Capcom Co., Ltd. “Rockman X DiVE” Forte & Gospel are playable!

Capcom Co., Ltd.
“Rockman X DiVE” Forte & Gospel are playable!
“Battle Network Rockman EXE” capsule & event stage will be reprinted!
The iOS / Android game app “Rockman X DiVE” will hold a new capsule featuring “Forte & Gospel” from Wednesday, November 23rd.
In addition, the “Battle Network Rockman EXE” [Reprint] Capsule & Event Stage has started! A login event where you can get up to 320 Elemetal (free) is also being held.
[App Store]
[Google Play] “Forte & Gospel” capsule event!
[Image 1

Until December 7th (Wednesday) 12:00, a capsule featuring the newly released S-class character “Forte & Gospel” will be held!
The characters to be picked up will have a special bonus effect activated at the event stage [reprint] “Plug-in!
Introducing the skills of new characters!
[Forte & Gospel]
[Image 2

[Image 3

[Image 4

■ [New character video] is now available on the official Twitter! [Image 5
“Battle Network Rockman EXE” [Reprint] Capsule & Event Stage ■ “Battle Network Rockman EXE” [Reprint] Capsule
[Image 6

Until November 30th (Wednesday) 13:00, a capsule featuring the S-class characters “Rockman.EXE (site style)” and “Roll.EXE” will be held! ■ Event Stage [Reprint] “Plug-in! Reunion on the Net”
[Image 7

Until 11/29 (Tuesday) 22:00, the event stage [reprint] “Plug-in! Reunion on the Internet” will be held!
If you collect “event tickets” that can be obtained by clearing the event stage, you can challenge the box gacha.
In box gacha, you can get Elemetal (free), Dive Card Pack [EXE] II, Rockman .EXE (site style) fragment, etc.
Check the in-game notice for details on how to get them!
■ “Rockman EXE” login event
[Image 8

Until 13:00 on December 14th (Wednesday), “Rockman EXE” login event will be held! Get up to 320 Elemetals (free)!
that’s all
* The “capsule” of this work is content equivalent to “gacha” such as general game apps. By consuming Elemental, you can randomly obtain characters and weapons.
*The acquisition method and timing of some event items may differ from “ROCKMAN X DiVE” distributed by Capcom Taiwan for the Asian region. “Rockman X DiVE” product overview
The full-fledged action game “Rockman” series has recorded a total sales volume of 36 million copies. Its latest work “Rockman X DiVE” is now available as a game app for iOS/Android!
This work, which is based on the “Rockman X” series, is full of elements such as content that tests your skills and cooperative play with friends! Enjoy side-scrolling action in the world of Rockman X’s “if”! !
[Image 9

[Video 2:] [Image 10
[Google Play] Play fee: Basic free (with item charge)
Official site:
Official Twitter (@RX_DiVE):
* The screens and information in this press release are under development. Contents and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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