CAICA DIGITAL Co., Ltd. Zaif INO, 2nd INO follow-up! Notification of NFT sale date and price for Re.Monster game

Zaif INO, 2nd INO follow-up! Notification of NFT sale date and price for Re.Monster game

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Our subsidiary Caika Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Shin Suzuki) will start selling the 2nd NFT on the blockchain game specialty NFT launch pad “Zaif INO” from November 21st. I will.
Prior to this, we would like to inform you that the details such as the sale date and price of the NFT for the Re.Monster game, which is the second INO of “Zaif INO”, have been decided.
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Sale overview
“Hash Chip NFT” will be sold at the “Zaif INO” launch pad (primary sales). Sales method: Pre-sale and public sale twice
     ※Participation conditions for the presale will be described later. *Public sale will not be held if the sales limit is reached in the pre-sale Sales location: Zaif INO ( )
Sales period: Pre-sale November 28, 2022 19:00 JST to December 1, 2022 18:59 JST Public sale December 1, 2022 20:00 JST to December 5, 2022 19:59 JST Purchase method: MATIC (Polygon PoS) payment
Sales quantity: 10,000 Hash Chip NFTs
Sales price: 255MATIC (*Estimated to be $240. Subject to change due to MATIC price fluctuations.)
Purchase limit: Up to 5 per sale per address
* NFTs at the time of sale will be issued on Polygon PoS, but will be exchanged as NFTs on Oasys after the game is released.
Zaif INO Purchase Bonus
For those who purchase Hash Chip NFT, you can earn $ OAS that can be used in the game as a bonus.
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1. Presale: $OAS worth $100
2. Public Sale: $OAS worth $80
* The amount of $ OAS that can be acquired is calculated at the price at the time of the token sale.
$OAS acquisition condition 1.: Possession of Hash Chip NFT or Genesis Hash after opening
$OAS acquisition condition 2.: Earn 20% after $OAS token sale (details will be later)
$ OAS acquisition condition 3.: Acquire the remaining 80% through gameplay            30% of which is acquired by holding NFT (10% every 4 months) Acquisition method: Airdrop for claim or NFT possession Wallet from the dedicated page
     ※Details will be announced later.
Pre-sale participation conditions
Addresses that meet one of the following conditions can participate in the presale.
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・ $ MCHC 500 sheets (excluding the number of LPs provided)
・My Crypto Heroes Legendary hero holders
・Holders of MCH Verse Pass
・ Acquire arrow lists through other campaigns, etc.
* A snapshot will be taken during the period leading up to the sale date. * Wallet addresses that meet the pre-sale participation conditions will be announced by the day before the sale.
*You can purchase NFT by connecting the wallet account of the corresponding address during the pre-sale.
My Crypto Heroes:
About Re.Monster
Re.Monster is a Play and Own BCG that creates Monster NFTs from NFTs owned by users, trains and battles them. Follow us on SNS for future updates.
[Overview of Zaif INO]
The “Zaif INO” launchpad (primary sales) is scheduled to collaborate with various Web3 companies. We will announce the game development companies that will exhibit NFTs as soon as they are decided. [Image 6

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[Service page]
[Sales page]
We are always looking for projects and companies that want to sell NFT. If you are interested, please contact
that’s all
-Inquiries regarding this matter-
TEL: 03-5657-3000
Details about this release:


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