Cactus sauna in an extraordinary space Yoron Island’s luxury hotel villa AMADA has set up a “barrel sauna that can be enjoyed in a tropical country” with the cooperation of three companies.

Kikusui Co., Ltd.
[Cactus sauna in an extraordinary space] Yoron Island’s luxury hotel villa AMADA has set up a “barrel sauna that can be enjoyed in a tropical country” with the cooperation of three companies.
-Extraordinary space・Private sauna “Cactus Sauna” to “fix” your time and body.
A luxury hotel “AMADA” on Yoron Island has started a sauna plan. Hotel guests only sauna plan November 23rd to February 28th
AMADA Official Homepage:
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AMADA offers an “extraordinary” space that you cannot experience in the city. Yoron’s luxury hotel “AMADA” is operated by Ibaraki Mokko Co., Ltd. (located in Kamisu City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Ibaraki Prefecture, CEO: Kenjiro Izumi) and Goto Cactus Co., Ltd. (located in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture, CEO: Yoshimitsu Goto). , Barrel sauna (barrel type sauna) installed.
In the space of AMADA, a luxury hotel standing on Yoron Island where you can feel the richness of nature, the barrel sauna (barrel sauna) brand “BURROW” created in pursuit of enjoying saunas and a long history as a production area of ​​cacti. A tie-up with the Goto cactus plant in Kasugai City. We created a “cactus sauna” in an extraordinary space.
Prepare your body and time at Yoron Island’s “Cactus Sauna”
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Recently, there has been an unprecedented “sauna boom” that has been picked up by various mass media, and many men and women are looking for health benefits such as a good night’s sleep and stress relief, clearing away their worries, and recovering their exhausted bodies by concentrating on saunas. increasing.
Yoron Island, located at the southernmost tip of Kagoshima Prefecture, is a small remote island surrounded by a clear emerald green sea. Everything you see on Yoron Island is extraordinary. A place where the time spent there passes slowly and you can make up for the time you have forgotten due to the busyness of everyday life.
The luxury hotel “AMADA” on Yoron Island has announced a tie-up with Ibaraki Mokko’s barrel-shaped hut sauna “BURROW Barrel” and goto cactus succulent plants.
At Ibaraki Mokko’s barrel-shaped hut sauna “BURROW Barrel”, you can experience a private sauna where you can feel the scent of cypress and enjoy a special space, and the goto cactus succulents that you can see from there bring a relaxing effect.
You can say, “Body in the sauna, time in Yoron Island.” was born. Accommodation plan: 114000~
Sauna additional option: 5000 yen
Sauna plan period: 11/23-2/28

Two purposes of tie-up
[Image 4d110320-1-a37a5885e06114685d14-5.jpg&s3=110320-1-5e8506fea3ef903b8b9c87c6dda0bcf9-2510x1670.jpg
Left: Mr. Iwase from Ibaraki Wood Industry Right: Mr. Tani from Kikusui Co., Ltd.
1. Regional revitalization. From city to island
In resort areas such as Yoron Island, short-term employment is common until summer.
The purpose of the tie-up is to attract customers throughout the year by taking advantage of the popular saunas and vacations on Yoron Island, especially in winter.
Furthermore, we aim to expand regular employment of young workers through synergistic effects and revitalize Yoron Island.
2. Initiatives for SDGs
“AMADA” realized self-consumption of electricity by taking advantage of the year-round warm climate and the absence of tall buildings in the surrounding area.
Install solar panels on the roof of the villa to generate your own power. By partially covering the power used in the villa, we aim to create an environment that takes SDGs into consideration.
Yoron Island Luxury Hotel “AMADA” x Barrel Sauna “BURROW” x Succulents and Cacti ■ “AMADA”
[Image 5d110320-1-3d8235efeb58d1454327-1.jpg&s3=110320-1-76ff4fade8566a2e820782293a590890-3749x1536.jpg
Located in front of the Shina coast, in addition to enjoying a private pool and barbecue, we have prepared the perfect environment for workcation and provide customers with an AAA-class experience. ■ “BURROW”
[Image 6d110320-1-b3c84c9e17c5bdf1a858-10.jpg&s3=110320-1-dfb9c6d90dd02826871eeab1aaa78ff2-3900x2595.jpg
BURROW barrel where various technologies are condensed
Ibaraki Mokko has an 80% share of the domestic production of Go and Shogi boards.
As a place where you can enjoy a sauna, we have developed a
barrel-shaped hut sauna “BURROW BARREL” using our technology and know-how.
You can enjoy a private sauna space where you can relax in a room with excellent fragrance and durability that uses Ibaraki prefecture’s precious “Hitachi cypress” wood.
■ “Goto Cactus”
[Image 7d110320-1-50d5f32e06c3e747096a-0.jpg&s3=110320-1-91f3f4c79a68a4a5cad49ea69e619d60-2048x1365.jpg
Goto cactus that handles many succulents
Goto cactus succulents are planted around the barrel sauna of “AMADA”. From Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture, which has a history of nearly 70 years as a cactus producing area, to Yoron Island.
While there are varieties that bloom beautifully, cacti that are effective in warding off evil spirits and purifying the air are perfect for the tropical land of Yoron Island.
Company profile 3 companies
Company name: Kikusui Co., Ltd.
Business: Clean energy business, resort work development business, SDGs consulting service business
Representative Director: Toshiaki Miya
Location: TAT Edobori Building 8F, 1-24-12 Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Company website:
Company name: Ibaraki Mokko Co., Ltd.
Business: Manufacture and sale of go boards and shogi boards, manufacture and sale of furniture and construction materials, manufacture and sale of wooden gardening supplies
Representative Director: Kenjiro Izumi
Location: 764-10 Yatabe, Kamisu City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Company website:
Company name: Agricultural production corporation Goto cactus limited company Business: Planning, production and sales of foliage plants such as cacti Representative Director: Yoshimitsu Goto
Location: 1-122-3 Momoyamacho, Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture Company website:

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