C-VALUE crowdfunding to support Chiba A new project for November is here!

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[C-VALUE crowdfunding to support Chiba] A new project for November is here!
Purchasing type cloud operated by regional trading company Chibagin Shoten Co., Ltd. (President: Masayasu Ono)
A new project for November 2022 will appear on the funding site “C-VALUE Crowdfunding”.
■■■Introduction of the project scheduled to be released in November■■■ *The project start date is subject to change without notice. Projects published in November
1. From Chiba City | Skating Illumination Event
[Image 1

Night and light art festival YORU MACHI is back after 3 years! YORUMACHI, which will be held in Chiba City Central Park, is a project to make the night in the center of Chiba City more enjoyable. Illuminations merge with the skating rink to create a fantastic space. C-VALUE will sell opening week skating tickets from November 26th (Saturday) to December 2nd (Friday).
[Drafter] YORU MACHI management office
2. From Ichikawa City | Wooden Interior Goods
[Image 2

We will deliver daily necessities where you can feel the warmth of wood, planned by Japan’s first dinosaur specialist student. It is an eco-friendly product because it uses thinned wood, and the branding of dinosaurs is its charm point. It’s perfect for a short break from work or a relaxing holiday.
[Drafter] TCA Tokyo ECO Zoological and Marine College, Dinosaur & Reptiles Major 3. From Narita City | Christmas Marche
[Image 3

Christmas Marche will be held at the center of Narita New Town, Bomberta Narita Event Square on December 17th (Sat) and 18th (Sun)! With the event as a trigger, we want to revitalize the local community in Narita New Town and provide a place where children can be active! Please support us!
[Drafter] Federation of Narita New Town Neighborhood Associations 4. From Sakura City | Reduced salt miso
[Image 4

Not just to “restrict” food, but to increase even one “choice” of food. Would you like to increase your food options with “Haruhi”, a naturally brewed, ideal nutritionally balanced low-salt miso that was created in collaboration with a registered dietitian, a
long-established miso brewery, and a nephrologist?
[Drafter] OMISONOMORI / Yamani Miso Co., Ltd.
Scheduled to be released on Thursday, November 17
5. From Choshi City | Filet Steak
[Image 5

With more than 20 years of experience in the yakiniku industry, we will deliver the best fillet steak in the history of the master with a reliable connoisseur and outstanding skills cultivated through many years of experience. We have prepared the ideal [thickness of about 3 cm] that makes full use of the characteristics of the meat and is delicious when cooked at home without losing its flavor.
[Drafter] 2-30 (Myeongdongkan)
6. From Ichinomiya Town | Tomatoes
[Image 6

From a farmer in Ichinomiya Town, Kujukuri, with over 200 years of history, we offer sweet and delicious fresh mini tomatoes and large tomatoes that combine cultivation techniques cultivated over many years with new cultivation techniques that make the most of the power of the sun. I will deliver. Please enjoy the natural and fruity mini tomatoes with high sugar content that have been fully bathed in the sunshine of Ichinomiya and maximized their potential.
[Drafter] Ishii Farm / 141farm
7. From Kyonan Town | Eel
[Image 7

Give back to the local community with domestic farmed eels delivered from Kyonan Town! It is a challenge to disseminate the charm of Kyonan Town and create a new industry and new specialty products in the area at a farm that makes effective use of “fallen fields”! We will deliver the first shipment of safe, secure and delicious domestic farmed eel “Nanso Satomi Unagi” to your dining table.
[Drafter] Japan DSS Foods
8. From Minamiboso City | Curry
[Image 8

We want to deliver the charm of Minamiboso and Chiba to as many people as possible, and we want to make souvenirs that represent Minamiboso. With that in mind, this spicy curry is made without compromise, using plenty of Miyazawa Wagyu beef, a brand that Chiba boasts. This is the “Miyazawa Wagyu PREMIUM Spicy Curry” that we proudly present to you as a Rokuya Group.
[Drafter] Rokuya
9. Asahi City | New Year’s Day Fireworks Event
[Image 9

[January 1, 2023, 0:00 am (planned)] Last time, we received support and feedback from many people, and we gathered at the event on the day. I was able to experience a lot of excitement with everyone who received it. The power of fireworks is amazing. To continue this feeling and activity, and to make next year a better year! We will launch “You and my relationship fireworks, second edition”!
[Drafter] EN
10. From Kimitsu City |
[Image 10

Stay healthy with the power of nature! A set of non-bitter “Yacon tea” developed by researchers and naturally delicious “Jerusalem artichoke powder” exclusively for C-VALUE! Two of the world’s three most healthy vegetables, “Yacon” and “Jerusalem artichoke”. Both products are easy to incorporate into your daily life, so you can continue to enjoy them with ease, as they are particular about their taste and flavor. [Drafter] Maripo Farm
Scheduled to be released in November
12. From Chiba City | Sake Lounge
[Image 12

Chiba Station’s “Sake Premium Lounge Ikkon Fugetsu” was renewed in December. You will be able to enjoy a total of 42 types of alcohol free flow, such as the popular “barrel aged Boso whiskey” and fruit liqueur. Please enjoy the new Ikkon Fugetsu with C-VALUE limited tickets.
[Drafter] Sake Premium Lounge Ikkon Fugetsu
What is C-VALUE
A project to discover and create “products and services that will trigger regional revitalization” from Chiba, with the theme of “more value for Chiba.”
Supporters can support the drafter in the form of “purchase on the C-VALUE site” and receive goods and services in return. And the drafter will work to realize new products, new services, and new projects from Chiba based on the funds that have been supported. From December 2021, an EC function will also be added, making it possible to continue purchasing your favorite products and services found through crowdfunding.
New projects filled with the charm of Chiba will continue to be added one after another.
C-VALUE crowdfunding: https://www.c-value.jp/
List of new projects: https://c-value.cbmnet.co.jp/
Chibagin Shoten Co., Ltd.: https://cbmnet.co.jp/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cvaluejp/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cvaluejp/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cvaluejp/
-Reference: Company Profile-
Trade name: Chibagin Shoten Co., Ltd.
Established: May 10, 2021
Capital: 100 million yen (Separate capital reserve of 100 million yen) Shareholder composition: The Chiba Bank, Ltd. 100%
Representative Director and President: Masayasu Ono
Business description:
(1) Planning, development and sales of regional brand products, etc. (2) Crowdfunding operation business
(3) EC operation business
(4) Planning and management of various events incidental to the above, etc. -Operating entity-
Chibagin Co., Ltd.
Phone: 043-441-7270
E-mail: c-value@cbmnet.co.jp
-Administration office-
Onion Shimbunsha Co., Ltd.
TEL: 043-201-8811
E-mail: c-value@onionnews.co.jp
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