Bybit NFT horse racing game “METAHORSE” grand opening at 16:00 on November 15th Japan time!

The NFT horse racing game “METAHORSE” will open at 16:00 on November 15th Japan time!
Add new features to make the race even more exciting!

We are pleased to announce that the joint company Bybit and HEAD2HEAD SDN. Bybit LLC (Representative: Tatsuya Iwama, Location: Osaka City), which plans the NFT horse racing game “METAHORSE”, and HEAD2HEAD SDN, which operates a next-generation game portal site that makes full use of the latest technologies such as blockchain and NFT. BHD. (CEO: Kenji Au Yeong Location: Kuala Lumpur, hereafter HEAD2HEAD) announces the grand opening of the NFT horse racing game “METAHORSE” on Tuesday, November 15, 2022.
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METAHORSE is a Play to Earn horse racing game that aims to win using NFT racehorses. Race horses can gain experience points by
participating in races, and can improve their abilities. NFT racehorses can also be bought and sold on the NFT Marketplace. Overview
Genre: Play to Earn horse racing game
Platforms: iOS, Android, Google Chrome
Network: SPECTER Chain
Along with the grand opening, we have implemented new features. New race added
・Free style class
This is a race that anyone can participate in regardless of the NFT racehorse class.
・Paid Race
This is a race that you can enter by paying an entry fee (eHTC). The experience points that can be obtained will be greater than in the free race.
■ Lending function
We have implemented a lending function so that all players can enjoy METAHORSE. The lending function uses smart contracts. Farming an NFT racehorse will enter a lending pool, eliminating the need for NFT owners to send NFT racehorses directly to the borrower’s wallet. ・Fixed period rental
Owners can rent NFT racehorses for a period of time. Borrowers can participate in races with borrowed racehorses by paying a fixed fee in advance.
・Profit sharing rental
Proceeds earned by NFT racehorses are split between owners and borrowers. Tenants do not need to pay fixed costs in advance. ■ Pedigree attribute implementation
We have added effects expressed by the pedigree attributes of NFT racehorses. Change the proper distance of NFT racehorses
Short: 1000-1600m
Medium: 1800-2400m
Long: 2600-3200m
■ Exchange function (Google Chrome only)
“HEAD2HEAD Coin (HTC)” can be exchanged for “eHTC” that can be used in the game. “eHTC” is required to level up NFT racehorses.
■ Climb function (Google Chrome only)
You can exchange “ePRZ” obtained in the game for “PRIZE Token (PRZ)”. The next update is scheduled for Thursday, December 22, 2022. ■ HEAD2HEAD SDN. BHD. Overview
[Image 3d77590-8-f54433ee55f022a63ae7-2.png&s3=77590-8-d279acb172786a53a3ecd7ed66d3520e-3568x653.png
We are professional game development companies that produce top-notch games in the industry. HEAD2HEAD platform uses blockchain and is considered the most advanced, innovative and reliable online gaming available today.
HEAD2HEAD is looking for partner companies that can cooperate with related companies and develop their business together.
Company name: HEAD2HEAD SDN.BHD.
CEO: Kenji Au Yeong

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