick, a Burton rider who passed away suddenly last year, from November 23 (Wednesday)

Burton Japan LLC
A snowboard in memory of Marco Glick, a Burton rider who passed away suddenly last year “Grillmaster LTD” Limited to 100 sold from November 23rd (Wednesday)
The Burton Blog In memory of Marco Glick (https://bit.ly/3TYHcAj)
Burton remembers Burton rider Marko Grilc (38 years old), who was nicknamed Grillo and died suddenly in an accident while filming in Solden, Austria on November 23, 2021. A limited number of 100 snowboards “Grillmaster LTD” will be sold on Burton.com in North America, Europe and Japan from November 23rd (Wednesday).
Born in Slovenia, Grillo joined the Burton team at the age of 14. Over the course of his 26-year career, he has not only won titles in numerous competitions, but also left behind memorable footage for many snowboarders, and has also acted as a mentor to young riders. Always refining his unique sensibilities and expressing them in the snowy mountains, Grillo has been working as a pioneer in Vlog series and social content, which are now commonplace, long before they became the standard. I was. As a father of three, he and his wife, Nina, share the wonders of family snowboarding. He has taught families around the world how to enjoy snowboarding while raising their children. I am reminded once again that Grillo’s influence on snowboarding is still very large, even one year after his death. Just a week before the accident, Burton had just been talking to him about the
inspiration and specific geometry for developing a special snowboard called the “Grillmaster.” As a father who juggles his love for raising children and riding, Grillo wanted a product that expressed his passion for snowboarding, his community, and his dear family. Whether it’s cruising with his family or riding alone while the kids are eating french fries at the lodge, he’s a “grill master” as a partner who can make the most of everything. I had an image of
Grillo’s wife, Nina Glick, said:
“I think Grillo wanted to make snowboards for dads all over the world. It’s like two families, us and Burton, because to him it’s a symbol of happiness.”
[Image 1d528-116-6aa7ac775a9b6aba6872-0.jpg&s3=528-116-d6c4d0a9cb1b218826ded487ec06c43a-3900x2786.jpg
Unfortunately, he passed away before completing this snowboard, but Burton continued development without leaving his passion project unfinished. And he needed the support of his family to make what he envisioned a reality. Burton gave the Grillo family two large blank board canvases for the children to draw on. While thinking about the memories of their father, Grillo, the children drew on the canvas the story of his journey so far and the trajectory of his journey to becoming a star.
Grillo’s family says:
“This graphic is the life of my dad’s snowboarding. First big air, then slopestyle. It’s just as beautiful and bright as the stars, and finally it’s a trip to the place where the stars shine in the sky. The black footprints coming out of the starry sky. The third daughter’s, and the arrow that comes out of the window at the top of the mountain expresses that if you climb a high mountain and look at the night sky, you can always see your father’s star from there.”
In commemoration of the sale of the “Grill Master LTD” this time, Burton will donate a portion of the sales to the Grillo family so that Grillo’s children can continue snowboarding. Limited to 100 units worldwide, the Grillmaster LTD is for Craig Kelly, a snowboarder who also made many achievements in pioneering activities and died in an avalanche accident in 2003. At the prototype workshop “Craig’s” named after it, each one was made by hand.
This time, Grillo’s family has established an online shop and foundation to preserve his soul and legacy. Thegriloshop.com introduces the charm of family snowboarding through selling products and holding action sports events.
“All of us will never forget him, and as long as we are here, we will continue to share his memories and stories.”
                            -Nina Glick-
Grillmaster LTD Product Overview
[Image 2d528-116-a4ad80becc45b41aeb25-1.jpg&s3=528-116-0eae900803c83bc78a3e67f3184d5e6b-3900x2786.jpg
□Grill Master LTD
Manufactured at Craig’s Prototype Factory
Made one by one at Craig’s Prototype Factory on the Vermont
headquarters grounds.
・Balanced freeride shape (twin)
The setback camber and sidecut in the center of the stance give a freestyle ride feel like a Twin on firmer snow, and the float and stability of a Directional on softer snow.
¥ 115,000 (tax included ¥ 126,500)
Size: 130cm, 145cm, 155cm
[Image 3d528-116-68e50b86f678991379ee-2.jpg&s3=528-116-5a5b2c3f81abb8e31b2307fa70e3e58c-3900x2786.jpg
All of Burton’s activities are based on the brand’s “purpose”. As a snowboard brand that enjoys the mountains as a field, what can we do for people, the earth, and snowboards? We are constantly pursuing and taking action. Each and every one of the products released this season has those thoughts.
About Burton Purpose
The future we aim for is clear.
To have a positive impact on everyone involved.
Minimize the burden on the environment.
And enjoy snowboarding to the fullest.
for people
Respecting people means paying fair wages, ensuring responsible sourcing and building communities where everyone is welcome. for the earth
Minimize the burden on the environment. What is necessary for that is to reduce CO2 emissions and create products that are safe for the earth and people and can be used for a long time.
for snowboarding
Our mission is to protect the future of snowboarding and make riding fun for everyone.
2025 goals
towards climate positive
We aim to be climate positive by 2025.
To that end, we will reduce our carbon footprint in line with SBT (Science Based Targets),
Make investments to offset their emissions and advocate for structural changes that drive climate change.
[Image 4d528-116-fcb661316aa2ecdff950-3.jpg&s3=528-116-5073bee54481e39ef6d924fde4b28ce8-1575x2700.jpg
Burton is a B Corporation Certified Company
“B Corporation” = “B Corp” means a non-profit organization in the United States An international certification system operated by B Lab for companies that are socially and environmentally considerate and have a high degree of public benefit.
Burton is the first snowboard company to achieve certification in 2019.

About Burton
Jake Burton Carpenter
(https://www.burton.com/jp/ja/jake-burton-carpenter.htm) started making snowboards in a garage in Vermont, USA in 1977 and established Burton Snowboards. Since then, I have dedicated my life to
snowboarding. Since its inception, Burton has been pivotal in growing snowboarding from a backcountry playground into a world-class sport, with groundbreaking product lines, grassroots resort efforts, and top-level team riders. has played its role. Currently, we design and manufacture industry-leading products related to snowboard gear and outdoor activities. As a sustainability leader in the outdoor/winter sports industry, we are the first snowboard company in the world to receive B-Corp certification. Burton is a private company owned by Donna Carpenter, headquartered in Burlington, Vermont, USA, with offices in Austria, Japan, Australia, Canada and China. For more information, please visit www.burton.com.
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