CAICA DIGITAL Co., Ltd. Launchpad “Zaif INO” released today! The first NFT sales will start on November 21st! !

Launchpad “Zaif INO” released today! The first NFT sales will start on November 21st! !

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Our subsidiary Kaika Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Shin Suzuki) will sell the first NFT on the blockchain game specialty NFT launch pad (primary sales) “Zaif INO” by 11 We have decided to start on May 21st. Prior to this, we would like to inform you that “Zaif INO” has been released today. [Service page]
[Sales page]
Sales will start on November 21st.
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  In “Zaif INO”, which will start selling the first NFT, Caika Financial Holdings will be positioned as the operating company of the launchpad. Sales commissions according to NFT sales are the source of revenue, and we plan to continue to handle NFTs of leading titles. In addition, Kaika Financial Holdings owns Kaika Exchange Co., Ltd., the operating company of the crypto asset exchange Zaif, as a subsidiary. We will also promote the revitalization of the Zaif economic zone, such as revitalizing trading of crypto assets on Zaif by Zaif INO users, providing Zaif payment services to companies participating in Zaif INO, and handling tokens with high utility.
Currently, there are many NFT platform services in Japan, but Zaif INO will be provided as a launch pad for primary sales specializing in the GameFi area in order to capture the growth potential of the blockchain game market. By specializing in primary sales, NFTs can be expected to be used at the time of launching new projects and scaling up, so there is a high possibility that NFTs sold at Zaif INO will have added value. You can become an early holder of unique and valuable NFTs. In addition, we will introduce a screening system to ensure the quality of NFTs. In addition, NFTs can be sold on 5 major multi-chains (Ethereum: ETH, Polygon: MATIC, BNB Chain: BNB, Avalanche: AVAX, Aster: ASTR) that can cover the needs of various blockchain games and GameFi projects. is. Furthermore, by utilizing public chains, we are also considering cooperation with overseas blockchain game and GameFi companies.
[Overview of Zaif INO]
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We are always looking for projects and companies that want to sell NFT. If you are interested, please contact
that’s all
-Inquiries regarding this matter-
TEL: 03-5657-3000

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