C-position Co., Ltd. BECHILL × THE SINGLE verification After drinking CBD liqueur, the evaluation from wome n to men is “about 9% UP”

C-position Co., Ltd.
[BECHILL x THE SINGLE verification] After drinking CBD liqueur, the evaluation from women to men is “about 9% UP”

C-position Co., Ltd., which sells Japan’s first CBD low-alcohol drink “BECHILL”, was produced by Section Eight Co., Ltd., which operates “Aisekiya” from October 3 (Monday) to October 16 (Sunday) 1 At “THE SINGLE” (Ebisu store, Ikebukuro store), a place for one-on-one encounters, we asked people who had less than two visits to THE SINGLE (total of 394 people) We verified the momentum of the conversation. [Image 1d90144-11-72ce8fe19c0125fb9239-3.png&s3=90144-11-486fa336f201cf1f5f0d7719c6d69bcd-1640x924.png
Survey outline
・ Survey overview Survey period: October 3, 2022 (Monday) to October 16, 2022 (Sunday)
・Survey method: 1. Questionnaire at the store 2. We measured each other’s evaluation after drinking using the mutual evaluation system introduced by “THE SINGLE”.
・ Survey target: Those who have visited THE SINGLE less than 2 times ・Number of valid respondents
1, Customers who provided BECHILL: 277 men, 117 women, total 394 2, Customers who did not provide: 255 men, 121 women, total 376 (total 770) ・Survey store: THE SINGLE Ebisu store, THE SINGLE Ikebukuro store * When using the survey results of this release, please specify “BECHILL research”.
Survey results
Q1: Were you nervous about sharing one-on-one seats at THE SINGLE? 45.4% (about half of the respondents) answered that they were “nervous” or “a little nervous”.
[Image 2d90144-11-d14901e97b8f77dbd44a-4.png&s3=90144-11-9ce72d2e63280653aecac477df725015-600x371.png
Q2: Did you notice any changes when you first drank the new sake (BECHILL)? In Q1, 64% of those who answered “I was a little nervous” and 75% of those who answered “I was nervous” answered that they “became a conversation topic” and “relaxed”.
[Image 3d90144-11-c304eee88a29c573faff-5.png&s3=90144-11-c535f35290e91ea77cee12005328538e-906x560.png
When comparing the evaluation of the partner before and after drinking BECHILL, Customers who drank BECHILL had an average of 9% higher ratings from women to men.
Is it a big chance from a male perspective?
[Image 4d90144-11-d46f88f354b6e41061f2-7.png&s3=90144-11-816787a6e3a1047acc10b7cbb63b0633-1640x924.png
In addition, when comparing BECHILL drinkers and non-drinkers, both men and women rated higher after BECHILL drinking.
What is CBD?
What is CBD CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a type of component (cannabinoid) contained in cannabis and other plants, and the WHO (World Health Organization) has officially announced that “CBD should not be an internationally regulated substance” and recognizes its safety.
Company Profile
A startup company founded in June 2021 with the mission of “destroying stereotypes about people and things and creating a (chill) society where you can be yourself”.
We will develop and sell Japan’s first CBD-infused sparkling liqueur “BECHILL” and support PR to create a chill world view.
Trade name: C-position Co., Ltd.
Location: Hulic Shibuya Koen-dori Building 5F-5, 3-7 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Hiroto Watanabe, Representative Director
Established: June 15, 2021
Business: Planning and sales of CBD products, sales, wholesale, D2C business of Japan’s first CBD-blended sparkling liqueur, PR support business (sauna, glamping, etc.)
TEL: 03-6555-3107
URL: https://bechill.jp/

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