C Channel Co., Ltd. New mom image announced! Reiwa moms “Need a job for economic independence” 76.9% Em ployed person rate is 60.1% ~ Children are more important than anything! But I want work and time for myself…

C Channel Co., Ltd.
[New Mama statue announced! ] Reiwa moms “Need a job for economic independence” 76.9% Employed person rate is 60.1% ~ Children are more important than anything! But I want work and time for myself… A free version of “Reiwa Mama DATABOOK 2022” surveyed by 1,000 Reiwa moms can be downloaded

C Channel Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Ryo Morikawa), a video media for moms “mamatas (hereinafter referred to as Mamatas)” (with more than 1.1 million total followers ・
https://www.mamatas. net/ )’s “mamatas labo” (hereafter referred to as “mamatas labo”) regularly conducts questionnaire surveys in order to deliver real information such as “mother’s true feelings, hopes, current situation” to society, and the results are published. We are engaged in activities to send messages to society.
This summer, mamatas conducted a large-scale survey of about 1,000 Reiwa moms nationwide and released “Reiwa Mama DATABOOK2022”. Here is a detailed report on the “three types of Reiwa moms” and “work and children’s values ​​by type” that emerged from that.
■ TOPICS ~ From the results of the questionnaire
76.9% of Reiwa mothers believe that work is necessary for economic independence. 76.6% answered YES to the question of “at-home moms,” who put their children first.
58.0% of the respondents said, “I dare to save my work for the sake of my children.” Even 52.9% of “fully committed moms” who work hard at both work and childcare save their work while raising children. 86.6% of Reiwa moms say, “Children are the most important thing no matter what.” 92.1% of Reiwa mothers want to develop their child’s individuality, and there is almost no difference between the three types.
61.3% of Reiwa mothers said, “I don’t mind spending less time for my children,” and 40% of mothers want to cherish their time.
What kind of mom is Reiwa mom?
[Image 1d25680-411-c36ba8bbf9d28b829034-2.jpg&s3=25680-411-52aea85ff2863d164708164992bcec5e-1200x630.jpg
The employment rate is 60.1%, with an average personal annual income of 1.43 million yen and an average monthly allowance of 16,467 yen. Mom.
When we analyzed such Reiwa moms based on the three values ​​of “self,” “work,” and “children,” 41% of “at-home moms” prioritized children above all else, and 29% of “fully committed moms” who want to work hard and raise children. 28% were divided into 3 types: 28% who valued their time, and 28% who valued their own time.
“At-home moms” who want to spend both time and money for their families, “fully committed moms” who have a high rate of multiple children and about 90% of them are employed, and “self-fulfilling moms” who have a little extra time and money and enjoy fashion ” and other characteristics can be seen for each type.
■ Three out of four Reiwa mothers say that they need a job to become independent. There is a big difference in career views depending on the type
[Image 2d25680-411-3d77a1061541327f945d-0.jpg&s3=25680-411-38a8fb00c3ecb042709f7081aaa7d352-1200x630.jpg
76.6% of homely moms, 79.4% of fully committed moms, and 74.2% of self-fulfilling moms answered that work is necessary for financial independence. Three out of four Reiwa mothers believe that “financial independence” is necessary.
About 60% of moms answered YES to the question, “Do you dare to save your work for the sake of your child?” 52.9% of full-commitment moms are also saving their work.
On the other hand, 26.4% of homely moms and 47.9% of fully committed moms answered YES to “I want to advance my career at work,” a difference of more than 20%.
Regarding “I want to connect my hobby to work”, 33.9% of homely moms and 46.8% of self-actualized moms, a gap of more than 10%.
■ Children are more important than anything else! But your time is important too! is the Reiwa style
[Image 3d25680-411-8ea654e7ce83627c3b67-1.jpg&s3=25680-411-7b80e1fcda4b58d61b0b96cba4f20040-1200x630.jpg
Of course, at-home moms (90.6%) who give top priority to children, 82.5% of fully committed moms think that “children are the most important thing,” and 85.9% of self-fulfilling moms. Prioritize children regardless of type. In addition, 86.6% said, “I want to find ways to spend my child’s time in a way that satisfies them, even within a limited amount of time.” I can see the posture that I’m trying to do.
Among such Reiwa moms who love their children, 61.3% said, “I don’t mind spending less time for my children,” which is a drop. There is no big difference by type, and the appearance of Reiwa moms who are being released from the conventional self-sacrifice myth is highlighted, saying, “Children are important, but I want to secure my own time.” ■ Commentary by the Mamatus editorial department
Until now, the traditional image of mothers tended to be divided into housewives and working mothers. A long time ago, the “at-home mom” who puts children first and the “fully committed mom” who works hard at both work and childcare may have been positioned as opposites. Certainly, occupations and lifestyles are easy-to-understand indicators for classifying moms. However, there must have been many mothers who felt uncomfortable with extreme views such as “I don’t want independence because I’m a housewife” or “I’m a hard worker, so childcare is secondary.”
