Buslier A large survey of 14,000 people! If you continue for a month, weight loss is no longer a dream! ? Fact-finding survey of bath diet

A large survey of 14,000 people! If you continue for a month, weight loss is no longer a dream! ? Fact-finding survey of bath diet
We will inform you of the results of a survey on the bath diet conducted by Baslier Co., Ltd. (Abiko City, Chiba Prefecture, Representative Director: Takeshi Matsunaga, “Bathlier”), which plans, develops, and sells baths.
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Apple diet, morning banana diet, replacement diet, carbohydrate-free diet… There are countless diet methods that have become popular and then gone out of fashion.
Times have changed, but people are worried about wanting to lose weight. Where do you really want to lose weight the most? How many people are doing the bath diet itself? What is the effect? And so on, I would like to see what you are interested in about the bath diet. [Investigation report contents]
・The biggest problem is around the stomach!
・How is it actually? Effect of bath diet
・If you continue for a month, you can lose weight! ?
・Practice in the bath! Alternating hot and cold bath
The biggest problem is around the stomach!
First of all, we asked everyone who wanted to lose weight what parts of their bodies they were particularly worried about.
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As for the part of the body where they want to lose weight most, the overwhelming response was “around the abdomen”. Even if you look at the results by gender, “around the stomach” is the number one result for both.
However, in the case of men, the stomach circumference was 80% and all other parts were around 10%, whereas for women, the stomach
circumference was the highest with 70%, and the legs were 13%, and they wanted to lose weight in their legs. I understand that there are many people who are.
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What was interesting about looking at each age group is that although “belly circumference” was at the top for all of them, the percentage of this is increasing as the age increases. It is generally said that as you get older, it becomes easier to accumulate fat around your stomach, and it becomes harder to remove it, and the results of this survey clearly show that.
In addition, while 6 to 8% of those under 50 answered that they “do not want to lose weight,” the percentage was slightly higher at 13% for those over 60. As you get older, you tend to eat less and not like oily foods.
what’s actually going on? Effect of bath diet
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38.03% of people have never practiced the bath diet, which means that the other 61.97% have practiced it. More than 60% means that many people have experienced it. Because it is very easy to practice, such as just taking a bath or because it is a daily habit, it is thought that many people will find it easy to take on the challenge. Regarding the degree of the important effect, 13.91% of the people had or had a little effect, and 48.07% had little or no effect.
So, what kind of effect did the person who felt the effect feel? If you continue for a month, you can lose weight! ?

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As for the effects obtained, “weight loss” was the top response of more than 30%, followed by “improved metabolism” and “become slimmer”. [Image 9

As for those who said that they had lost weight, 0.6 to 1.0 kg was the top 30%, followed by 1.1 to 1.5 kg for more than 20%. It seems that there are many people who have lost around 1kg.
In addition, to the question of how long it took to see the effect, ~ 1 month was the top with more than 30%. This was followed by 15% for ~2 weeks and 13.01% for ~3 months, but the rate within a month was 69.16%, nearly 70%. As for whether or not there was an effect, there was a large percentage of people who said that it was not effective. I was.
Now let’s look at the body fat percentage, which is easy to understand as a numerical value.
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Here, the top is 30% with a decrease of 0.6-1.0%, followed by 1.1-1.5% with over 20% and ~0.5% with less than 20%. About 50% of the people said that they had lost around 1%, even if it was not as remarkable as the weight loss.
As for the period, over 30% answered ~1 month, and the next highest percentage was ~3 months, but a total of 65% of people answered within a month.
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What is interesting is the rate of perceived effects by age group. When looking at the responses that there was or was a little “effective,” this proportion decreased as the age group increased. Comparing the youngest under 20s and the oldest over 60s is 35.35% and 19.86% respectively, which is a 15% difference. It is generally said that the older you are, the slower your metabolism becomes and the harder it is to lose weight.
From these results, it cannot be said that the “bath diet” will always be effective, but it can be said that it may be beneficial for dieting depending on the person and how to enter.
Even if you are on a bath diet, if you are careless and eat too much or don’t exercise at all, you may end up gaining weight instead of losing weight. It can be said that the bath diet is a good idea if you do the minimum amount of exercise in your daily life, and if you do it after adjusting your diet, the synergistic effect will make it easier to lose weight.
Also, according to the survey results, it takes about a month for the bath diet to be effective, so the point is to continue patiently rather than give up if you don’t see results in 2-3 weeks. I can say To the last, it is important to think that it will be a body that is easy to lose weight by adding it to your daily life.
Practice in the bath! Alternating hot and cold bath
Finally, I will introduce what kind of diet you can do in the bath to improve the effect. First, let’s take a look at what diets people are actually practicing in the bath.
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From the top, massage, half-body bath, and stretching are followed. These are also very good methods in terms of removing swelling, promoting blood flow, and promoting sweating.
In addition to this, an even more effective way to enter is the “high temperature repetition method”, but this is a low rate of less than 10%, probably because it is a way to enter that takes a lot of time, or because it is not well known. have become. With this bathing method, it is said that you can consume twice as many calories in the same amount of time as if you were soaking in the hot water normally. The link below describes how to use the high temperature iteration method, so please try it.
Click here for the text.
https://www.bathlier.com/expand/o-recipe/survey/diet_chousa.html Click here for the high temperature iterative method.


We are still taking surveys.
https://www.bathlier.com/expand/o-recipe/survey/diet_chousa.html#05 [Survey overview]
Survey period: July 2022 to August 2022
Investigator: Baslier Co., Ltd.
Research method: Internet
Survey area: Nationwide
Survey target: Men and women of all ages
Number of valid responses: 14,038

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