Calbee Co., Ltd. “Kataage Potato Usushio Taste”, the 30th year since its release, has renewed the conten ts and package! Pursuing a Japanese world view! Switching the package of all 16 products in the series “Kataage Potato U sushio Taste”

Calbee Inc.
“Kataage Potato Usushio Flavor” in its 30th year of release has renewed its contents and packaging! Pursuing a Japanese world view! Switching the package of all 16 products in the series “Kataage Potato Usushio Taste”
Renewal release nationwide from November 14, 2022 (Monday)-Koshiro Matsumoto appointed as manager of Kataage Potato Support Department-
Calbee Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Shuji Ito) says, “The more you chew, the better! “Kata-age Potato” brand, which is popular for its firm texture, will be renewed for the first time in five years, and “Kata-age Potato Usushio Flavor” will be renewed nationwide from November 14, 2022 (Monday). The size will be switched sequentially in stores from mid-November). At the same time, we will renew the package design of all 16 items in the Kata-Age Potato series, such as “Black Pepper” and “Grilled Nori Flavor” (including “Usushio Flavor” and size variations). released later).

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[Details of the renewal]
“Kataage Potato” is a potato chip developed by inheriting the traditional kettle-baked method that was born in the United States in the mid-19th century. It appeared only in Hokkaido on November 8, 1993, and gradually expanded the sales area. This long-selling brand was launched nationwide in 2005 and is in its 30th year of sales this year. It is loved by many people as a product that allows you to enjoy the firm texture of thickly sliced ​​potatoes that are fried carefully and carefully, and the more you chew, the more you can enjoy the taste of potatoes. So far, we have developed various limited-time flavors, including standard products such as “Usushio”, “Black Pepper”, and “Grilled Nori”.
On November 8th, “Kata-age Potato Day”, “Kata-age Potato” will be renewed for the first time in five years, aiming to become an even more loved brand as it celebrates its 30th anniversary. Based on customer surveys, Kataage Potato pursues a “peculiar Japanese world view” that is important. “Kataage Potato Usushio Flavor” is made with carefully selected ingredients, realizing a taste that spreads in your mouth the more you chew it, and the packaging has been renewed. At the same time, the package design of other flavors will be renewed. [Points and features of the renewal of “Kataage Potato Usushio Flavor”] ●Uses special “Setouchi salt”. By adjusting the grain size of the salt, it matches the texture of the “Kataage Potato” and has a delicious taste that lasts until the end.
●In addition to kelp extract powder, bonito extract powder is newly added. By combining the two umami flavors, we have achieved a taste that is even better the more you chew.
●The package has a new elegant pattern that mimics gold leaf. By placing a high-class photo of “Kata-age potato” on a thick stone plate in the center, we have expressed the world view of Japan. On the back side, the roots of “Kataage Potato” are posted.
[About Kataage Potato Support Department]
This is a fan site of “Kataage Potato” launched in July 2016. It consists of “Kataage Potato” fans all over the country, and about 14,000 members belong (as of October 2022). All members cooperate with product monitors, questionnaires on product flavors and packages, and product co-creation workshops.
For details, please see the website from the URL.
[Koshiro Matsumoto appointed as manager of the Kataage Potato Support Club] Kabuki actor Koshiro Matsumoto, who serves as the image character for Kata-age Potato, was appointed as the manager of the Kata-age Potato Support Department on November 14th. Currently, we are co-creating products with the members of the support department, and we plan to announce the products soon.
[Release of TV commercial featuring Koshiro Matsumoto]
The TV commercial “Taste at Asafuji” for “Kataage Potato” featuring Koshiro will be aired nationwide from November 14, 2022. Please see the video from the URL below.
[Image 4d30525-1005-2c9efee81221886a1875-3.jpg&s3=30525-1005-3b93d7c472b7c0867503b3a239ec2e23-1920x1080.jpg
Kataage Potato is in its 30th year of sale
“Kataage Potato” appeared in November 1993 and is a long-selling product that will be on sale for 30 years this year. Started development as potato chips for adults and released only in the Hokkaido area. This product was expanded nationwide in 2005 after gradually expanding its sales area. Behind the development, there was a lot of trial and error, such as improving equipment, procuring potatoes, and considering product names. In November 2022, we have renewed the brand for the first time in five years with the aim of becoming a brand that continues to be loved.
[Image 5d30525-1005-db86842ea65678f0ec2c-6.jpg&s3=30525-1005-e6bf4344b4a21911651b9840579e34d7-1062x1488.jpg
[Image 6d30525-1005-f2d3b636f50d7cf82dae-4.png&s3=30525-1005-a4eef453761d916cf39968d68bb188f4-747x800.png
For the development history, please see the article and video below. [Image 7d30525-1005-90b0e9fcacc90adc4cd1-7.jpg&s3=30525-1005-1288de5094961e9619b54d8b58d02791-2506x1673.jpg
Article title: How was the firmness of “Kata-age Potato” unchanged for 30 years determined? ! The road to birth as told by the creator and the brand manager
Article URL:
Video URL:
【Product Summary】
Product name: Kataage Potato Light Shio Flavor
Contents: 60g (Pucci 4)
Estimated price: Open (around 190 yen including tax)
Release date/Sales area: Switching mid-November 2022/Other than convenience stores nationwide
Contents: 65g
Estimated price: Open (around 185 yen including tax)
Release date / Sales area: November 14, 2022 (Monday) / Other than convenience stores nationwide
Contents: 72g
Estimated price: Open (around 195 yen including tax)
Release date/Sales area: Switching mid-November 2022/Convenience stores nationwide
Contents: 144g (BIG)
Estimated price: Open (around 355 yen including tax)
Release date/sales area: Switched in mid-November 2022 Nationwide, all business formats
* The actual release date may be slightly delayed depending on the store. *Depending on the store, it may not be available or may be sold out and may be discontinued.
* Packages of the “Kataage Potato” series such as “Black Pepper” and “Yakinori Flavor” will be switched sequentially from November 2022.

Details about this release:


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