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Bvlgari Japan Co., Ltd.
Bvlgari Holiday Season 2022 “I Believe in Wonder”

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Bvlgari invites you to “I Believe in Wonder” for the 2022 holiday season. Awakening the sensibility of wonder and seeing the seasons from a new perspective, we find beauty and charm in all aspects of life. The holiday season is a magical season. It only comes if you believe in a world full of surprises. Free your mind, open your eyes, and let yourself be moved by the thrilling gifts that await. [Image 2

Following the Unexpected Wonders campaign announced earlier this year, Bvlgari unveils its holiday season campaign “I Believe in Wonder”. Driven by the same sense of joy and shot in Rome, the home of the Maison and an endless source of inspiration, the campaign brings unexpected joy to the world around you and captures its inspiring spirit. We invite you to share and embrace a world full of surprises. The world view of this campaign will be expressed with glowing fireflies. It playfully guides us to enjoy the magic of this holiday season, feeling the miracles in everyday life and immersing ourselves in joy.
Gaze at the starry night sky and catch fireflies. These luminous symbols capture the mysteries of the universe in sparkling drops of light, transporting us back to childhood when everyday moments were full of magic. Like diamonds and gems, what the stars evoke is an essential part of the majesty of nature and the majestic nobility. [Image 3

The “I Believe in Wonder” campaign goes beyond inspiration to foster an endless chain of surprises. By rolling out this campaign across all channels, Bvlgari aims to shine as a movement and inspire a better future by taking one action at a time.
With this vision in mind, as part of the ‘I Believe in Wonder’ campaign, Bvlgari has partnered with ‘Save the Children’, with whom it has been collaborating for more than a decade, to support the world’s most vulnerable children, We plan to provide support to improve the situation so that they can receive education and care. “Holiday Season 2022” aims to support early childhood education in Zambia for children aged 3 to 8 who live in rural areas of Zambia and are effectively excluded from the country’s public education services. bring the right to an education to
[Video 2:] The campaign will be introduced with videos that show children in a world full of surprises and magical moments in everyday life. Each scene features a glowing firefly, a motif that captures the spirit of the holiday season.
Connected. The digital experience allows you to support Save the Children’s work in Zambia by simply sharing your post.
At the same time, Bvlgari collaborated with Meta to create an Augmented Reality (AR) version of “I Believe in Wonder” in two modes, available on both Facebook and Instagram stories and reels worldwide. It uses a face camera that allows users to “share the world of wonder” while taking a selfie with a smile. By taking a selfie with a smile, the user can “share the wonder”, creating a world where the real and the virtual coexist like a magic wand that is enveloped in the light of fireflies and linked with the movement of the hand, creating a world where the real and virtual coexist. The reality surrounding is transformed into a magical space. Users can also post their own content and tag their friends to create a chain of worlds full of surprises.
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Gifts celebrate some of the deepest and strongest lasting
relationships we have forged with our loved ones, family and friends. And the joy of gift-giving begins the moment the gift is conceived, long before the exchange of gifts.
In addition, the Bvlgari store, which is colored by the holiday season 2022, which was born from such inspiration, will be provided by Bvlgari through Instagram’s limited augmented reality experience (AR) for those who visit the Bvlgari boutique from November. You can immerse yourself in the world of magic (available at some stores). By reading the QR code installed at each Bvlgari store, you can access the scene full of surprises. When you tap the present, it turns into a firefly. The magical world of the holiday season starting with Bvlgari will spread.
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