Canon MJ Win a new Canon product! A gift campaign is being held at the Canon Online Shop

Canon MJ
Win new Canon products! A gift campaign is being held at the Canon Online Shop Spotlight type aluminum speaker “albos Light & Speaker” will be presented to 2 people by lottery

Canon Marketing Japan Co., Ltd. (President: Masachika Adachi) Official mail order site, Canon Online Shop, campaign to present two people by lottery with a spotlight type wireless speaker “albos Light & Speaker” (Arbos Light & Speaker) will be carried out.
[Image 1d13943-911-feeb86bf6d3412952ce9-0.jpg&s3=13943-911-93c8e3d61f13ea3ba9c617ed33c0b826-1240x650.jpg
○ Campaign site:
■ Campaign Overview
“Campaign where spotlight type aluminum speaker “albos Light & Speaker” wins 2 people by lottery”
The spotlight-type aluminum speaker “albos Light & Speaker”, which is the target product of this campaign, is a product of the “albos” brand newly developed by Canon Electronics under the concept of “creating a comfortable space where people feel happy.” Please take this opportunity to apply for this campaign!
Period: November 14, 2022 (Monday) to December 11, 2022 (Sunday) Contents: After logging in as a member during the application period, we will present “albos Light & Speaker” to 2 people by lottery from among those who responded to the questionnaire.
*This campaign will be completed after answering the questionnaire. The questionnaire can be answered by those who have already registered as members of the Canon Online Shop or those who have registered as new members (free).
* Information on the lottery results (only for winners) will be announced around late December 2022, and prizes will be shipped around mid-January 2023.
For details on how to apply, please see the campaign page below. ○ Campaign site:
○ Canon Online Shop:
Canon Marketing Japan Inc. Official mail order site
○ About the aluminum spotlight speaker “albos Light & Speaker”: “albos Light & Speaker” is a spotlight type wireless speaker that creates a personal space separated from everyday life with comfortable sound and light.
Employs a cylindrical form. Sound is emitted in all directions from the units mounted above and below. The body is machined from aluminum for beauty and robustness.
Equipped with a light at the end of the arm, it features 2 types of light colors and 3 levels of brightness, and the angle can be adjusted with a free stop using the arm. You can use it according to the purpose and scene.
In the crowdfunding project conducted on the support purchase site “Makuake” in May 2022, the support purchase amount exceeded 25 million yen, and the portable Bluetooth speaker was the No. 1* in history.
* As of November 10, 2022: Makuake Data Lab research
[Image 2d13943-911-77633d4d11f1af576f0d-1.jpg&s3=13943-911-734177edd40d5854887623ce6c070d27-1000x1000.jpg
“albos Light & Speaker” (Silver)
[Image 3d13943-911-1469852ede76c9d4f41b-2.jpg&s3=13943-911-d556552fd945e41e6a382774b2ebd09b-2500x1666.jpg
Produce a personal space separated from everyday life with soothing sound and light

Details about this release:


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