Business video media “PIVOT” YouTube subscribers exceeded 100,000 in half a year

PIVOT Co., Ltd.
Business video media “PIVOT” YouTube subscribers exceeded 100,000 in half a year ~ Nearly 80% of viewers are next-generation business people under the age of 44 ~

We are pleased to announce that the number of subscribers to the official YouTube channel operated by PIVOT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Norihiko Sasaki; hereinafter referred to as PIVOT) exceeded 100,000 on November 13th. The PIVOT official YouTube channel delivers daily economic and business video content that can be learned by business people under the theme of “Pivoting Japan (meaning a change of direction)”. Full-scale launch from June 2022, achieving 100,000 registrants in half a year. The total number of views has reached 18.9 million. 77% of the viewers are under the age of 44, and we will also disclose the background of the increase in registrants and the attributes of registrants.
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YouTube “PIVOT official channel”
URL: Background of the increase in the number of registrants
PIVOT’s official YouTube channel distributes video programs every day in parallel with the PIVOT official app, which transmits content such as videos and text articles. Programs such as “ANGELS,” in which entrepreneurs pitch their pitches to investors such as Keisuke Honda to raise funds, and “9 questions,” in which they interview
entrepreneurs and company leaders who are pioneering the times through nine questions. hits one after another. We have expanded the support of business people who want to learn the front lines of business and economics.
In addition, Mr. Yuki Oki, a former TV Asahi announcer and now a public relations at a startup, will teach the “Star Skill Set” where you can learn PR techniques from public relations professionals, as well as the “Pivotter” that will teach you how to change your career from a large company. ”, and “Master of Career”, where you can learn the tricks of building a career while tracing the resume of a noteworthy business person, have steadily increased the number of viewers and exceeded 50,000 registrants in the first week of October. Within a month and a half after that, the number of registrants increased by 50,000 more than twice as fast as before, reaching 100,000.
Changes in channel subscribers
◆Rapidly increased from the first week of October, increasing by 50,000 in a month and a half
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Viewer age
◆ 32.0% of 25-34 year olds account for the highest percentage, and more than half are 34 years old or younger
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Program lineup
-Real Investment Documentary ANGELS-
Startup entrepreneurs give their best presentations to Keisuke Honda and other battle-hardened angel investors to attract investment. Real investment documentary that can win hundreds of millions of yen level investment depending on the presentation.
[Video 10:]

-Business deep interview 9 questions-
 PIVOT Norihiko Sasaki and Ryuichiro Takeshita will unravel their vision for the future based on the “9 questions”, inviting leading runners who pioneer the era as guests.
[Video 11:]

-Career pivot Pivotter of “quit big company”-
A documentary series about a business person who left a large company to change jobs and start a business. Depicts the story of challengers who quit popular companies such as general trading companies, foreign banks, and mass media to move on to the next career.
[Video 12:]

A re-skilling (re-learning) documentary program in which business people learn practically the real worries and questions that business people have in their daily work while consulting with active instructors.
[Video 13:]

 Inviting top runners who are active in each industry, such as money and careers, and quickly delivering frontline information in video podcast format.
[Video 14:]

A documentary program in which “MEGURU”, a former popular radio DJ of Nagoya ZIP-FM, explores the secrets of success through interviews with business people active in various countries around the world.
[Video 15:]

-Master of Career-
A one-on-one interview with “career masters” such as entrepreneurs, business people, and community leaders, with the theme of “Ask your master about the secrets of your career.” While following the person’s life chronology, hear the back side of the decision making at the critical stage of life and work.
[Video 16: ]

-Japan Survival Skill Set-
A program in which business people learn the skills to survive in a declining Japan from the “academics” of sociologist Shinji Miyadai. Talk with Ms. Yuko Ando, ​​also a sociologist and newscaster.
[Video 17:]

-Last chance to revitalize Japan-
After 30 years of Japan’s loss, how should the economy be revived? A “future-oriented policy talk show” where managers and experts come up with concrete action plans.
[Video 18:]

Business video media PIVOT
PIVOT is a business video media centered on video programs. We deliver daily free video and print content that enhances the mindset and skill set of the new era. We will deliver contents such as entrepreneurs, business people, creators representing Reiwa deeply and quickly. ▼ App Store:
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Company Profile
Company name: PIVOT Co., Ltd.
English notation: PIVOT, Inc.
Representative: Norihiko Sasaki, Representative Director
Location: 6-35-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: June 1, 2021
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