Capsule Japan Co., Ltd. Mihara JAPAN and San-en Taiwan will appear on TV Kanagawa and the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association’s “Teachings of San-en Taiwan Taiwan!” for 3 consecutive weeks!

Capsule Japan Co., Ltd.
Mihara JAPAN and San-en Taiwan appear for 3 consecutive weeks on TV Kanagawa and Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association’s “Teachings of San-en Taiwan!”

Promotion centered on YouTube creators and cross-border marketing in Japan, Taiwan and Greater China
Capsule Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo /
Representative Director: Osamu Hanibuchi) is affiliated with Creei Ter Mihara JAPAN (Keigo Mihara, JUN-chan) and San-en Taiwan (Zuzu) will appear on TV Kanagawa and the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association’s special program “Teaching Taiwan from San-en Taiwan!” i will let you know. Broadcast on TV Kanagawa
It will be held for three consecutive weeks from 6:45 pm on Tuesday, November 15, 2022.
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In “Sunen Taiwan’s teaching Taiwan!”, Sogo Mihara and JUN acted as personalities, and from Taiwan
Zuz participates. Distributing Taiwanese content to Japan with two popular Japanese YouTubers who are active locally
Over the next three weeks, Uzuzu will introduce three cities in Taiwan with the theme of unknown charms and connections with Japan. Sato-chan, a Japanese who lives in Tainan and is on good terms with the members, will also appear as a guest reporter.
《Program information》
・ Program name: “Teachings of San En Taiwan Taiwan!”
・ Contents: Popular YouTubers with ties to Taiwan deliver the charm of Taiwan ・Cast: Moderator, Kogo Mihara, JUN-chan, Zuzu
(Guest SATO-chan)
《Broadcast information》
・Broadcast channel: TV Kanagawa
・ Broadcast time: November 15th, 22nd, 29th (Tue), 2022, 6:45-7:00 pm -About Mihara Japan-
[Image 3d42555-21-b8d59fe7bb95091d5033-2.jpg&s3=42555-21-8e3c0348e733758555e14e5d5eefe91e-900x900.jpg
In 2016, Keigo Mihara, who went to Taiwan alone to fulfill his dream of becoming an idol, sent a message in Chinese.
Opened a YouTube channel “Mihara JAPAN” to
After that, after joining the members and opening the channel “San En Taiwan” for Japan, it became a team, and in 2019
In 2018, “Mihara JAPAN” became the first foreign YouTuber active in Taiwan to register 1 million subscribers.
achieved. Introduction to Taiwanese cuisine and culture, production of original songs, short films, popular movie theme songs
Perform various activities such as covering the Chinese of The first ever YouTuber to appear in Taiwan’s Kouhaku Uta Gassen
Still continues to run as Taiwan’s top YouTuber. Currently, not only Taiwan but also Southeast Asia
The number of fans has increased in each country, and the number of registered users has exceeded 1.5 million.
Channel URL: -Company Profile-
Since its establishment in 2013, CAPSULE has been engaged in cross-border marketing between Japan, Taiwan and Greater China, especially creators.
We are a global company that offers promotions that we have hired. “We empower creators and their stories by creating and elevating content busines soppor
tunities. Create and evolve the content business to empower creators and stories.”
With the mission of
For fans and viewers with more than 10 million total followers of affiliated creators, products, services, and views
We carry out more than 1,000 promotion projects such as Hikarichi every year. Company name: Capsule Japan Co., Ltd.
Representative: Shuyo Hanibuchi
Location: PLAZA Nishi-Shinjuku UCF 4F, 7-5-5 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
・Taipei 105-59, No. 16, Section 34, Bade Rd., Songshan District, Taipei City Established: November 2013
Business: Creator support and influencer marketing, mainly in Greater China business
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