Capcom Co., Ltd. “Resident Evil RE: Bath”, updated today!  

Capcom Co., Ltd.
“Resident Evil RE: Bath”, updated today!
New character “Night Haul” joins the battle! “Hunter γ” and “Super Tyrant” additional skin DLC are now on sale!

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“Survival Revenge Battle” “Resident Evil RE: Bath” is currently being distributed. In this work, which gathers popular characters from the “Resident Evil” series, the winner is the player who has earned the most points in a five-minute battle.
Even if you are defeated during the battle, the game is not over there. Defeated players can mutate into creatures with powerful attack power and counterattack. In addition to kicking around with high attack power, you can get even higher points if you take revenge on the opponent who defeated you! With “Creature Revenge”, being defeated is a chance for a great turnaround, and even beginners can make a refreshing comeback in one shot.
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“Resident Evil RE: Bath” is a free gift for purchasers of “Resident Evil Village” and “Resident Evil Village Gold Edition” for PlayStation (R) 4, PlayStation (R) 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC It is provided as *. If you have purchased “Village” and have not played it, please participate in the Survival Revenge Battle.
And today, this “RE: Bath” update was delivered. In addition to the addition of Hound Wolf’s “Night Haul” as a new participating character, sales of skins for Super Tyrant and Hunter γ have started. *Those who have purchased the packaged versions of “Resident Evil Village” and “Resident Evil Village Gold Edition” should use the enclosed download code to obtain this application. Please note that the download code can only be used once.
Trailer released!
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■ A new playable character joins the battle!!
night howl
A communications soldier who makes full use of the latest technology. Create a favorable field for yourself
A member of the elite unit “Hound Wolf Squad” led by Chris Redfield. Using autonomous drones that attack approaching enemies and acoustic weapons that are effective against humans as well as creatures, You can create a field that is advantageous to yourself.
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Autonomous drones piloted by Nighthaul automatically attack enemies within range. Since it also reacts to enemies behind it, it can also be used as a means of searching for enemies. In addition, it is possible to install an acoustic weapon that damages the brains of living creatures, and while this device is operating, noise will appear on the screen of enemies that enter the range and their movement speed will decrease. Additionally, human characters lose their sights and creatures are immune to heat sensitivity. Nighthaul takes 20% less damage while near these drones and sonic weapons. Create an advantageous field for both offense and defense.
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Hound Wolf Corps Emblem and Members
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night howl
■ “Resident Evil RE:Birth” new DLC costumes are now on sale
In this update, skins for creatures, not hero characters, have been added to the additional costume DLC. Creature skin “Super Tyrant BIOHAZARD 2” and creature skin “Hunter γ BIOHAZARD Outbreak” are now on sale. In addition to this, DLC also sells additional costumes for Chris and Leon, and a “Premium Pass” that makes the rewards of the “challenges” set in the battle pass richer.
Creature skin “Super Tyrant BIOHAZARD 2”
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Reminiscent of the Super Tyrant when the original version of “Resident Evil 2” appeared
Creature skin “Hunter γ BIOHAZARD Outbreak”
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RE:Verse“, including update information, is sent from the “BIOHAZARD RE:VERSE” official Twitter account
(@BIO_REVERSE_JP). Please follow us to get the latest information. ★Registration of CAPCOM ID and cooperation with the platform used are required for online play of this work. Please complete member registration and link with your hardware and enjoy.
Click here to register for CAPCOM ID registration! :
CAPCOM ID member registration procedure video:
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CAPCOM ID external account linking procedure video:
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■”Resident Evil RE:Birth” is now available as a free gift for “Resident Evil Village” and “Resident Evil Village Gold Edition”! [Image 11

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