Bvlgari Japan Co., Ltd. Serpenti Forever Fukumi Shimura Limited Model Making of Video Released

Bvlgari Japan Co., Ltd.
Serpenti Forever Fukumi Shimura Limited Model Making of Video Released
A kimono boasting a history of more than 1,000 years meets Bvlgari’s ever-evolving icon.A Japan-exclusive bag created in collaboration with Japanese dyer Fukumi Shimura.
Outstanding craftsmanship requires not only the talent, creativity and skill of an artist, but also the patience and attention to detail. And the wonderful materials that nature creates are indispensable. That may be the secret of one of the traditional dyeing and weaving workshops in Kyoto, Miyako Kobo. At Miyako Kobo, Living National Treasure Fukumi Shimura and her daughter Yoko Shimura inherit the skills and savoir-faire of dyeing and weaving that have been passed down for over 1,300 years.
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This thousand-year-old tradition meets Bvlgari’s most historic symbol, the mythical serpent, in a breathtakingly beautiful “Serpenti Forever Fukumi Shimura Limited Edition” that embodies lustrous colors and exceptional craftsmanship. model was born.
“Serpenti Forever Fukumi Shimura Limited Edition” handbag that celebrates the colors of nature and the sensibility of those who capture its unique beauty. This capsule collection features top handles in a timeless form, “Serpenti Forever”, and its iconic models are paneled in the iconic kimono fabric. There are three variations of colors that express the world of each color. “Akari”, which means “light” in Japanese, is wrapped in a radiant hue based on yellow. “Maihime” expresses the light pink pastel color dancing to dark purple. “Yuniji”, which means “rainbow at dusk”, reminds us of a natural scene colored in shades of green.
As a behind-the-scenes story of how this one-of-a-kind creation was born, the Making of Video has been released on Bvlgari’s YouTube channel.
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[Image 2d5631-1082-298ae761188a2d42e60a-1.jpg&s3=5631-1082-7666186d9f833db38bc6c11d6f74bf5f-1801x2700.jpg
[Image 3d5631-1082-c07e73e42c4a89a7ad2c-2.jpg&s3=5631-1082-09fc7245ae2799e6014fb461e91d6196-1801x2700.jpg
[Image 4d5631-1082-f84e8e0590a083dc437b-3.jpg&s3=5631-1082-c9eda31f78563b66faa3d5fbe9c640b5-1801x2700.jpg
Enamel scales in yellow, pink, and green, hand-woven using materials from nature and undergoing a complex dyeing process, from Miyako Kobo in Kyoto to Bvlgari’s accessory and leather goods atelier in Florence. and the Icon, a snakehead closure with enchanting malachite eyes, imbues a magnificent poem of color with the overwhelming charm of Serpenti.
The capsule collection “Serpenti Forever Fukumi Shimura Limited Model” will be available in 3 colors, “Light” (yellow), “Maihime” (pink), and “Evening Rainbow” (green), each with 10 limited editions.
Serpenti Forever Fukumi Shimura Limited Edition
Released in November 2022
(All prices include tax.)
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calf, malachite
1,017,500 yen
10 items limited to Japan
[Image 6d5631-1082-6257ecc238bda39f34a1-12.jpg&s3=5631-1082-26097f3db643ca1fcca5ffbe95409944-1500x1171.jpg
calf, malachite
1,017,500 yen
10 items limited to Japan
[Image 7d5631-1082-39f88c2be5e8aa70ed4a-13.jpg&s3=5631-1082-13401b584abf311620d6e2121b6d4dd6-1500x1171.jpg
calf, malachite
1,017,500 yen
10 items limited to Japan
[Image 8d5631-1082-4fcf383afbe682e42920-14.jpg&s3=5631-1082-6c27306df4063bc8260f0413ba4f5454-2290x2700.jpg
Fukumi Shimura
Born in Shiga Prefecture in 1924. At the age of 31, he started vegetable dyes and textiles. Living National Treasure, Person of Cultural Merit, 30th Kyoto Prize, Order of Culture. Honorary Citizen of Kyoto City. His publications include Isshiki Isshiki (Osaragi Jiro Award) and Talking Flowers (Japan Essayist Club Award). In 2013, he opened the art school “Ars Shimura” with Yoko and others.
[Image 9d5631-1082-49d390d8e8372a0fef4b-15.jpg&s3=5631-1082-8fd3112588032d7379e89ddbd5e2c67e-1801x2700.jpg
[Image 10d5631-1082-649c596ebb25ec3fbc5b-16.jpg&s3=5631-1082-cbc6aebe8a54a180fd301c5b59a90c27-1801x2700.jpg
[Image 11d5631-1082-509966de3bea6994b380-17.jpg&s3=5631-1082-1ee9d0a07f27b0003a7524cdb2c9f66b-1801x2700.jpg
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