Car Seven has fully introduced SALES GO’s sales DX service, achieving a 180% increase in sales efficiency.

SALES GO Co., Ltd.
Car Seven has fully introduced SALES GO’s sales DX service, achieving a 180% increase in sales efficiency.

SALES GO Co., Ltd. (Sales Go / Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo / President: Yuki Uchiyama / SALES GO), a company that creates a sales system that utilizes data and inside sales, is Car Seven Digifield Co., Ltd. (Location: Tokyo Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo / Representative Director and President Executive Officer: Takayuki Inoue / hereinafter referred to as Car Seven), we have started providing a set of sales support services that realize a data-driven sales style.
Based on the data management tool “SALES GO ISM” that manages the latest information on customers and business negotiations starting from inside sales, “SALES STRATEGY”, a consulting service that designs business acquisition strategies and designs optimal sales management, and inside By combining sales BPO services and creating a winning pattern for sales activities, we have achieved a 180% increase in sales efficiency, a 262% increase in the number of new business negotiations, an 18.5% increase in the effective negotiation rate, and a 10% increase in the order acceptance rate compared to the past. We will continue to provide end-to-end support for building Car Seven’s sales DX infrastructure, developing new customers, and building a business negotiation pipeline.
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Points for adopting “SALES GO”
■Professional know-how with a track record of sales support for more than 1,000 companies
■Expectations for total support and synergistic effects of sales strategy design, sales management tools, and BPO
■ High reliability and retention through escort support
* ISM (Inside Sales Management system):
A system that designs the phases of inside sales and sales activities, manages negotiations with customers, and leads to increased orders. * BPO (Business Process Outsourcing):
Part of the business process is outsourced to a specialized company from planning to implementation.
* Sales efficiency:
Percentage of time a sales rep can spend on core business (opportunity & existing customers).
Introduction background
In addition to the franchise management of the purchase and sale of used cars, Car Seven provides various systems and services developed for franchised stores as various SaaS for the automobile distribution industry. We are promoting the ring economy.
The number of companies providing SaaS has exceeded 1,200, but in order to further spread the industry, we were looking for a
data-driven and strategic sales operation method that can accurately extract our company’s sales target while being simpler. .
・Strategic sales management based on accumulated data without personalizing sales activities
・Sales phase design for refining and sharing in-house sales know-how ・Establishment of an efficient market development method that combines the effects of TV commercials and inside sales activities
In order to solve these problems, Car Seven decided to introduce the “SALES GO” service, which provides a one-stop service from sales strategy design to tool introduction and operation support, based on the sales support performance of more than 1,000 companies in the past.
Comment from Mr. Takayuki Inoue, Representative Director and President of Car Seven
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In order to support the improvement of operational efficiency in the automobile distribution industry as a whole, Car Seven has started the external provision of infrastructure systems refined through in-house use.
In working to update the sales environment, we hired SALES GO, who can provide total consultation around sales, not just tools. As a result, the SALES GO members, who have many sales support achievements, are accurate and highly reliable, making them a reassuring partner. In the future, we hope to further contribute to further improvement of customer loyalty and expansion of market share.
-Car Seven Digifield Co., Ltd.-
Representative Director and President Executive Officer: Takayuki Inoue Head office location: 23rd floor, Osaki Wiz Tower, 2-11-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Established: July 2, 1999
Business description: Operation of car retail and purchase FC chain “Car Seven”, development and provision of SaaS platform for the car distribution industry
Comment from Yuki Uchiyama, CEO of SALES GO
[Image 3d104293-7-b629912fa5d0ecc0c0cd-2.jpg&s3=104293-7-6a3651ec9a77537bd67a49eb9d21d0c6-1294x1726.jpg
I am very happy to be involved in building a data-driven sales environment for Car Seven. We have designed an inside sales strategy that maximizes the effect of commercials, and built an optimal sales management system to support it. As a sales DX team that works hard together with Car Seven, including strategy formulation, we would like to continue to be actively involved in helping expand the market. “SALES GO ISM”, a sales support tool that manages the latest information on customers and business negotiations starting from inside sales
-Designed to manage phases and activities from lead acquisition to negotiation setting and order acceptance-
Simple UI/UX
Equipped with only the functions that are really necessary for sales activities, and offered at a price that is easy to introduce Industry’s first 4D phase management
In addition to general business negotiation phases that are the basis of sales planning, phase management for each product, company, and person
A database of 600,000 companies nationwide that can really be used (up to about 6 million companies)
Complementation of accurate company/department information and cleansing of names
Sales strategy design and operational support
Proposing the optimal sales strategy and system configuration for the current situation, and providing hands-on operation support
Linkage with various tools
Possible to expand various functions by linking with existing MA/CRM “SALES GO ISM” service site: What is “SALES STRATEGY”?
~ Hands-on consulting to design a data-driven sales experience that is faithful to the basics ~
SALES ROBOTICS Co., Ltd., the parent company of our company, has so far provided inside sales and sales strategy support for 1,000 companies and 2,000 products. Our consultants, who have advanced know-how cultivated through this support experience, will support sales strategies, phase design, and system design necessary for increasing sales, and provide hands-on operational support.
SALES GO Co., Ltd.
With the slogan of “realizing a data-driven sales style”, we developed a new concept sales management tool “SALES GO ISM” that manages business negotiations with customers starting from inside sales, and sales strategy design and sales that “create a sales system”. We are developing businesses that support collaboration between sales and management, such as DX construction support and inside sales operation consulting. Established on the premise that all employees are fully remote, we are implementing work style reforms using digital such as regional migration and workation.
Representative Director and President: Yuki Uchiyama
Head office location: Glass Cube Shinagawa, 4-13-14 Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
History: July 1, 2022
Established by transferring the SaaS product and IT solution business of SALES ROBOTICS Co., Ltd.
July 20, 2022
Broadleaf Co., Ltd. (TSE Prime 3673) Group participation

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