Caddy Co., Ltd. Announcement of opening a special site commemorating the 5th anniversary of Caddy

Caddy Co., Ltd.
Caddy announces the release of a special website commemorating its 5th anniversary
The great potential of the manufacturing industry, the history of caddies seen in numbers and episodes, and the outlook for the future, etc.

Caddy Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yushiro Kato), which is challenging the transformation of the manufacturing industry supply chain, will celebrate its 5th anniversary on November 9, 2022. Published.
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■ Thoughts put into VISION2030 as we celebrate our 5th anniversary Caddy was founded on November 9, 2017 by CEO Yushiro Kato and Chief Technology Officer Akifumi Kobashi with the mission of “unlocking the potential of the manufacturing industry.” We aim to transform the supply chain of the manufacturing industry, which is one of the largest in the world and has a long history. Among the value chains of the manufacturing industry, we focused on the areas of ordering and procurement, where no major innovations have yet occurred. CADDi MANUFACTURING, a one-stop partner for procurement and manufacturing that handles the manufacturing of processed products for industrial equipment and supports the external consolidation of procurement and production functions. We are developing the drawing data utilization cloud “CADDi DRAWER”.
The special site to be released this time introduces the great potential hidden in the manufacturing industry with infographics, and summarizes the history of the company so far. In addition, we publish the voices of our customers, partner companies, and employees who face the challenges of the manufacturing industry together as “VOICE”, and convey from various angles activities aimed at unlocking the potential of the manufacturing industry.
After the launch of new businesses and global expansion, we have now entered the second founding period. We would like to work together with people to solve major issues such as supply chain
standardization, consolidation and decentralization, and
■ Message from Representative Director Yushiro Kato on the occasion of the 5th anniversary
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On November 9, 2017, exactly 150 years after the Meiji Restoration, Caddy and I started Caddy together with CTO Kobashi. Caddy’s challenge is a grand undertaking that will change the entire global
manufacturing industry head-on. Currently, it is still 0.01. It is from the 6th year that we can start providing it to multi-industry multi-region (global) in earnest.
Our goal for 2030 is to achieve a distribution scale of 1 trillion yen for “CADDi MANUFACTURING” and a sales scale of 100 billion yen for “CADDi DRAWER”. However, even this seems small, but the overall picture of the impact that the industrial revolution of the
manufacturing industry can have on society is magnificent, and imagining a world where the potential of the manufacturing industry is released is very exciting.
Thank you again for your caddy from the 6th year.
*Full text here: ■ About “CADDi” (
With the mission of “unlocking the potential of the manufacturing industry,” Caddy has been working to address the structural issues facing the value chain of the manufacturing industry since its founding in 2017. We continue to create “new mechanisms”. At CADDi MANUFACTURING, a one-stop partner for procurement and manufacturing, we use our unique technology to provide the most suitable processing for quality, delivery, and price in response to the request of the ordering party in order to solve the issues of ordering in the industrial value chain of the manufacturing industry. Select a company. By actually inspecting and delivering products, we have provided a mechanism for building an optimal supply chain. In June 2022, we will newly start providing “CADDi DRAWER”, a drawing data utilization cloud that supports the realization of DX in the manufacturing industry. Furthermore, we have established bases in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Bangkok City, Thailand, and are promoting the construction of a global supply chain.
-Caddy Co., Ltd.-
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Headquarters location: 1-4-1 Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo (general reception 3F) Representative: Representative Director Yushiro Kato
Established: November 9, 2017
Capital: 100 million yen
Business description: One-stop partner for procurement and
manufacturing “CADDi MANUFACTURING”
Development and operation of
       Development and operation of drawing data utilization cloud “CADDi DRAWER”

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