Business trip photography love graph publishes “Shrine photography guidelines”

Lovegraph Co., Ltd.
Business trip photography love graph publishes “Shrine photography guidelines” Promoting a thoughtful shooting style

Lovegraph Co., Ltd., which operates the business trip photography service “Lovegraph” (, has released shrine photography guidelines.
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■ What is the shrine shooting guideline?
The business trip photography service “Lovegraph” started in 2015 and has taken memories of over 50,000 customers. Taking advantage of the experience of various shooting and training so far, we have released the “Shrine Shooting Guidelines” that summarizes the points when shooting at the shrine.
▼ Click here for guidelines
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■ Background of the initiative
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Comment from Junpei Komashita, Representative Director and Co-CEO of Lovegraph While the business trip photography industry has grown in the last few years, unfortunately there are cases where photographers, regardless of whether they are corporate or individual, cause trouble to the shooting location and other customers.
We believe that guiding the morals and manners of photographers in the right direction is also our responsibility as a company that represents the industry.
Although it was created for internal development, we hope that by making it public, we can contribute to the sound development of the industry. This time, we are mainly shooting shrines, which are particularly popular with our company.

■ What is the on-site photography service “Lovegraph”?
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Lovegraph ( is a business trip photography service where a professional photographer accompanies a family or couple to take pictures. We have taken a total of 50,000 photo shoots, and have been used for various occasions such as birthdays,
anniversaries, Shichi-go-san festivals, and shrine visits. Lovegraph Academy ( is a photography class operated by Lovegraph. The total number of participants has exceeded 9,000, with a wide range of participants ranging from beginners who have just bought a camera to those who want to become professionals. ■ Company profile
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Company name: Lovegraph Inc.
Representative Directors: Junpei Komashita, Tatsuya Homma
Established: February 12, 2015
Shibuya Scramble Square 36F, 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-6136 Business description:
1) Shooting business: We are developing a business trip photography service “Lovegraph” throughout Japan that connects photographers who “want to shoot” and guests who “want to be photographed”.
2) Education business: We are developing an online photography class “Lovegraph Academy” for a wide range of levels from beginners to advanced users.
-Inquiries about this matter-
Lovegraph Co., Ltd. Contact: Shunsuke Arata
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