Capcom Co., Ltd. “Resident Evil RE: Bath”, updated today! 

Capcom Co., Ltd.
“Resident Evil RE: Bath”, updated today!
Added new stage “VILLAGE” and new character “Tundra”! “In addition, new additional costume DLC is now on sale!”

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The popular “Survival Revenge Battle” “Resident Evil RE:verse”. In this work, which gathers popular characters from the “Resident Evil” series, the winner is the player who has earned the most points in a five-minute battle.
“Even if you’re defeated in battle, the game doesn’t end there.” Defeated players can mutate into creatures with powerful attack power and counterattack. In addition to kicking around with high attack power, you can get even higher points if you take revenge on the opponent who defeated you! With “Creature Revenge”, being defeated is a chance for a great turnaround, and even beginners can make a refreshing comeback in one shot.
“Resident Evil RE: Bath” is a free gift for purchasers of “Resident Evil Village” and “Resident Evil Village Gold Edition” for PlayStation (R) 4, PlayStation (R) 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC It is provided as *. If you have purchased “Village” and have not played it, please participate in the Survival Revenge Battle.
And today, the first update for “RE:verse” was delivered. A new stage “VILLAGE” and a new participating character “Tundra” of the Hound Wolf Corps have been added. In this report, we will introduce these additional elements.
*Those who have purchased the packaged versions of “Resident Evil Village” and “Resident Evil Village Gold Edition” should use the enclosed download code to obtain this application. Please note that the download code can only be used once.
Trailer released!
[Video 4:]
New battle stage “VILLAGE”
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A cold European village that became the stage of “Resident Evil Village”. The field where buildings are lined up around the square of the “Battle Maiden Statue” is clearly divided into an open area and an area with many shields.
■ A new playable character joins the battle!!
A trickster with virus decoys and poisonous bullets
A member of the elite unit “Hound Wolf” led by Chris Redfield finally participates as a playable character! In this update, poison and virus specialist “Tundra” will join the battle. A technical character who confuses opponents and delivers powerful blows.
[Image 3

Confuses other players with the skill “Virus Decoy”, which sets up a bomb that mimics a virus, and aims at the opponent with a special poisoned bullet “Killer Bee Shot”. If the killer bee shot succeeds in the second shot, it can deal a lot of damage. Both skills become more powerful the more viruses you have.
[Image 4

The Hound Wolf Squad led by Chris Redfield. emblem and crew
■ “Resident Evil RE:Birth” new DLC costumes are now on sale
New additional costume DLC, Chris costume “BSAA equipment in Kijuju BIOHAZARD 5” and Jill costume “Battle suit BIOHAZARD 5” are now on sale. In addition to this, the DLC is available as a “Premium Pass” that makes Leon and Ada’s costumes and the “Challenge” rewards set in the Battle Pass richer.
Chris Costume “BSAA equipment in Kijuju BIOHAZARD 5”
[Image 5

Chris Redfield in BSAA costume
Jill Costume “Battle Suit Resident Evil 5”
[Image 6

Jill’s costume is from when she was brainwashed by Wesker.
[Image 7

If you purchase a premium pass, you can get even richer rewards such as exclusive costumes and exclusive wallpapers. The amount of RP that can be obtained in a single match is also increased.
■ Get the latest information on “Resident Evil RE: Bath”! Official Twitter account
The latest information on “RE:Verse”, including update information, is sent from the “BIOHAZARD RE:VERSE” official Twitter account
(@BIO_REVERSE_JP). Please follow us to get the latest information. [Image 8

Roadmap of “RE Bath” published. Further updates are planned. ★Registration of CAPCOM ID and cooperation with the platform used are required for online play of this work. Please complete member registration and link with your hardware and enjoy.
Click here to register for CAPCOM ID registration! :
CAPCOM ID member registration procedure video:
[Video 5:]
CAPCOM ID external account linking procedure video:
[Video 6:]
■”Resident Evil RE:Birth” is available as a free gift for “Resident Evil Village” and “Resident Evil Village Gold Edition”!
[Image 9d13450-3413-a59c515b8af53ea3a475-0.jpg&s3=13450-3413-78319a2ec8bb577a9af09e41ceb3cac9-2000x2000.jpg
■ Product name: Resident Evil Village Gold Edition
(“Resident Evil Village” main story and DLC “Winter’s Expansion” and “Trauma Pack” are included. “Resident Evil RE: Bath” is given as a free bonus)
Release date: Now on sale (Friday, October 28, 2022)
■Compatible hardware:
PlayStation(R)5, PlayStation(R)4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC (Steam) ■ Sales price:
Download version 5,990 yen (tax included) ~
Package version 6,589 yen (tax included)
* Only the “Z Version” for PlayStation (R) 4 and PlayStation (R) 5 will be released as a package version.
■ Product name: Winters Expansion (Additional DLC for “Resident Evil Village”) ■ Delivery date: Popular delivery (Friday, October 28, 2022) ■Compatible hardware:
PlayStation(R)5, PlayStation(R)4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC (Steam) ■ Sales price: 2,000 yen (tax included) ~
*To play this downloadable content, you need the “Resident Evil Village” main software.
Genre: Survival Horror
■Number of players: 1
■ CERO Rating: “D” (Recommended for ages 17 and up)
* Simultaneously released “Z Version” is “Z” (only for 18 years old and over) Copyright: (C) CAPCOM CO., LTD. 2021, 2022 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ■ Official website: Details about this release:


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