Camping car rental specialty store AROUND JAPAN RV Rental Wrapping rental vehicles with beautiful scenery of Japan

Travel Gallery Co., Ltd.
Camping car rental specialty store AROUND JAPAN RV Rental Wrapping rental vehicles with beautiful scenery of Japan
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Camping car rental car specialty store AROUND JAPAN RV Rental wraps the beautiful scenery of Japan’s original scenery and Japanese cities in the latest nuts company Cresson Journey camper. It has become a vehicle that allows customers to enjoy a trip in a camper while feeling the scenery and the four seasons.
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The design of the camping car is extremely popular “Hokkaido”, the world heritage “Shirakawa-go”, the world’s most famous tourist city “Kyoto / Nara”, Japan’s leading mountain scenic spot “Kamikochi / Jigokudani”, Japan You can enjoy all over Japan, such as “Mt. Fuji” which is proud of, “Tokyo and Yokohama” in the metropolitan area, and “Osaka and Kobe” in Kansai. We plan to add new Japanese landscape designs in the future.
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The sales office is in Takaishi City, Osaka, and it is easy to use because it also rents out delivery in Umeda, Rinku Town, Shin-Osaka, and Namba.
We are also planning to open a new store in Shinkiba, Tokyo in December this year. In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery of Japan from Tokyo, you can also rent a camper car, and you can drop off your car between Tokyo and Osaka. We are waiting for you to use AROUND JAPAN RV Rental, which will become more and more convenient!! For reservations and inquiries, please visit the website below or call 072-290-7503.
Store name: AROUND JAPAN RV Rental
Sales office address: 4-12-8 Toriishi, Takaishi City, Osaka Prefecture *Customers who come by car can keep one car free of charge.
Vehicle delivery location: Umeda, Namba, Rinku Town, Shin-Osaka Operating company: Travel Gallery Co., Ltd.
(One company) Japan Association of Travel Agents Regular member, (One company) Osaka Rent-A-Car Association regular member
Around Japan RV Rental will set up a booth at the EXPAT EXPO at Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade center at Hamamatsu-Kan on November 25th and 26th.
“FY2020 3rd Supplementary Business Restructuring Subsidy”
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