This sense of incongruity was the starting point for the
classification based on the values ​​of “self”, “work”, and
“children”. When we categorized them according to the strength of their feelings, we found three types: “At-home moms,” “Full-commitment moms,” and “Self-fulfilling moms.”
At first glance, it may appear that homely moms = full-time housewives and fully committed moms = working moms, but the employment rate of homely moms is 45%, and nearly half of them are working. In addition, 76.6% of mothers who believe that work is necessary for economic independence are almost the same, with 76.6% of homely mothers and 79.4% of fully committed mothers. 52.9% of full-committed mothers and 59.5% of homely mothers, the difference is only 6.6%.
No matter how they work, 86.6% said that their children are the most important thing, and 92.1% said that they wanted to develop their individuality. 86.6% seems to be the basis of the values ​​of all Reiwa moms.
However, sacrificing one’s time for a child is no longer an
anachronism. Nearly 60% think that it is okay to spend less time on their own for the sake of their children. that’s right.
-Survey method-
●Internet survey
● Target: Women aged 20 to 49 nationwide with a first child aged 0 to 8 ● Exclusion conditions: If the person or family member’s occupation is related to mass media, advertising, or market research
●Sample size:
1. 886 questionnaire monitors nationwide owned by a research company (effective collection)
2. Mamatus family 102 people
Implementation period: 1. July 8 to July 13, 2022, 2. July 8 to July 15, 2022 * Population composition ratio data is used based on the national census data conducted in 2020 (Reiwa 2)
■ Reiwa Mama DATA BOOK 2022 on sale!
Values, purchasing behavior, media contact time… All of Reiwa Mama’s revealed! Mamatas released “Reiwa Mama DATE BOOK 2022” on October 12, 2022, which was aggregated and analyzed based on a questionnaire survey of moms nationwide. It is a data book that understands everything about Reiwa moms raising children in the Reiwa era, from values ​​about housework, work, and child-rearing, to household management, media viewing attitudes, and solutions when you don’t want to cook dinner. Reiwa Mama DATA BOOK2022-PDF version-
Size, number of pages: A4 size, main volume 65 pages + chart collection 278 pages
Number of graphs: 105 points for the main story + 269 points for the chart collection
-Please apply using the form below-
*There is also a “free sample version” available at the link. What kind of mom is Reiwa mom?
At Mamatus, we support mothers who are raising children and doing housework in the new era, and we call them Reiwa Mama. While pregnant, giving birth, and raising children due to the corona crisis, Reiwa moms are worried about the “breastfeeding myth (children should be breastfed)” and the “three-year-old myth (a mother should be with the child until the child reaches three years old.”). Instead of being caught up in the idea that “you should take care of your child,” we are facing child-rearing and housework with a free and new set of values. “Mamatas labo”, which collects and disseminates the real voices of moms based on user surveys, has taken up such new common sense of Reiwa moms.
●96.1% of mothers think that they don’t have to make side dishes for dinner every day. No resistance to mechanization or outsourcing! https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000368.000025680.html
● 83.5% of Reiwa mothers accept childcare via smartphones ~No need to stick to breastfeeding or homemade baby food~
● 83.4% of respondents said that “double-income is the basic form of a married couple.” What is the public opinion of male childcare leave? If you’re going to give birth, definitely ○○!
What is mamatas labo?
“mamatas labo” is a social contribution activity conducted by SNS media “mamatas” that supports moms who live as themselves with the slogan “Make Moms More Free”. With the aim of conveying the true feelings of moms and dads, voices and thoughts that do not reach society, we use the function of Instagram to conduct questionnaires as needed according to changes in the world. I hope that tomorrow, and the future ahead of today, will be freer and more enjoyable for the mothers and fathers who work hard to raise their children through these activities.
What is mamatas
Mamatas is a video media that supports moms who live their own lives with the slogan “Freedom for moms”. We aim to contribute to society by changing social stereotypes and liberating them so that mothers who are raising children can shine “more freely” and “be themselves”. In addition to disseminating information through daily SNS free video magazines, “Mamatas Labo” conveys the true feelings of mothers to society, “Nursery Support Project” aims to reduce the workload of nursery teachers, and select shops where convenient products can be purchased directly from SNS. We are developing “Mamatas STORE”. *Since the service started in April 2018, 11 months after the launch, the account for moms on Instagram has achieved the No. 1*1 number of followers in Japan. The number of SNS fans has grown steadily, with a total of over 1.1 million people.
* 1 From the number of followers of domestic corporate accounts that include “mom”, “childcare” and “life” in their Instagram profile (user local survey as of September 2022)
■Official SNS・WEB
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mamatastv/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mamatastv/
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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/mamatastv
LINE official account (friend registration): https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40bcn8841c Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.jp/mamatastv/
Mamatas STORE https://mamatas.store/
Service site for moms and dads https://www.mamatas.net/
Website for clients https://www.biz.mamatas.net/
■Company Profile
Company name: C Channel Co., Ltd.
URL: https://corp.cchan.tv/
Established: April 2015
Representative: Ryo Morikawa, President and Representative Director Please note that the press releases and other information posted on this page are current as of the date of the announcement and are subject to change due to the passage of time or various subsequent events.
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