Capcom Co., Ltd. Nintendo Switch (TM) “Resident Evil RE: 2 Cloud” released today! 

Capcom Co., Ltd.
Nintendo Switch (TM) “Resident Evil RE: 2 Cloud” released today! Cloud version to enjoy the “Resident Evil” series on Nintendo Switch (TM) appears one after another!

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Cloud version series to enjoy “Resident Evil” on Nintendo Switch (TM). “Resident Evil RE:2 Cloud” goes on sale today! “Resident Evil RE:2” is a remake of “Resident Evil 2” released in 1998.
Survival from an unprecedented biological disaster (biohazard) that hit Raccoon City is about Leon S. Kennedy, a new police officer who has just been assigned to the Raccoon City Police Department, and a university student, Claire, who visits the city in search of information about his brother.・Redfield, drawn from the perspective of two people. While valuing the core of the original work, this work made with the latest technology and new ideas is called “an ideal remake work”.
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[Image 2

Rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy assigned to the Raccoon City Police Department
[Image 3

Claire Redfield visits Raccoon City looking for news of her brother Chris. [Image 4

Raccoon City is attacked by an unprecedented biological disaster. The two escape to R.P.D. (Raccoon City Police Station), but…
[Image 5

Infected people who have turned into zombies are nesting everywhere. Survive from hopeless death.
[Image 6

Sherry Birkin, the girl Claire meets. It holds the key to the story. [Image 7

Licker, a creature that zombies have undergone further mutations. [Image 8

The mysterious woman Ada Wong. Leon decides to act with her. [Image 10

The latest work in the series, with the additional content “Winter’s Expansion” scheduled to be released on December 2nd. It is a work that depicts the survival of the main character, Ethan Winters, to regain his stolen daughter. The stage is a village full of evil and madness. “Mother Miranda” who rules the village and the four nobles who serve her block Ethan’s path. We want you to enjoy the world view woven by unique and attractive characters, the variety of flavors of “fear”, and the exquisite survival horror woven by a story that touches your heart.
* “Resident Evil RE:Birth” is not included.
Additional downloadable content “Winter’s Expansion” (Scheduled to start selling on Friday, December 2nd)
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“Resident Evil Series” Original Purse
Presents for 15 people (60 people in total) by lottery for each pattern [Image 18d13450-3415-fe55155430e691900aa6-17.png&s3=13450-3415-e58f6f23bb09c5ef620ddade8c6517d0-667x265.png
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