Bvlgari Parfum Holiday Coffret limited quantity appearance

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-Bvlgari Parfum -Bvlgari Parfum Holiday Coffret limited quantity appearance
Kawabe Co., Ltd. Fragrance Headquarters will introduce 8 types of “Bvlgari Parfum Holiday Coffret” in November 2022 from Bvlgari Parfum, a global high-end jeweler representing Italy, which imports and sells in Japan.
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If you believe in magic, then magic does exist. If you believe in miracles, something special is bound to happen. The 2022 Bvlgari holiday season invites us into a world of dazzling excitement, emphasizing the special beauty and pure joy of the festive season. This time, at Bvlgari, driven by the hot spirit of Rome, the birthplace of the brand, we invite you to an exciting festival and a magical world full of endless emotions, while brightly coloring the fantastic night sky of Rome with gorgeous stardust. increase. Inspired by Bvlgari’s magnificent creations, it incorporates beautiful lights and glittering fireworks, awakening the desire and wonder to celebrate while immersing yourself in the bliss that is the essence of Bvlgari. In its strong history of almost 140 years, the Italian jewelery brand Bvlgari has always produced great and sublime creations with awe-inspiring nobility. This time, we invite you to the most enjoyable side of the world, keeping the tradition of the brand and not forgetting the spirit of pursuing beauty.
A season full of surprises is finally upon us, a season that attracts all kinds of magic, big and small. Here comes the chance to see the world through the eyes of Bvlgari, to discover that everything in this world is full of magic. No party too big, no fireworks too big, no inspiration too daring. Because everything is possible when you are open to your true feelings and open to the forces of wonder. THE BULGARI FRAGRANCE COLLECTIONS FILLED WITH WONDER
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For the 2022 holiday season, the most iconic Bvlgari fragrances invite you to discover and experience the wonder and magic that exists in the world’s most beautiful moments, celebrations and gifts. A unique scent experience anchors Bvlgari’s incredible ideas through exquisite fragrances and awe-inspiring inspiration that infuses emotion and magic into everything.
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Inspired by the strong bond between humans and nature, the BVLGARI MAN collection brings back to us humans the power of all the elements that make up the natural world and the unrestricted selves they hold. A story of epic scents that unleash power. This collection is based on the theme of the energy, vitality, and enormous power of nature. Nature is full of mysterious power. That’s why it offers an
inexhaustible source of inspiration for the Bvlgari Man Collection. OMNIA
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Brilliant colors, sparkling gemstones, radiant femininity, Omnia is a collection that expresses wonder and wonder with all the ingredients. The bright shimmer of Omnia Crystalline, the radiance of Omnia Coral, and the shimmering shades of Omnia Amethyst are like fireworks of emotions. Each fragrance is created to help you discover the beauty of the world around you through an inspiring scent experience.
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This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the excitement of the holiday season. Bvlgari Rose Goldea Blossom Delight is a fragrance that opens the door to life and its beautiful adventures, empowering you with the magical power of everything, every moment and every blessing. . A powerful and glamorous allure, this ultra-feminine scent sets the mood for the festive season while illuminating it with a lively glow. [Image 6

★Bvlgari Parfum Holiday Coffret Lineup★
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Omnia Crystalline Holiday Coffret
Omnia Crystalline Eau de Toilette 40mL
Same body milk 40mL × 2
10,560 yen (tax included)

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Omnia Crystalline Holiday Coffret
Omnia Crystalline Eau de Toilette 65mL 15mL, body milk 75mL
13,750 yen (tax included)

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Bvlgari Man in Black Holiday Coffret
bulgari man in black
Eau de parfum 60mL Eau de parfum 15mL
13,860 yen (tax included)

[Image 10

holiday coffret
Eau de parfum 100mL 15mL
19,360 yen (tax included)

[Image 11

Bulgari Man Glacial Essence
holiday coffret
Bulgari Man Glacial Essence
Eau de parfum 100mL 15mL
19,360 yen (tax included)

[Image 12

[Image 13

Bvlgari Man Terrae Essence
holiday coffret
Bvlgari Man Terrae Essence
Eau de parfum 100mL 15mL
19,360 yen (tax included)

bulgari rose goldea
Blossom Delight Eau de Parfum
holiday coffret
bulgari rose goldea blossom
Delight Eau de Parfum
75 mL, 15 mL
17,490 yen (tax included)
[Image 14

Bvlgari Aqua Pour Homme Holiday Coffret
Bvlgari Aqua Pour Homme
Eau de toilette 100mL 15mL
16,280 yen (price including tax)

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