CAMPFIRE holds “Winter Beer Festival” to deliver carefully selected beer through crowdfunding

CAMPFIRE holds “Winter Beer Festival” to deliver carefully selected beer through crowdfunding

At the crowdfunding “CAMPFIRE” operated by CAMPFIRE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / Representative Director: Kazuma Ieiri / hereinafter referred to as CAMPFIRE), we will deliver crowdfunding of carefully selected delicious beer “Winter Beer Festival” will be held from November 18, 2022.
“Winter Beer Festival” special page: [Image 1d19299-453-e80ac7aa12d066ceac6e-0.png&s3=19299-453-82e3619ceac1afeccad3ef7f9f04cf86-1200x630.png

About “Winter Beer Festival”
Crowdfunding of beer that is particularly popular in the food area of ​​”CAMPFIRE”. Because it is a crowdfunding that produces after the support is gathered, rare beers that are not easily sold and crowdfunding of popular beers nationwide were gathered. In addition, we will introduce the beer participating in the “Winter Beer Festival” on the popular cooking YouTube “COCOCORO Channel”. From how to enjoy craft beer, you can enjoy the impressions of beer from participating breweries from the perspective of a professional chef.
Outline of “Winter Beer Festival”
・Date and time
November 18, 2022 (Friday) 12:00 to December 18 (Sunday) 23:59 ・Project publication destination
CAMPFIRE special page “Winter Beer Festival”:
Introducing some of the participating breweries
[Image 2d19299-453-dbb821ca367a9c7892fc-1.png&s3=19299-453-b9bbe0359b5e3649e50c9de5d1a1476b-1250x1036.png
I want to deliver the drinking Mercedes “DIGNITY” again! Beer completed after freezing and aging:
A joint project between Ise Kadoya Beer, “From Ise to the world,” and CRAFTX, “Experiencing alcohol that makes you shine.” Ise Kadoya Brewery brewed beer using the ice bock method, which is an extremely difficult brewing method that took 15 years to conceive, and is also aged in whiskey barrels for a long time to create a visionary frozen beer. In response to requests for resale from those who supported us last time, we will start additional sales this time.

[Image 3d19299-453-98534be6f94d0ae6b955-2.png&s3=19299-453-87218f5ee039c7b83bf6bc6002e92ab2-1306x1178.png
A project to enjoy Uchu Brewing’s long-term barrel-aged beer:
Uchu Brewing has been manufacturing and selling craft beer since 2018 in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture. At the time of launching the brewery, when introducing the canned beer production line, we used crowdfunding of “CAMPFIRE” and gathered support from many people. This time, the third challenge, we will try a new barrel-aged beer.

BEPPU_BREWERY (Beppu Brewery)
[Image 4d19299-453-954b528d45184bbee9bb-4.png&s3=19299-453-1e26c57ea89fea286229914f9c4f07d6-1096x856.png
Try craft beer to “enjoy your trip” at Japan’s best hot spring resort! Oita Beppu Onsen’s first brewery:
In the winter of 2022, a new craft beer brewery “BEPPU BREWERY” will be born in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, Kyushu, a 60-second walk from Beppu Station. We plan to produce craft beer featuring ingredients from Oita Prefecture in Kyushu and rich flavors based on the concept of Beppu Onsen. We aim to create a space that will create an extraordinary experience for people visiting Beppu, with craft beer full of originality to enrich their trip.

About YouTube “COCOCORO Channel”
Scheduled release date: Saturday, November 26, 2022
Program URL: [Image 5d19299-453-f60ea3560f37885a1ee3-5.jpg&s3=19299-453-964bbcced53d0e39ce411e4d1dda66d2-683x1024.jpg
COCOCORO Tetsuya Onishi
cooking entertainer

Born June 27, 1982 Type A. Born in Honbetsu Town, Hokkaido. After working as a car mechanic and a tour conductor, he started a business with the theme of “making people happy” with the cooking he learned on his own. He continues to deliver cooking and entertainment through restaurant management and YouTube. Regardless of genre, he has a reputation for conveying cooking methods from a scientific perspective in an easy-to-understand manner in order to bring cuisine from all over the world to the level of a specialty restaurant. In recent years, he has also worked extensively on the development and production of cooking utensils. YouTube “COCOCORO Channel” has 420,000 subscribers. Author of books “COCOCORO Tetsuya Onishi’s Doya Meshi (Yamato Shobo)”, “COCOCORO Tetsuya Onishi’s Goddess Infinite Recipe (Yamato Shobo)”, “Lentin Rebechi Meal (Fusosha)”, serialization “My Collaboration Cafe (” “Namara Oishii” A device (Tokachi Mainichi Shimbun)
About CAMPFIRE Co., Ltd.
With the mission of “democratizing fundraising,” we support the challenges of individuals, creators, companies, NPOs, universities, local governments, etc. in order to meet all financial needs. Since its launch in 2011, CAMPFIRE, the largest crowdfunding platform in Japan, has posted more than 71,000 projects, has more than 8.7 million supporters, and has a distribution amount of 66 billion yen. We will create a CAMPFIRE economic zone, aiming for a world where thoughts and money revolve around as many as one person and as much as one yen. Company name: CAMPFIRE Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Kazuma Ieiri
Location: Shibuya 2-22-3 Shibuya East Exit Building 5F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Established: January 14, 2011
Capital: 6,783,450,000 yen (including capital surplus) *As of the end of July 2021
Business: Planning, development and operation of crowdfunding business Operation service
Purchase type crowdfunding “CAMPFIRE”: Social good specialized crowdfunding “GoodMorning”:
Continuous billing crowdfunding “CAMPFIRE Community”:
SPA (manufacturing retail) type crowdfunding “CAMPFIRE Creation”:

Details about this release:


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