BUS Co., Ltd. Started “BUS” stock investment-type cr owdfunding, which operates the support purchase app “Kotomie” responsible for ethical consumption

BUS Co., Ltd.
-Bringing the charm of Japanese culture to the world-“BUS”, which operates the support purchase app “Kotomie” responsible for ethical consumption, has started equity investment-type crowdfunding. ~ Solving social issues of about 3 million small businesses nationwide by visualizing production stories! ~

A terminal (a place where people, things, and information can come and go digitally) application that allows craft producers (for example, local sake breweries) to transmit their production processes to consumers in the form of content such as videos. BUS Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Representative Director: Tsuyoshi Deguchi), which develops “Kotomie”, will apply for investment by offering from November 18, 2022 (Friday) in the stock investment type crowdfunding service “FUNDINNO”. We are pleased to inform you that we will start accepting
*We are a company that has confirmed the application of the angel tax system (Type B).

[About our project and the purpose of crowdfunding]
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Self-branding opportunities for local small craft businesses. We want to contribute to solving social issues through process visualization. “Kotomie” developed by BUS Co., Ltd. is a service that shows not only “things” but also “things” such as production processes as content. An app template that automatically converts the videos and photos taken by the producer into a story will be used to publish them in an easy-to-understand manner for consumers. By viewing the content from the Kotomie app, consumer users who watch the content can see the story of the production process, and will be able to support and purchase the products they are interested in as they are within the app. increase. At our company, we call this series of mechanisms a craft funding (making Japanese craftsmen sustainable by purchasing them to support the future) business.
This time, with the aim of developing “Kotomie”, creating verification content with small craft businesses, and launching the web version of “Kotomie”, we will start recruiting at the stock investment type crowdfunding FUNDINNO from November 11, 2022. We have started pre-disclosure of information. With this funding, we will enhance our capital strength and lead to business growth. The application period is from November 18, 2022 to November 24, 2022, and the maximum application amount is 26,000,000 yen (100,000 yen per unit, up to 5 units per person).
In order to increase the influence of “Kotomie”, we plan to place an entity named “Missionary” between producers and consumers whose mission is to popularize “Kotomie” and solve social issues. . Our “Missionaries” have specialized knowledge in each field, and have a strong interest in solving social issues and the ability to take action. We aim to be a presence that can introduce and explain to consumers in an easy-to-understand manner. Through this “Missionary” activity, we hope to build a flow that will lead to consumer awareness of the social issues faced by producers and support purchases. Since it is also a HUB-like existence that can give advice to the producer side, we assume editors and writers living in rural areas, freelance journalists, experts and social activists who are active in SNS, etc. [Image 2d22489-8-c40136f80dc61be35c8f-2.png&s3=22489-8-ddd9968cbe3ae752f6a5ce4435faff92-817x348.png
Kotomie expansion image
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Generation Z and missionaries
Most of the current Japanese e-commerce services are specialized in “consumption of goods”. This business is unique in that it connects producers and consumers by “visualizing the production process” through “consumption of goods + experiences” by adding “experiences” through videos with stories to these “consumption of goods”. I am proud that there is In existing distribution, which appeals only from the point of view of “consumption of goods”, it tends to make purchasing decisions biased toward function and price appeal, and for this reason, we believe that it is difficult to draw attention to the “production process”.
On the other hand, if you use Kotomie, the “production process” itself is made into a story and clarified, so consumers can visualize the basis for the balance between value and price. I am proud that having you buy it will be the best advantage.
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Packaging Japanese culture and disseminating it to the world In the future, we plan to launch the web version in the fall of 2023, and we are also considering overseas expansion by promoting
multilingual support. In addition, we aim to increase annual sales of 1 billion yen by adding services to increase profit opportunities. In the future, we will expand our business and grow as a company by developing various functions and incidental services such as B2B community functions that allow producers to exchange information. ■Company profile
・ Company name: BUS Co., Ltd.
・ Location: 1-10-2 Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Kinjin Building 4F ・Representative: Tsuyoshi Deguchi
・Established: October 2014
・ Business: Branding business, advertising business, craft funding business ・URL: https://bus3.co.jp/

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