Bushiroad Co., Ltd. From today, November 11th (Friday), a large reversal drama in which a liberal arts univers ity student reincarnates into a frontier aristocrat in a different world on the free-to-read web manga site “Comic Bus hiroad WEB”! “Sword

Bushiroad Co., Ltd.
From today, November 11th (Friday), a large reversal drama in which a liberal arts university student reincarnates into a frontier aristocrat in a different world on the web manga site “Comic Bushiroad WEB” that can be read for free! “Sword and Bow and a Little Magical Reincarnation Senki” has started serialization!

Bushiroad Creative Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President: Takaaki Kitani, hereinafter Bushiroad), a group company of Bushiroad Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President: Kosuke Narita), is a web that can be read for free. On the manga site “Comic Bushiroad WEB”, we will inform you about the work that will start a new series from November 11th (Friday).
Web manga site “Comic Bushiroad WEB” that can be read for free updated today, November 11th (Friday) !!
A sword, a bow, and a bit of magic Tensei Senki episodes 1-3 [Image 1

Original: U letter
Character design: Hanagada
Drawing: Sakura Konoe
Direction/Composition: TJ16
A humble Japanese college student reincarnated as the son of a frontier noble in another world. One day, when he was spending his days in a poor but peaceful territory, a war with an enemy country broke out!? 10,000 enemies and 400 allies! The tale of a tumultuous rise to the challenge with ingenuity begins here!!
Episode 1: https://comicbushi-web.com/episode/316112896838925999 Today’s update work in the popular series ♪
Blue Archive Handyman 68 Business Diary Episode 2
[Image 2

Manga: Kaede Nogiri
Original: Blue Archive
From the popular smartphone game “Blue Archive” comes a spin-off comic starring “Handyman 68”!
Please enjoy the slapstick drama caused by four handymen in the academic city of Kivotos!
Episode 1: https://comicbushi-web.com/episode/316112896838926049 Nishina-kun’s edited adventure diary ~light novels are created in dungeons~ Episode 3
[Image 3

Original: Ichiro Sakaki
Cartoon: Stroma
Hiroki Nishina, a college student, was introduced to a part-time job at a publishing company’s light novel editorial department by a senior, but for some reason, on the first day of his part-time job, he was in a different world. “I’ve fallen…!” ? What will be the fate of college student Nishina-kun!?
Episode 1: https://comicbushi-web.com/episode/3270375685401132515 Rinkane Episode 14 (Part 2)
[Image 4

Manga: Tomekichi
Synopsis: Meguru Kaku is a normal high school student except for dreaming of her previous life. One day, an out-of-season transfer student, Kotaro Kongoji, arrives. A reunion with a friend from my previous life that I thought I would never meet, but something is wrong…?
Episode 1: https://comicbushi-web.com/episode/3269632237268235971 Primador ~Welcome to Kuronekotei~ Episode 4
[Image 5

Manga: Daiki Toda
Original: VISUAL ARTS / Key / Bibury Animation Studio
Official comicalization of the TV anime “Primador”! Check out the heartwarming story of the autonomous dolls unfolding at the cafe “Kuronekotei”♪
Episode 1: https://comicbushi-web.com/episode/3270375685358931988 FW: Zombieness Regina Episode 5
[Image 6

Original: Satoru Akahori
Manga: Izumi Kirihara
Original cooperation: Takao Yagi
Synopsis: The time is Zerowa 32. A world where a pandemic caused by a mysterious disease and the zombies that have arisen from it exist. Survive in this devastated world. A story of boys and girls. Episode 1: https://comicbushi-web.com/episode/3270296674409293395 Man Bite Sozou Joukyo Episode 17
[Image 7

Manga: Yuichi Hasegawa
Synopsis: The beautiful meteor shower I witnessed in the park at night was the beginning of a new horror. A UFO that suddenly attacks and its evil intentions robs the girl of her everyday life!!
Episode 1: https://comicbushi-web.com/episode/3269754496354153589 Providence Kyojin Taisen Vampire Mist Episode 8
[Image 8

Manga: Yoshikazu Akahito
Synopsis: “Red Mist” has begun to occur in the world. It is the evil mist that brings the strange monster “Misty Demon”. In order to oppose the fog, the evolved new human race “Vampire” fights!
Episode 1: https://comicbushi-web.com/episode/3269754496746974523 Yonkoma! Stardom Girls’ School Episode 62
[Image 9

Cartoon: Tanukichi
Synopsis: A private all-girls school with integrated middle and high school education, attended by Stardom players, has opened!! Mondo”, idol cadets “COSMIC ANGELS” – What kind of school life will unfold with each unit mixed up!?
Work page: https://comicbushi-web.com/episode/3269754496444579388 Blue Blossom Episode 9
[Image 10

Manga: Kazepana
Synopsis: On the first day of high school, Sakura Kohinata suddenly awakened to the ability to read people’s thoughts, and used this ability to lead a comfortable student life. One day, he is told that his classmate, Saki Shiobara, has the same ability. After meeting her, Sakura’s daily life changes.
Episode 1: https://comicbushi-web.com/episode/3269754496763603872 Shura no Kuni no Ideru ~DOGENGERS 99 Years Later~ Episode 5 Part 1 [Image 11

https://comicbushi-web.com/episode/3270296674373982614 What is “Comic Bushiroad WEB”, a web manga site that you can read for free? The web manga site “Comic Bushiroad WEB (hereinafter: Komibushi WEB)” that anyone can enjoy for free will be updated every Friday at noon, and will deliver works that can be enjoyed regardless of gender or genre.
Comic Bushiroad WEB: https://comicbushi-web.com/
* When introducing, please fill in the following for each work as a rights notation.
[Sword and Bow and a Little Magical Reincarnation Senki] (C) U-shaped (C) Hanagada (C) Konoe Sakuratsuki (C) TJ16 (C) BUSHIROAD CREATIVE [Blue Archive Handyman 68 Business Diary] (C) Kaede Nogiri (C) 2022 NEXON Games Co., Ltd. & Yostar, Inc. All Rights Reserved. (C) BUSHIROAD CREATIVE
[Nishina-kun’s edited adventure diary ~Light novels are created in dungeons~] (C) Stroma, Ichiro Sakaki / BUSHIROAD CREATIVE
[Rinkane] (C) Tomekichi / BUSHIROAD CREATIVE
[Prima Doll] (C) Daiki Toda (C) Visual Arts / Key / BAS Primadol Production Committee (C) BUSHIROAD CREATIVE
[FW: Zombieness Regina] (C) Izumi Kirihara / Satoru Akahori (C) BUSHIROAD CREATIVE
[Man Bite Aozora Jougai] (C) Yuichi Hasegawa/BUSHIROAD CREATIVE [Providence Kyojin Taisen Vampire Mist] (C) Yoshikazu Akato / BUSHIROAD CREATIVE [Shining!! Stardom Girls’ School/Yonkoma! Stardom Girls’ School] (C) Tanukichi (C) World Wonder Ring STARDOM, All rights reserved. (C) BUSHIROAD CREATIVE
[Blue Blossom] (C) Kazepana / BUSHIROAD CREATIVE
[Ideal of Shura no Kuni ~Dogengers 99 Years Later~] (C) Shota Noguchi/Yusuke Naito (C) Dogengers 3 Production Executive Committee (C) BUSHIROAD CREATIVE
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