By purchasing a T-shirt, you can help provide food for young people in need. Collaboration with JAMMIN, limited sale of apparel items with donations!

Authorized NPO DxP
By purchasing a T-shirt, you can help provide food for young people in need. Collaboration with JAMMIN, limited sale of apparel items with donations!
Donation of 700 yen per item. We will deliver rice by the age of 25 when you can’t rely on your parents and are in need!

On November 21, 2022 (Monday), the certified NPO DxP (Osaka City Chairman Noriaki Imai, hereinafter referred to as DxP), which supports isolated teenagers, launched the charity fashion brand “JAMMIN” from Kyoto. (Jamin)” to create original charity items. As a charity item that can be donated to DxP, it will be sold for a limited time on the JAMMIN EC site from November 21, 2022 (Monday) to November 27, 2022 (Sunday). Proceeds will be used for food assistance for young people up to the age of 25 in need supported by DxP.
Click here to purchase on the JAMMIN EC site: [Image 1d53323-20-d041415d10e68b6f1346-5.png&s3=53323-20-49e7c40db5065e5a7a8a5c6813029df4-920x450.png

sales background
It is estimated that there are 239,000 middle and high school students who do not attend school, 42,000 high school dropouts, and an estimated 90,000 teens who are unemployed, and one in seven people under the age of 17 are in financial difficulty. is said to be in a predicament.
School refusal, dropout, poverty, domestic discord, abuse, bullying, and isolation among teenagers due to undecided career path.
Furthermore, if you are a minor, it is easy for you to slip out of the net of support, and it is difficult to connect to the safety net. In addition, the prolonged corona crisis and rising prices are hitting young people and families who are in economically difficult
situations. DxP provides food assistance to young people who are in need because they cannot rely on their parents. In order to collect funds to deliver rice to young people at the end of this year, we collaborated with JAMMIN to create apparel items.
JAMMIN produces designs based on the concept of “wearable in the city” as a fashion item. In addition, by limiting the item sales period to one week, the campaign is not only for those who usually support, but also for those who want to support casually.
The design concept is “a society with choices”
[Image 2d53323-20-41afd9ae98e5c54900f2-0.jpg&s3=53323-20-83dc9e922ab6ed841aaddcf75ccf2747-1200x1200.jpg
We drew balloons in various shapes and with various expressions to express a society where everyone can live with their own will, dreams, and choices.
[Image 3d53323-20-605472dd71d931c72419-1.png&s3=53323-20-4c1dc92072423ee053feeeac4f1a4275-920x450.png
(There are many variations of items and colors!)
For each item purchased, 700 yen will be donated to DxP for charity, and will be used for food assistance to prepare a foundation for peace of mind for young people who are in need because they cannot rely on their parents.
[Image 4d53323-20-a2e1bf16c729b38e0e33-2.jpg&s3=53323-20-72831c9c41256a4a846ea1e7cf2ca7e9-750x770.jpg
(Delivered to young people under the age of 25 who are in need because they cannot rely on their parents!)
Overview of charity item sales
[Image 5d53323-20-ac21e2c94d3d45c6578e-3.jpg&s3=53323-20-ce7d51125e9ed6f92c9aba0045ec2fae-1200x1200.jpg
(“JAMMIN x D x P” collaboration design for one week only. T-shirt price: 3,500 yen (charity, tax included))
Sales period: One week only from 00:00 on Monday, November 21, 2022 to 24:00 on Sunday, November 27, 2022
Sales price: T-shirt 3,500 yen, etc. (including tax and donation of 700 yen, shipping fee not included)
Purchase: From JAMMIN EC site
About the certified NPO corporation “DxP”
[Image 6d53323-20-0317eed056f83d4934e0-4.png&s3=53323-20-5db0cafd33b732a088a7c2f2ce78740e-526x120.png
Certified NPO corporation DxP is an NPO that solves the isolation of teenagers in various circumstances such as school refusal, dropout, and financial difficulties. Meet teenagers through LINE counseling at school and create connections with people you can rely on when you are in trouble. At part-time high schools, classes in which high school students and working people interact with each other and on-campus whereabouts projects are implemented. The LINE consultation business “Yukisaki Chat” accepts consultations from all over the country. We are providing food assistance and cash payments to teens who are in need due to the corona disaster.
For one week from 11/21 to 11/27, if you purchase a charity item from the JAMMIN website, 700 yen will be donated to DxP for each item purchased, for young people in need who cannot rely on their parents. , will be used for food assistance that lays the foundation for peace of mind.
DxP website:
About food support: Yukisaki Chat URL: Yukisaki chat LINE account: @yukisakichat
About JAMMIN, a fashion brand specializing in charity
JAMMIN is a charity specialty fashion brand from Kyoto. Designs that express the desire for a better society, charity for NGOs/NPOs that clearly show how they will be used, items made in Japan, and other items that are made in Japan. , provides opportunities to meet and support new worlds.
Since the brand started in April 2014, a cumulative total of over 70 million yen has been donated to charity. Even now, we continue to release new designs every week. The etymology of JAMMIN is “JAM SESSION” where anyone can participate freely and happily. We want you to play the music of “new charity” with us.
Details about this release:


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